Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just a little or two thoughts that have been depressing deep within me these (TWO) days.

It's sorta a lil bit different from what it used to be.

I don't know.

Who are really "The One(s)" I can turn to?

For last sem, I've found "The One" whom I can really shed my tears with. I cherish her. I do. But I don't really portray it. I wanna change her to be more outgoing so that she can mix with the others.

For the "others", I'm having my doubts now. Of whom I can really trust. Of whom I can turn to. Perhaps, keeping it all to myself is the best thing.

The "eyes". Sort of dismantling me into thousands and millions of pieces. I'm speechless.

If you're asking me whom do I belong to, sorry, I can't give you an answer 'coz I don't even know myself. Being neutral is the best thing, EVER.

I just wanted to have a carefree socialization. Wanted everybody to be happy. No hatred. I just want it to be. I'll be looking forward.

Changes to a better tomorrow. Perhaps.Justify Full

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday

Ahhh Hazzz!!!

This will be my very first Birthday Post for a Celebrity~

LoLx, you may say that I'm just simply silly butta it's alright~

Here, Wishing ELVIN NG, Singapore MediaCorp Artiste a very

Happy 29th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Singapore '09 Trip

"Saturday & Sunday I have no time for others one. You know why? [giggles] Because I need to spare my time for.... MY DARLING!!! YOU!!! [giggles]"

Been witnessing all the huggies and kissings of the two middle-aged while waiting to reach my destination in the MRT.

Others were like "OMG" too when they heard the sound of the mice/rats squeaking/screeching! (Sounds emitted by kissing?) LoLx!!!

The "F" is not a local. She was like stealing kisses from the "M". Hahaz~

All those mushy actions and words... Erm... Shouldn't they just leave it till they're alone? Hahaz~ Saw one passenger on board rolling her eyes too! Buahaha!

And finally, they alighted at A.M.K. =)))

On reaching City Hall, the three of us (Me, My Aunt & Jaime) went exploring since it's our very first time in the hope of getting to Merlion City before Orchard Road. We did it! Hehe!

Here are some of the shots taken throughout the route taken to Esplanade...

Merlion City...

Orchard Road...

Again, I've somehow made a simple wish on the "Balloon" at ION Mall. Last year it was at Suntec City Mall tho... Hehe!

The Balloons will be floating at Merlion City! Saw those balloons appearing as little whitish dots??? They are the ones! LoLx!

The three towers there will be the future Casino! LoLx~

Christmas Tree decor by Ferrero Rocher Chocolate~

Seems like Reindeers' this year's "ambassador" for Singapore's Christmas! What will be for next Christmas? Watch out! Hehe!

Did not really snap adequate decors around for this time cause of time constaints. Missed out those night atmosphere with lightings playing around for a better *feel*. Gaga~

Butta, overall, it was nice to be there again~ XD

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Waterproof AquaPix

And finally, I've gotten my First-Ever-Self-Paid-Waterproof AquaPix-Lomo Camera!!!

Met up with Ms.Hazel to get it tho~

It comes with a 36 pcs 200 KODAK Gold Film.

I've been aiming a few Lomo Cameras but I just couldn't make up my mind on which one to get. LoLx.

It's all about "F-I-L-M-s" if I do really want to test my skills.

But for now, I'll just go for the Waterproof AquaPix ones first. Keke.

