Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 R.E.C.A.P.S.

Year 2010 is coming to an end and I believe most of us here will somehow come up with the recaps. For me, I'm drafting it up earlier since I'll be busy the next few days. =)


My 1st countdown for 2010 @ Bukit Bintang

Haiti Charity Concert by 1:59

Ah, that's Dior. x_o A splendid dancer tho.


My CNY shot with Malay cuzzies. The rest are my sisters. LOL


Putrajaya Air Balloon Fiesta <3>

My 1st visit to Mines Golf Resort

Random shot with Krystal

MAKJASA Night [17th College's Night]


Party Passes Redemption Mission Accomplished!

My 1st Zouk experience with the gals for CLEO Bachelor Bash 2010.


My 1st Taiwanese Idol Showcase (SHOW LO) @ Lion City. OK. I was there to join in the so-not *fun* only. LOL

BTW, on the same month, was @ Singapore Expo for their Food Expo.


BFF's Birthday Celebration.

[ Joey's Day : 2nd from left ]

Work Pleasure @ Popular BookFair JB City Square

The Popular Bangs Gathering =)


A pseudo-tourist guide ME bringing coursemates to tour around Singapore XD

And that's Fullerton Hotel behind us =)

Universal Studio!


Click the links below for my post on it...

BON ODORI @ Panasonic Stadium Shah Alam


DOGATHON 2010 !!!

My Love. Border Collie that clinged on to me! <3

Looked like I'm stressing on the doggie but ain't not! It was pulling itself from the owner and signalled me into this shot above LOL

Click HERE for more splendid shots on the canines present on that day!!!

PORT DICKSON Merdeka Getaway

The Group Photo with Coursemates [Chinese]

Click for my posts on it...


My advanced Birthday Celebration with JB Gals.

Chinese-Indian Annual Dinner [BioMed]

Random Shot : Prisoner


My 1st LIVE concert - ADAM LAMBERT! <3

My 1st Hennessy Artistry Press Conference

Face-to-Face meet with Da Mouth XD

Group photo with Bloggers present. =)

My 1st Hennessy Artistry Clubbing Event <3

Henry Golding right beside me!!! <3

Read more on..


Attended blogger friend's Birthday celebration. Richard is his name!

Conquered Broga Hill ! Woots !


Finally, ice-skated but ended up with a fractured left radius. =X

And yes, I'm typing with 1 hand. Oh my....

Did missed out on many happening stuffs too in this post coz I lost track of my albums =X

BTW, Might be meeting up with a few bloggers tomorrow after my check-up and that shall mark up my 2010 Calendar in JB.

Till then! Hope 2011 will be a more exciting one XD

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