Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Girl

For the very first time, right here in UPM, I felt like playing truant for the sake of going back to..........

I know I need to see her (the need for her to see me lar~ :P). I know she did a lot for me. I know it all. But why am I not initiating to give her a call to ask her about her condition? Dammit. I'm so bad. Extremely bad. I'm not filial to anyone although I think that I Am Filial. Keke. I just don't show it. Toward my friends, same case, I ain't showing what I think. Sighhh...

She called me up today. There was an urge for me to ask her about her eyes but... IT'S NOT COMING OUT from me!!! Dammit. I'll plan my truant. For this time, it's for real. I hope there won't be any pop-up quizzes nor sudden test any longer. Test II, although coming up soon, just hope for the best. Grrrr..............

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm very BUSY! Yes, I said I'm VERY BUSY lar! Extremely Busy!!! I ain't knowing why! So many pending assignments and works, yet so little time... I bet it's gonna be suffocating huh...?
Coming up activities/event....
1. Scrabble Competition
2. Spell-It-Out Competition (Committee)
3. Cell Physiology & Neuromuscular System Test
4. Tennis
5. Attending ICT Workshop
6. Emcee-ing for ICT Talk
7. "Kenegaraan" Presentation...
8. Craftworks for somebody...
9. still thinking....
10.perhaps, there're more in the list!
Okay, time to go now...

Friday, February 20, 2009




Bad Omen???

I have no idea why I've dreamt of it! A totally absurd dream. I wonder which dream nerve made me dreamt about the death of "a" used-to-be-high school-good-friend of mine of the same class. Bad omen, I suppose. There was even another message sent to me by another used-to-be-good-friend too, telling me about the bad news and informing about the coming up gathering on the 29th of February??? Oh man, that's just so IMPOSSIBLE!!! Okay, perhaps I was just getting too paranoid of what's bothering me these days summated with the obnoxious mindset of mine., plus, the stupiak Biochem result and the sudden Cell Physiology & Neuromuscular System Test... Duhhh...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've decided to ask someone something NOW which I've been hesitating. I hope it won't make the both of us awkward because it is, rather, a quite sensitive issue.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Over the hills and far away... BIG APPLE DONUTS flew to me!!!

Wahaha! Well, apparently, this should be yesterday noon "event" at around 12 pm that I've got half a dozen of BIG APPLE DONUTS sent to me. Wakaka! A BIG "THANK YOU" to the sender! An avid Nana Lana's reader who browsed through my comments tab, I guess so huh.... Hehe!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Silent Mode

I admit. I DO. I’m not a good friend. Times and again, I’ve failed my responsibility as a friend. Be it, the past or even, the present me pursuing this tertiary study here, I definitely won’t make a good friend to anybody. I ain’t expressing myself in many ways. I tend to be, I want to be, I am, obviously a loner. I do things alone and that’s that. It’s just really hard for me to show my concern to anyone around me, even, towards my family members. I don’t express my concern to them either, whatz more, to the outsiders??? It’s really weird, It’s just really weird. I ain’t understanding myself for this peculiar behavior of mine. I’m afraid to show my care for people. Take for instance, I obviously wanted to accompany 1 friend for her check-up BUT I ended up saying that I wanted to go for the MarryBrown Meal and looking around that area. Failure, aren’t I just a total failure??? I just seek forgiveness from you. Perhaps I’m really bad, rotten to the utmost level that you’re thinking of snipping off the thread that once brought us together. Voice out your thoughts, if, there were rooms for salvation. Keeping quiet, denying everything ain’t helping either. Sometimes, people are just ignorant of their actions which will eventually ruin things. So, I’m waiting, waiting to hear from you. Yes, I admit, for once again, during that week, when, perhaps, when you needed the support the most, I was neglecting you, I apologize on that. Yes, perhaps to you, it’s just TOO LATE. IT definitely WAS. SORRY… [Perhaps SORRY doesn’t mean anything to you any longer…]