* Uses 35mm Films

* No batteries needed
* Can dives up to 3 Metres
* Can be used for lifetme but it'll all depends on how you handle it~

~~~My Toy Camera~~~

Some successful shots taken by other users~

Wanted the LIME/YELLOW colour ones to make it more toy-like butta ended up with the ever White one~

Was also aiming for Holga 135 BC Set (with Fish-eye lens, Holga 12MFC Color Flash, and Shutter Release Cable) or non-BC. Butta~ waiting for advices~ XD

OH MAN!!! Just went browsing for Lomo Cameras Photos and came to know there's a newly launched LOMO CAM!!! Ultra Wide & Slim series (UWS). It's Gold & Silver (Harikin , Kumagin) in colour~ My oh My~ So tempting~ hahaz! Glad that I did not persist on the White UWS. =))) They make a good Christmas gift tho. Owww...

LUBITEL Lomo Camera is simply awesome! It's about 1K man! I can get a really GOOD Digital Camera ady~ LoLx! Blackbird FLY is of similar design with numerous funky colours~ Their effects are simply incredible as well!!! My oh My!!!

BlackBird FLY

For digital lomo (no films needed), I'm actually aiming for either the limited edition MINIMO or NicoDigi or perhaps, VQ1015??? They are all keychain-sized! Incredible huh!!! Iwished there's really someone out there who can share his/her views on them. Perhaps it's all about personal preferences but it'll be good if I do get a lil or two advices. =)



Apart from the Digital Lomo, the others are all Film Cameras. It is inevitable that in the long run, Film camera is costly and not that practical enough. But, it's all about the fun and excitement while waiting to see your skill's result huh... For Lomo Cam Geeks lar~

CLICK HERE for more Lomo Camera

CLICK HERE for more Incredibly Cute Lomo Cameras

And for now~ I have TWO Toy Cameras~ The other one was bought few years back tho~ LoLx~ It was a Limited Edition Polaroid Planet Apes Instant Camera~ Shall upload the pic of it someday~ Hahaz! Lazy to plug in my memory card. Hehe~

WOKAY~ Some of you out there may be thinking that I'm actually wasting my $$$ on them. You may be wondering, Why don't I just get myself a digital cam and that's it? Grrr...
Everyone will surely has their very own interest right. AND for me, although ignorant, camera and photography are just simply the *things* that make me ~happy~. Hahaz! My investment for my very own satisfaction. =)))

I wished I had a DSLR but the accessories do really cause a fortune if I were to be engrossed in them! Perhaps when I really have the ability to earn stable incomes by my own feet & hands! LoLx! Then, I might consider one without much hesitation!?! XD

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jacklyn's Believe It Or Not

This is a story about a girl named...


And the story begins...

She was told that in her last life, she'd been so wicked and cruel towards the people...

She was once someone who...

*** walloped her parents, the elderly...

*** broke the limbs of the youngs...

*** swindled people's money with unscrupulous means...

*** 's too powerful

She was just totally INHUMAN in her last life...

With the speculation of her Chinese-8-Characters/Digits, in this life, she will be struck with THREE obstacles. One in her childhood time, One in her middle-aged time, and the last One will be during her old-age.

The *MAN* said "You are a bright girl. You can get what I mean."

She was being advised to somehow, do something to make amends.

*** Be fostered to the Goddess Of Mercy
( She was once told about it too but did nothing... )

*** Donate blood once a year
( Gosh. The Haematology Lab Assistant had a REALLY HARD time taking my blood,
let alone to donate ~450 mL of blood...)

*** Donates more

She was told that in this life, she may have the potential to make money BUT all her fortune will be gone and she will own NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL if she's unrepentant. Of all of the wrongdoings in her PAST LIFE.

She was told... She can own everything she'd ever wanted BUT the only thing that she should worry about is... HAVING NO HUSBAND... NO SPOUSE...!!!
( GOSH....I burst out in laughter! )

She was told that she can dates but... I shouldn't repeat it again~

All these may be a myth but it's always good to play it safe than to be sorry if things are really that accurate.


Throughout the journey back to JB, things were really playing on my mind.

Being told that one of the obstacles in my life will be in my childhood times. It happened. I broke my left leg while failing to cross the roads safely.
(~Retribution IF I did really broke the limbs of young children in my Last Life~)

Next...In my middle-aged times... Perhaps, being cheated of all my fortune!
(~Retribution for swindling people's money in my Last Life~)

In my old-age... Illnesses befall...
(~Retribution for beating up the elderly in my Last Life~)


Let bygones be bygones...

Let the past be the motivation in my new life.

I shall look forward for tomorrow and do more good deeds.

Forgive and Forget.

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps.

P/S : Some may not believe in these kinds of things. I'm just posting this up with no intention to make you believe in me.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Face

Here you go, I'm giving my Bloggie a brand new look!

Took me roughly 2 hours in choosing a background and finalizing everything. LoLx.

Shall update about what's been happening around soon~

Till then


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PizzaHut Voucher


Just an update!

And finally....

My voucher from FoodStreet is here in my hands!

I'm saving it for Christmas!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Gift Presentation... XD


Met up with Ms.Joey & Ms.Wee today~

To...Present Ms.Wee her Graduation Gifts since we missed her actual Gradz Day! Congratulations, my Friend! Hehe! May you have a bright future ahead! Gambadeh!!!

Here's a few random photos taken at AEON Tebrau City, JB... (more in my FB, go grab ur copies, my fellow co-shot mates!)

Am looking forward for next outing! XD

Sunday, December 6, 2009



The day I went shopping at City Square, JB with my Ex-Pre-U School Gals~

Prior to meeting the girls, I shopped for a gift as well as.... something in the process of a wardrobe-change~ LoLx... But I guess the "change" won;t be too drastic tho.. Kaka..

Upon meeting them, my legs were at the edge of breaking into millions and billions and trillions of pieces... OKAY, I know I'm EXAGGERATING... Bahaha...

In the midst of my shopping, received a call from Jacq.Ng for a Ex-Primary School Gathering... and so, I went for it! LoLx! It was nice to be meeting old friends again! Gosh, my Malay S***S now compared to my Secondary School times. Gotta brush up! Whoosssskaaa!!!

Gathering at... "Roost"... I like the concept there... Although my Banana Queen beverage tasted a bit *weird* hahaz!

The Gurlssss....
(with Jacq.Ng as photographer)

All the gurls had transformed... I'm getting sooo jealous with their almost-flawless skins... wuwuwu... How I wished mine will be like theirs' too~ Duh... Stupiak acne scars and *fresh* pimples... LaLeLiLoLu.... Lalala...

I bet I'm giving the Ex-Pre-U Gathering a miss this time, again. =)

On the contrary, I'm actually more looking forward for the all-girls-gathering for SKPYA!!! I can't wait to see their transformation for yet again (those who were not present for the last gathering)!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I wanted soo much to shout it all out to that very somebody~

Weird~ but that feeling is just so coming out from me out of a sudden and I just wanted the truth to be known instead of having myself looking as a fool to that very somebody if that very somebody was to be having that very misunderstanding!

BRYAN was my APRIL FOOL JOKE!!! God Bless Damn Me... WTH...

I must have made a fool outta me back then... SHYTY.

But I love "BRYAN"... As a name.... =)))))