Thursday, July 22, 2010



This will be a TOTALLY DELAYED post-up! LOL

As if you're really indulging in NanaLanaPeeps. LOL

DATE : 17.07.2010



Simply, I mean... Simply an event to kick start the first week of my new semester this time round...

Let the photos speak for me... XD

Oooppsss, Starbucks' Chocolate Chip Frappucino @KLCentral =P

I should have added caramel to it! OWH!!!

And now...

The stage...

WOKAY... Nana Lana strutting her pose to kick start her day with Bon Odori!

The girl right at the center looked GREAT! Don't you think so? The one in Sky-Blue Yukata!

Sakura Ladiessss... XD

Say "CH" before Food-Bazaar-ing! LOL

The girls in YUKATA! I'm so gonna wear 'em if I were to go the very next year! Anyone??? LOL

Spotted Malcolm Koh, one of the contestants for CLEO Bachelor Bash! LOL! The one in Indigo Yukata...

Look at da PIX below!!!

What do you see???

That guy looked not bad yea? LOL!!! Yea, the one holding his SLR =D


Da 3 Flavoursss. You can get them at RM 5.90 EACH at The Gardenssss!

We bought it for RM 6 EACH. LOL

BIG BIG BITES like Princess MIA!!!

NOM NOM NOM, my Tiramisuuuuuu Ice Cream!!!

How can I not pose with it? LOL. Narcist!!!!

DONE with Food Bazaar... What's next?

Candid Shotz? LOL

BORED from having to stick my butt on the court... and so... there I went, searching for TARGETS to be appeared in my photo album XD Yea, JFOOK led lar. LOL

GOSH... Look at my EYES BAGS!!! They're like so DEEEEEEEEP!!!

BTW, KAWAII nehhh!!! I mean da baby girl la... =P

These 3 lads *were really good-looking... Wonder how they'll look like in 10 years' time? gaga...

Mucho lindo!!!

Some random shots....

It was of real fun having to dance in crowds! XD

Opting for more man....

I shall head for it for once again the coming year! IF I were to get some kaki(s) along! XD

lalala~ all sweaty!

lalala~ Demure "onba" dancing to the BON dance gracefully...

May I present you some stubborn costumes? No cosplay-like, gothic nor lolita dresses and yet people seems not to comprehend them....

*Deng Deng*

These kids were in line for me to snap. How *nice* of them! LOL! How *BAD* of me! BUAHAHAHA!!!

Checkered-High-Cut-Shoes? And the colour, please? Kira Gothic right? LOL

Shall this (the one on the right gal) be the make-over version of yukata? I hope not... What's this called BTW??? o_O

What's Bon Odori's all about? Did they ever searched what's B.O.'s all about? Imagine wearing lolita dresses to a cemetery court to offer your prayers... o_O"

KIDS these dayssss.....

***sounds aged huhhh.....

I talked too much yea? Later me myself kena shoot... Oooppsss!

Mucho Lo Siento!!!!


Hasta la proxima!!!

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