Tuesday, March 30, 2010


MAKJASA, the abbrev. for Malam Kilauan Berjasa...

Malam Kilauan Berjasa???

A "Dinner" night meant for the residents of the 17th College, UPM, particularly, the final-year students. It was held at Dewan De' Seri Endon, Putajaya.

There were... as usual... the...

Table Number Stand...

(i prefer buffet lar, makan puas puas mah)

Anyone to recommend me some nice hi-tea? Some places with lotsa lotsa desserts? Cakes? Chocs? I.Cream? Owhhh...

(too far away to snap tho. huhu)

Prize Giving Ceremony for High Academic Achievers

T.H.K., the best BIOMEDIC FY Student ? XD


My uncle!!!

Guess what, I was like "OMG" as I walked towards the main entrance of the hall. There was a guy, a familiar "back", a familiar "shadow", a familiar "man", GOSH... There he was, standing there with a strap hanging on his neck... No mistakes... He was, of no doubt, my maternal uncle...

He was the hired photographer of the night~ Owh, what a coincidence! LoLx!

Now, you must be wondering why wouldn't I learn any photography skills from my uncle.. Nah, apparently, he may be my uncle but still, there is a barrier there. Yes. He's fierce and strict lar.. Aku Takut Lar ~ Haha!

Oh ya, how could you miss some camwhorers for the night? Hahaksss!!!

Above : I looked like a witch~ Bahaha!

Overall, a so-so experience. I still think that the BIOMED's CAD Night was far more enjoyable than this night! LoLx!

Datin Jac Fi !!! Hahaha !!!

Now, I don't know if I should commercialize my bloggie or make it more personal... Sometimes, I don't really feel like letting too much strangers knowing things about me but at times, I do feel the hype of sharing things with people. Owh..

Don't sabotage me okay ady lar~ Buahaha!

Perhaps I shall have two bloggies in hand. One for commercializing while the other, towards the more personal me. LoLx.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

And finally, my plan to the International Putrajaya 2nd Hot Air Balloon Fiesta has became a reality. I was there! Were you?

Date : 18th - 21st of March 2010
Venue : Monumen Alaf Baru, Presint 2, Putrajaya
Time : 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.


I'm so not gonna give it a miss next year! For, I have a mission! I'm gonna take the RM80'sride... That will fly me from one land to another! I can't wait! I just can't wait!

Although the whole fiesta was not as how I've expected them to be but it was not a disappointment either. Hehe! My only regret was that I did not fly. I repeat, I did not. That's sad.

Thought of getting myself a kite but none of those were to my liking. Huhu. Picky huh. Who don't if you have to pay for something? LoLx!

Nana Lana

Here you go, some random photos taken on Saturday Night! No, I don't own any proper camera and so, all I can do was to snap with my 2 weeks old 5 MP SE C903 ~ Yea, heard many bad comments about it but that did not deter me from getting it coz... I fell in love with it ever since I saw the ads on TV! Hahaz!

I like this shot below tho. I was like keep on aiming on this family of three. All three were like using their camera to get their shots done while me, sitting behind them (not really that near tho) and get my shotz of them with the balloon all light up but I've got to say that it's sorta sad that the shotz that I've wanted was UNACHIEVED. Owhhh... Try again on my next visit elsewhere!!!

Some random fireworks shotz~

This shotz is not bad right! Mr.Tan, you should thank me for this almost-splendid shotz below lo!


Pardon me for forgetting how long did the fireworks display lasted. LoLx! It was sorta romantic tho. It's just that... I don't really have the romantic someone to share it with! Hahaha! Patrick! Where the hell were you!!! Gosh!!!

But still, all shots are still SAD. I shall get a fine and proper camera soon. Soon. Soon. I wonder when. Hahaha!

All in all, it was a great experience tho. Wonder when will I have the opportunity to be setting up my own gadgets in snapping those wonderful and great fireworks play... Someday, I'm gonna own you, Prince Digital SLR! Perhaps, in a few more years' time! =(

Arrrrr!!!! I saw TWO people with Blue Diana F+ and Lomo Lubitel ! ! !

