Friday, October 22, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Press Conference [MIECC] [PART I]

Date : 22nd of October 2010

Event : Hennessy Artistry Press Conference

Venue : Mines International Exhibition Centre & Convention Centre

Time : 2.00 p.m. - 4 p.m.

And this is it!!! Hennessy Artistry's gonna get us all high and partying around *soon* ! YES, tomorrow will be the day!!! Are you all ready, boys and girls?

Here, a peek for you guys out there who've missed the Press Conference!

# 1 The Entrance

# 2 Do Your Own Mix here! Wanted to try but kinda *shy* =(

# 3 The Drink Mixer

#4 The drinks. H.Apple ; H.Ginger ; H.Citrus ; H.Berry

Tried H.Apple & H.Citrus and I personally like H.Apple as it's NOT too strong for me and it's good for my case =)))

# 5 YES!!! The Hennessy Apple !

# 6 My drink snap. =)

# 7 So, whataya waiting for??? Ready to experience the wonders that H.A. proudly presents to you?

Here comes the emcees of the day! Mr.Owen & Ms.Sarah Lian! Two gorgeous and stunning personnels.

# 8 Suave Owen & Gorgeous Sarah Lian

# 9 Close-Up

# 10 H.A. *adventures* shared by Julien Defrance =P

# 11 Take (2) : The man " working behind the scenes " demonstrating his *secret doses*

# 12 Take (3) : Man at action is damn charming, isn't it?

# 13 Take (4) How can you not agree more???

# 14 Look at how Sarah Lian was mesmerized =P LOL

# 15 Random shotz

# 16 The pretty H.A. gals.

# 17 Say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!

# 18 Goofing around =P

# 19 Who wanna take on the centre spot? =D

# 20 Ready for some camwhores shotz?

Here you go !

#21 From left to right : Edwin, me, Jfook

# 22 Take TWO !

All in all, I had my satisfaction for the day. Being cooped 24/7 in hostel is just nothing but an unhealthy lifestyle. I think I should give myself a chance to explore the blogosphere more ; in meeting other people with passion in blogging ; bragging around with them ; having to share laughters ; which is just of so much fun!


I'm going to blast it all out for the party tomorrow!

BTW, do stay tune for Post # 2 for Hennessy Artistry Press Conference! See ya tomorrow night to whoever's gonna rock it all out!

Let's partyyyy!!! XD


HenRy LeE ® said...

wahhh u so enjoy la u.... tmr must be super fun n dont forget to say HI! I will stick around with jfook n the rest! hahahaha

Kian Fai said...

lol funny la, 3 of you take photo together =P

Nana Lana said...

@henry , lol, oklo. at least we dun c any munkeys hanging around LOL

@KF, i like d 1st shots of us 3 tho. haha!

jfook said...

This is your best writeup. Don't do first part second part. Just hentam all lah. XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

whoa, so nice that you get to go (: i like the speech thingy you guys are camwhoring with :D btw, i wonder how the henessy ginger will taste like HAHA

Nana Lana said...

@jfook bukan dogathon meh? LMAO. part I part II coz later too much pichas mah! hahaa!

@hilda, i'll try it tonight! hehe! haven tried the berry & ginger =P

SonnyKazu said...

i never tried hennessy b4... hmm!