Thursday, February 12, 2009


OMG! WTH is happening today??? Can anyone tell me??? So many things happened one after another! An unexpected call right after I've posted the other post of mine just a minute ago! I ain't knowing what's happening...
Mdm. Jeyanthi, my ex-High School English Club Teacher, called me up, telling me she's sorry that the CD that I once burnt for her was broken. She did not even opened the CD to listen before and it was broken into half when she finally wanted to listen to the GREAT GREAT SONGS! Man, I'm not angry. I'm just TOO HAPPY!!! That she actually called up and apologized and even asked me to burn a new one for her! Wait for me, MDM!!! I'll share with you some GREAT OLDIES!!!
Sigh... She continued with asking about my studies, and even asked the once EX of mine. Wakaka. She went, "How was your once rumoured man? Still ON???". "OFF ady", I answered. :-
Perhaps...Perhaps, the thing that I'm predicting right now is shot on. I hate to believe it somehow. I hope that it wasn't her who wanted to know. Or else, I'm really getting myself into trouble while harming others. I'm a dangerous soul to 'im. Don't push the blame on me if you're not up to their expectation. It's none of my business.
***THE ENDZ***

Goddess Of Prediction???

OMG. What if I told you I'm the Goddess Of Prediction??? Will You Believe Me??? Will You Ever???
I doubted myself for the supernaturality too but HECK, what I've been predicting while flipping through THE STAR Paper in the library today DID, YES, IT DID, NO DOUBT, IT DID HAPPENED!!!
Guess what??? This thought just flew through my mind out of nowhere! It was kinda unbelieveable BUT you just gotta believe me! At that very moment, I thought to myself that when I'll be using the Ladies right after reading this stack of Papers, my pendrive in my pocket will drop into the toilet hole! GOSH, YOUR FREAKING ***DADIDU*** shocked me when I heard "ploppp" right after I've used the "facility", OMG, OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!!
I was supposed to print my BIOCHEMISTRY Report by then BUT in the end, I have to rush all the way back to my room to re-save it in another Pendrive of mine! Rushy rush rushed!!! Piu.....................
Luckily there were no important files in it or else, I GOTTA HANG myself for it! Biu.......................

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God Of Wealth???

I was REALLY HAPPY as I left the exam hall after Anatomy Paper this morning. I wonder why. It wasn't because the test was really easy although they were indeed, quite easy compared to the difficulty which I've predicted. So, it was, a total relieve. However that doesn't mean that I'll be scoring it with a fantabulous result! You see, sometimes, you can't really have things you want! Now, I don't expect much but to get a GOOD result is sufficient.


Animals House sucks. The smell, or perhaps, the odour, OMG, I can't imagine how those post-grads cope in "living" there... Kuakuakua... Oh ya, I've finally saw him around! He was in purple tho. Purple Man! If you know me, You'll know what I mean! Wakaka! PURPLE!!!


Heading towards the gate of OLD FLAT, both of us, Ri Wen and I saw something which was eyes catching and without wasting any more of my time, I've said the prayers to somehow, thicken my acned-skin with multiple layers of keratinized epithelial tissues and shot "I WANT TO SNAP!!! CAN??" Wahaha!! You can really hardly see me doing that in public man! Count yourself lucky, Dinosaur! Wahaha!

Yea, it was none other than the somewhat "dehydrated" GOD OF WEALTH. Wakaka! He wasn't really that muscular enough nor having the perfect "size" for the post tho. I guess they just couldn't find any macho guy around to fit in the costume which ultimately landed them with the tall and skinny guy to promote their ticket selling for the coming Ang Pau Festival's Carnival. Hm... Support, Support! Haahaa!

Ri Wen - God Of Wealth - Me

Monday, February 9, 2009

Shoot Me Please...

Damn me, it's ANATOMY Paper for tomorrow and yet I'm digging out this thingie thing out from my mini box hidden deep inside my wardrobe!!! Gosh, I should be studying and flooding my miniature brain with ANATOMY instead of blogging here about my stupidious emo. Why am I taking it out man? It's crazy and I ain't knowing why. It's a pity for, I've never worn it before. I was not given the chance to. My request was accepted and yet it was undone. I shouldn't have requested it. Damn it. Maybe it shall be in the rubbish dump now instead of living in my cutie BOX. Bubu. Sighhh...