For my previous post on this event : CLICK HERE

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Pseudo-Tourist Me

Been acting as if I was really a tourist today.

Been to The Mines Shopping Centre for numerous time and yet did I know that there's so much to explore around.

Been camwhoring the whole day. My Love. WooHoo!

Had my Walk Of Fame!!!

Lame right? Hahahahaz!

~So other random Photos~


Been an amateur model for Nana Lana Shotz... (shall store them in my album! hahaz!)

LoLx!!! Had a lot of fun today! Thanks for asking me out, my dear! XD

Met 2 Golf Players today... Under-12 and Under-15... Good Luck to them for their upcoming tournament!


Had my 3-hour Steamboat at Hai Tang Steamboat! I'm so gonna vomit now! Took a lot of ice-cream (3 servings) and fruits as my desserts! Huhu! Gotta cut down on my food intake ady! Laalaalaa!

Met a cute "mother of 2"! hahaz~

"Yan (a name), the watermelon seems fresh & beautiful hoh"

"Yan, what's that ar? Looks nice hoh?"


That's her hint to get her girl to get some food for her! Hahaz! What a way! Hehehehe!


"I shall finis this up! Weeeee!!!!"

Went for Karaoke session at RedBox IOI Mall yesterday (18th)! Had my duet with WenJie! Hoohoo!!! Heehee! Anticipating for another one of the same song! Hahahaha! Coz... That's da only Mandarin duet that I remember da whole lyrics of da song! kakaka!

Till then..... Tata!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

It's the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta !!!

Venue : Monumen Alaf Baru - Precinct 2 Putrajaya

OMG, I so wanna go! I've missed the FIRST Fiesta held from the 19th to 22nd of March 2009 and I am just reluctant and hard-headed to miss it for once again!

Owh Owh!

I so wanna attend the Saturday whole day event! The limelight will be on Saturday itself as Fireworks will be displayed! There are several Night-Glowing Air Balloons up for display as well!

By the way, this event will be held from the 18th of March 2010 to the 21st of March 2010 !

Correct me if I do make any mistakes here for the tethered hot air balloon rides... Apparently, there will be 5 hot air balloons for rides for public this year, priced at RM10 per ride per adult and RM5 per ride per child. Huhu!

DAMN CHEAP weiiiii !!!!!

Singapore's DHL IMMOBILIZED Air Balloon "ride" costed for about $ 22.50 ! But that was priced in the previous year and I doubt that it's gonna be any cheaper anyways. huhu...

Back to the rides, the operating hours for the rides will be :

(8am-11am) and (6pm-9pm)!

Ask me, I would say I WANT 6PM-9PM !!!!!

Themed, 1 World, 1 Malaysia, 1 Fiesta, this event is to promote unity amongst the nation whilst having fun, fun, and FUN !!!!

You can definitely be expecting people from all races, from all corners of the world mingling among themselves for this event. Photographers, Bloggers, Reporters, Medias, Celebrities, etc etc etc....will be showing up too!

International Hot Air Balloon pilots from a couple of countries, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Belgium, New Zealand, France, and the Netherlands participated in the inaugural event last year and were intrigued by the beauty of Malaysia and they'll be conducting the balloon-fly for once again!

An event not to be missed !!!

I'm praying hard that I can make it for that day and be one of them experiencing the fly! huhu!

Please oh Please!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

BioSymp 2010

After struggling ourselves with so limited numbers of committee members to handle a national level event, the first ever MALAYSIAN SYMPOSIUM ON BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES 2010, and finally, it has come to an end.

Although we were just not perfect but it's a good kick start point for all of us. Being undergraduates, being the Second Year students, I don't think that people should expect much from us. YES, we're the organizers. But, there's always things which will get out of our control. People should comprehend.

Forgive and Forget.

But learn from mistakes.

In the hope that the next host, UIAM will learn from our flaws and make the next Symposium an outstanding event.

Through this event, I've learnt a lot. I bet other committees did as well. We're all one. Seeing and knowing that there's a lack of working hands, we did not hesitate to lend our hands in moulding the pending and awaiting works. It's all about making our Symposium "working".

