Thursday, December 9, 2010


Over the hills and far away....

Results are out and although I did predict the outcome, somehow...

Just a little bit emo-ing over it 'coz I will have to work uberly hard & smart next semester to prevent the same disappointment!

If you guys did read about my Adam Lambert Concert post, you will know that I went for his concert despite the freaking exam the very next morning! LMAO!

Surprisingly, that was the highest I've scored among all the subjects taken and the score-gap were simply outrageous! LOL

I'm happy for this very subject [Physiology of Endocrine System & Reproduction System], scored 92/100.. not bad lah although I bet that there might be some scores of 99/100 out there. LOL

New Year Wish : Work Smarter Jacklyn!!!

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