Okay, Okay!!!



Sunday, February 8, 2009


Skipping dinner againz... Gulping down a cup of Cereal Drink with a couple of Jacob's Weetameal Crackers instead of having a balanced diet meal. Man, this is how my life will be whenever I'm busy striving to complete reading and revising every single chapter which will be coming up for the coming test... Adui, apalah eh, take care of your health will ya'?

(Even lied to Mum that I had rice with Baked Bean for dinner today! Yer, I've always lied about my food takings or else, I'll be ticked I only took Mushroom Soup for dinner last night and I lied I took Porridge... Keke...Apalah Eh...)

Wokay, just a random post out of boredom...

Friday, February 6, 2009



For the first time in my life, I felt so disgusted over my own cooking! Cooked porridge for dinner and it sucks! I shouldn't have added the appetizer! It tasted overly-salted and salted to a weird gustation man! Despite that, I have to force my throat to swallow all the grains into my stomach to avoid being wasteful. Sorry, Tummy, I'm being hard on you.... Tsk Tsk...

And THAT was in contradiction to my Prince Charming dream where I had my time savouring to the sumptuous Berries treat! My oh My...

Haahaa! Yet another stupidious post!

Prince Charming

A weird dream I had last night, no, I should say, a weird dream this wee hour in the morning!!! Whatever lar...

I dreamt of my Prince... Yea, My Prince... He'd sent me a parcel to my house, MY K17 HOUSE, well, apparently, it's quite romantic though even though it was JUST a dream. Keke. The bizarre thing was that, I don't even know how he looks like! Nor knowing his name at all! Wakaka! I guess HE was probably a fantasy Prince of mine... Yea, but somehow, I'm hoping to see him one day!

Wanna know what's inside the parcel that somehow, kinda touched me inside for his "sweetness"??? Wakaka! Take a look at both the pictures below!

Traditional KUIH KAPIT

Sweet Sweet Fruits!!!

It was like a combination of Kuih Kapit with a container filled up with all sorts of BERRIES man! The berries, oh man, how saliva-ing were they in my dream, wahaha! Yea, a glutton you may call me, I don't mind. *GRINS*

So, how do I feed myself to 'em? Simple, the Kuih Kapit is sort of spongy instead of crispy! Yes, I said it was "SPONGY", no doubt, you get me? Yea, it's sorta "Apam Balik" style, you get me? Yea, and then you will just have to stuff the berries in-between the intra-skin spaces and just gulp it down to delirious your tummy with it! It's nice and a whole new gustation FOR ME in the DREAM! Wakaka! WTH??? Bubu!

Okay now, gotta brush up on my determination to burn the ANATOMY notes, coalescing it within my BRAIN, wahaha! And then, batter it up with some..... Foreign substances..... Like..... "you don't wanna know", OMG, wth am I talking about, "Forgive me, baby can I hold you tonight??? Baby if I told you the right words, at the right time, Would you be mine?????"


TAG : In Anticipation to meet My Lord...

Thursday, February 5, 2009


There's a lot of Questions for me to ask from a lot of people existing around me but I can never ask them for, I would never want to hurt people's feeling nor am I going to hurt myself with stupidious act ever again.

This is the only question I'll be asking FOR FUN here...

(BBI 2412 : Compound or Complex Sentence??? Wahaha!!!)

Hence, I'll be keeping it all deep into my soul. Censored.

This is a very, superly, ulterly, outrageously random post anyways. To somehow saying a BIG-HI before my Biochemistry Test later at 8.30a.m. Hope that everything goes smoothly babes...

Gambateh to those who will be sitting for it in the same hall as me! Woots Woots!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


老奶奶就是我, 没错!!!
阿木茉莉花 一起聊天....