For this, I wanna thank the Director f Programme, Mr.Shawn for trying his best in initiating this Symposium and make it a reality. Frankly, no matter how tedious like what I've always complaint to myself, I've never really regretted in getting myself to be involved in this. It's a good experience.

Dealing with sponsors, having to call and to follow up on the progress, etc and etc but it has never dampened my spirit to keep on getting involved in this.

Random photos for our first night - committee members gathering~

(the guy in green, Ming Zhang, if I did not remember worngly~ Haha~ from USM. Others, UPM luuuu)

I've made friends. Although not much, I felt great hearing sweet responses from them. Haha, don't get jealous ya, my fellow committees~ Huhu!

( Hendi {from UIAM}, if I did not remember wrongly, reminds me of Bob, my 3rd Year senior. Haha!)

All in all, it's a great job for all of us.

All The Way Goooo!!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Like what I've said... I don't need that particular someone to lecture or to comment on any single thing that I've done or anything. RUDE. YES. I'm not rude just to anyone but someone.

So, if you do see me around anywhere, please do just shut ur eyes. Thank You,

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Drama Queen

Call me a Drama Queen, for, I'll never get embarrassed with this post-up!

I must be crazy to the utmost level.

I must be outta my mind for attempting this!

I am, a moron !


Nana Lana In Lala Land !!!


Do you know me?

Have I gone berserk?

You must be shaking your head ceaselessly,

Laughing your ass off after seeing this right?



It has been so long since I last camwhored outrageously. And so, Alice In The Wonderland has somehow spurred me into this. Please do forgive me! LoLx ~



Pui Pui Pui

Pardon me for posting for yet again!

I can't believe what I saw in my room today!

SHYT!!! Holy SHYT!!!

How could you just leave it there? Forgotten? OMG!!!!


I've spent the night with that!

I've choked on that!

Pui Pui Pui!!!!!


P/S : Watch out for next week! Huhu!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Becomes a Reality!!!

It seems like I've been really in action for the things I've wanted except for the upcoming Putrajaya Air Balloon Fiesta... Owhhh...

Here you go, just a little "something" from the movie, Alice In Wonderland...


Mia Wasikowska as a 19-year-old young lady , Alice Kingsleigh

She was sooooo pale in the beginning of the movie or perhaps, I should say that she's sorta pale throughout the whole movie? LoLx.

Anne Hathaway as Mirana of Marmoreal, the WHITE Queen

How delicate she is with the demure movements and postures...

BUT the only thing that made my eyes roll was when she (Mirana) spitted on the potion! Owhhhh.... Haahaahaa!

Johnny Depp as Tarrant Hightopp, the Mad Hatten

Helena Bonham Carter as Iracebeth of Crims, the Red Queen with the Biggie Head

"Off with their heads!!!!"

She's kinda funny in a way that how she behaved sarcastically towards the others. Hmm...

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the twin fat boys are funny too! They're sooooooo cute! OMG!!! Hehehehe! All the cutie characters are just sooooooo cute (that's why they're called "cutie") and adorable (because they are just so cute!!!) and.......funny as well!!!!!

If you ask me, Alice In The Wonderland or Avatar? Sorry, I have yet to watch Avatar and I doubt I would ever do that. HAHAHAHA!!! It's just so not-my-cup-of-tea (Avatar).

Overall, AITW was a nice one for me tho~hehe~

I've got their special Combo set from TGV!!! XD

Da popcorn container was actually a HAT!!! Hahaha! To think that I actually posed with a "dirty" and "sticky" HAT.... Huhu~~~

Watch out for my mad and crazy post up soon!

"Am I sick?"

"I'm afraid to say yes"

"But all crazy people are the ones who make it in life"

Alice In Wonderland

In the anticipation of watching a 3-D Animation Movie for this movie tho~

Look at this...

It's Anne Hathaway!

I love her so much! She's sooo gorgeous! Hehe! Her face is so distinct! Get what I mean? LoLx!

Not everyone is in the hype for this particular genre of movie but it's the kind of movie that I like. Huhu!

