Thursday, September 2, 2010


Had my two-day-one-night getaway for MERDEKA BREAK with a bunch of crazy coursemates. Apparently, I admit that I'm one of the most craziest among all~ LMAO~

Why aren't they looking at the lens from the mirror? Shall teach them on how to camwhore? Hehehe! No offend la friends. LOL

I'll skip from introducing the apartment which we've rented. And I suppose you can visit JFOOK for the post on it! LOL

Alright, basically, I always enjoy my trip to the fullest FOR, I'm just not that kinda type of girl who PAYS for a SAD nor UNENJOYABLE trip. Lame... But I just DON'T, DON'T and DON'T!

A pic of 13 of us out of 15 XD

I posed like a model eh??? LMAOROFL. Perasan betul !!! Ooopppsss!!! Pardon Me Pardon Me!!! =P

For now, let me present you the BEACH PHOTOS!!! tee heeeee!!!

Now, everybody, GET READY to JUMP !!!!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! JUMPED!!! It's just hard to get all in jumping posture at one go! LOL

Fighting a-cha-a-cha Fighting! See how cute did my mate jumped!

Balleting with my beloved!!! Heehee!!!

Instructing huh? I like this pic tho. The four of us. LOL. SO natural. =P

Eagle vs. Snake Kung Fu huh???

( BTW, it's W.Keat in the pic with me! XD )


I should have shifted my right hand a bit to look like Sun-Wukong. LOL

Look at these two guys below! They were the most hilarious ones during the whole trip! Was their photographer for many funny and obscene shots which I think I shouldn't publicize here! LOL

So, what do you think? Who's the macho-est among all these guys in the trip? LOL!

From Left : Lambert, Wee Seng, JFOOK, W.Keat, Samuel

And now... The girls for the trip!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Spot me? Spot me? Have you? LMAO

From left : Jolin, Shirley, Pin, Me, AiAi, Steph, Elaine, S.Ling, J.Pei, Ri Wen

Just a random shot with the guys...LOL...A retarted shot tho. Muahaha!

I suppose this is a popular shot among group trips eh? =P

How not envious can you be? She back-carried me!!! Weeeeeeeee!!! LMAOROFL

With my roomie! Whose butt is that anyways??? =P

Can you see a star? Spotted Me? LOL

This photo below was taken by W.Keat tho. Nice eh? Hehe!

Although this is not the nicest nor one of the best beaches I've ever been but, it's definitely one of the best trip I've ever had and I really had so much joys having to fool around with the gangs in the trip!

Opt for more coming up trips but I suppose I gotta save now! I want my graduation trip! Muahaha! Too soon to be thinking of it, eh? LMAO!!!

Look out for more camwhore photos coming up next SOON !!! =P

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Hilda Milda™ said...

why are jfook's eyes closed in the first group pic? :p

Nana Lana said...

LOL. He was blinking i suppose? =P

I guess I shouldn't put tat up. ooopsss! JFOOK, if u wana let hilda see tat ur openin ur eyes, go post up d other one! a bit over-exposed (too bright) =)

k~^|n said...

very nice photos.. :) i did those b4 at beach's fun.

WK said...

Itz really not a hotspot to go for.
But it is us who make the trip so FUN! Oh my guan yin ma~ So enjoyable~

Nana Lana said...

WK, yea~ lol~ nxtime wana hunt for better beaches with real bitches. LOL

Merrinette said...

nice photos!
seems like u guys had lot of fun :D