But not, frankly, I don't really enjoy Mandarin-spoken kind of movie, if, I were to spend for a movie ticket~ Hahaha! In exception to that... It can get me to be on my feet. LoLx.

I can't wait to be freeeeeeeeee and spare the time for thisssssssss!!!!



"Here I am again, sitting at a red light....

Both hands on the wheels ; What am I supposed to feel ?

So much running through my mind....."

And so, here I am again, Nana Lana... or perhaps, more to Jacklyn?

What makes a difference between Nana Lana and Jacklyn?

You wouldn't know until you really know.

A two faced me.

A two minded me.

A two me.

You'll never know coz I've never tried to know either. And so, how could somebody else know if not me knowing it first? Sometimes, I'm really caught up in between in identifying - in acknowledging myself.




Knowing that, I would just play along with it. That's how the world goes around.

This is gonna be a sorta pessimistic but added with a little or two optimistic post. It's gonna be lengthy, I'm warning you first!

I have so much to say but where should I start first?

Gosh. I should have be burning my Physiology Notes instead of unleashing my thoughts here. Ouch.

I'm not expecting anyone to read but this is where, as usual, a place, a space, where I voice out my excitement, my joy, my dissatisfaction, my everything and yet not every single thing.

* Take ONE

The older I get the lazier I am. I don't know. I just don't really know why I'm not as enthusiastic as before in indulging to my studies. This is just so wrong. I know I should be "studying" for a "purpose" and yet I'm not really cherishing the "chance" or perhaps the facts that I'm here. I don't like my course. I'm still regretting to no way. One word. SH*T.

* Take TWO

I don't like him. He always think that he's the best. But for god's sake, will you please SHUTUP at times!!!! Sometimes, you should be sparing a thought or two for somebody else and not just for yourself. Although selfish-ness is one of the touchstone to success but that's just not all. Please be considerate. There are still other better guys out there. The more I get to know you, the freakier I get! Please do some soul-searching and stop self-deluding yourself bebz. Ouch Ouch!!! Stop comparing and please mind your own business.

* Take THREE

Please don't cite your words of wisdom to me. I can't take it. You're making me more tensed up. Please cite them to the others instead and please, not to me. Thank You.

* Take FOUR

At times, people are just to stubborn to open up their minds. Why don't they just let things be to avoid conflicts? I sitting still. I'm standing still. I'm not going to lay my hands on them. They might be dirtying my hands. Just mind my own business! Buahaha!

* Take FIVE

Prince. I'm merely an admirer of him. He's good looking man! Haha! Gotta try my luck later! Wish me luck bebs!

* Take SIX

It's gonna be a tiring and busy weekend for me. Huhu. With the so-called Malaysian Symposium On Biomedical Sciences 2010, everyone has been in chaos. I'm afraid that things will get out of control on both of the days. God Bless BioSymp. Oh well...

* Take SEVEN


* Take EIGHT

He's inspirational and yet they are complaining. You know what the event's all about and so, just sabar lar~ Owhhh... Afterall, it's alright to listen to some life experiences in the midst of those stupiak INTENSE NOTES DOSES. Ewwwwww!!!!

One thing to kick out here... Why don't people just be punctual for an event? Instead of being there sharply at time, why don't they just be there earlier? I was there sorta early but there was no one in sight and so... there I went for the library. Huhu.

See, this is, HUMAN. They would rather queue for up to tons of hours to get a concert's ticket ; They would rather spend the whole day gaming ; They would rather be roused by the narking alarm to get up from bed to dress up for a date BUT why can't they just be early for a talk?

Okay, some of you, or perhaps, all of you might be thinking that I'm just one of those who deters talk/speech. There's a limitation. I'm human too. If the talk is interesting, I won't mind lending an ear to the speaker. Why? I don't like it either when someone just chat among themselves and as if my speech fell on deaf ear. It's kind of a "respect" thingie here. You wouldn't know how much the speaker has been preparing prior to their speech but that definitely exclude those who just read word by word from the script...

It's a little thought of mine tho.

* Take NINE

Bat is the best pollinator for DURIAN!!!! Hahaha! It has been so long since I last ate DURIAN!!! Huhu!

* Take TEN