Friday, December 31, 2010

My Confession?

*Curiosity Kills The Cat*

I bet we all know what that means but at this point of time, I AM STILL NOT KILLED by it.

I've been always having the curiosity wanting to know why people disagree or having the little perk of irritability towards me, my behaviour, my words, my gestures, my everything.

One thing before I continue, I live for myself. If you don't like my way, just walk out from my life. I will eventually *forget* you, in words. But, the memories will still be there. For, it was *carved*. Yes, this sounds harsh. But I do always remind myself on this when I do meet some unreasonably atrocious loathsome creatures.

At times, I take things for granted but I do cherish some other times too.

I know words hurt. Especially when they're disheartening but that's the way we know what goes wrong and what to do with it. Yes, some will prefer keeping mum about it. But the accumulation of the feelings buried deep down will eventually leads to pseudo [miniature] dypsnea. The only one suffering will be nobody else but ourselves.

For that, I've been always letting people know what I pest on certain things they've done or said. Some accepted while the others, perhaps slightly affected I guess. When things are settled, we're back being friends again. These are the things I've done in my varsity life from the very 1st semester.

"Friends are the ones who Forgive & Forget without holding Grudges."

[my point of view on Friends]

I know clearly that for certain kind of things forgiveness are just so out of the context. When that happens, I think there's no more such values being clinched as "friend".

Say, when you've hurt your bestie's sis/bro by dumping them, making them horribly devastated trying to kill themselves over you? Perhaps time will heals things but the hurt has been there. And it will always be. A barrier will eventually be built.

Before my varsity life, I've never been an initiator but in facts, I'm a pessimist. I never talk. I never play. I never joke. I never mix. Especially to/towards/with guys. And this had somehow made me in no condition to talk to them [ex-classmates] up till now from the very first start, not when they did not initiate. Yes, this is bad. But once a habit, it'll always be, a HABIT.

For a change, I've totally transformed myself to a better level. I've talked more. I've played and this sounds so wrong! I've joke. I've been trying to bring out my confidence, my dare-devil, my optimism, and the best that I could ever portray. Yes, I did. Although it was not a perfect 10, but I really did.

But somehow too much of those mentioned, People hate. People talk. People shun you. Fine. I don't care 'coz coming back to the point again, who am I living for? Not everybody can *click* together. Not every key can open to a locker. I bet you guys do understand the theory of Lock & Key...

"Friends are the ones who stand by each other..."

I've once never meet strangers. Don't even think of me saying "HI" or "SMILE" at that time. I mean it. Seriously. Coz I was thinking that it'll be silly of me if the so-called *greetings* were not reciprocated. But look at me now, thinking of how I'm breaking the barrier by meeting up with bloggers. A smile before saying "hi" is like so tough for me! This does sound like crap but I mean it. Fellow bloggers, please do pardon me but I'm really working on it. ><"

I like making friends but I'm more like a listener than a talker myself and yet I've always fantasized about hosting an event, a show or whatsoever that I can go blabbing around without a care on how I looked. But sad case, I stutter when I'm nervous ; Pronunciation went wrong ; Lost my self-praised accent ; etc & etc. =P

I think I shall stop now. I have a whole loads of ceaseless draggy stuffs in mind but yes yes, I shall halt here. Before I bid farewell to my final post of the year, let me share a little something, a saying, a quote, or perhaps a sentence that barged into my miniature brain hours ago...

"Human, nothing but a complicated creature..."

Till then and I'm gonna wish everybody a very Happy New Year ahead! =) Happy 2011 !

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 R.E.C.A.P.S.

Year 2010 is coming to an end and I believe most of us here will somehow come up with the recaps. For me, I'm drafting it up earlier since I'll be busy the next few days. =)


My 1st countdown for 2010 @ Bukit Bintang

Haiti Charity Concert by 1:59

Ah, that's Dior. x_o A splendid dancer tho.


My CNY shot with Malay cuzzies. The rest are my sisters. LOL


Putrajaya Air Balloon Fiesta <3>

My 1st visit to Mines Golf Resort

Random shot with Krystal

MAKJASA Night [17th College's Night]


Party Passes Redemption Mission Accomplished!

My 1st Zouk experience with the gals for CLEO Bachelor Bash 2010.


My 1st Taiwanese Idol Showcase (SHOW LO) @ Lion City. OK. I was there to join in the so-not *fun* only. LOL

BTW, on the same month, was @ Singapore Expo for their Food Expo.


BFF's Birthday Celebration.

[ Joey's Day : 2nd from left ]

Work Pleasure @ Popular BookFair JB City Square

The Popular Bangs Gathering =)


A pseudo-tourist guide ME bringing coursemates to tour around Singapore XD

And that's Fullerton Hotel behind us =)

Universal Studio!


Click the links below for my post on it...

BON ODORI @ Panasonic Stadium Shah Alam


DOGATHON 2010 !!!

My Love. Border Collie that clinged on to me! <3

Looked like I'm stressing on the doggie but ain't not! It was pulling itself from the owner and signalled me into this shot above LOL

Click HERE for more splendid shots on the canines present on that day!!!

PORT DICKSON Merdeka Getaway

The Group Photo with Coursemates [Chinese]

Click for my posts on it...


My advanced Birthday Celebration with JB Gals.

Chinese-Indian Annual Dinner [BioMed]

Random Shot : Prisoner


My 1st LIVE concert - ADAM LAMBERT! <3

My 1st Hennessy Artistry Press Conference

Face-to-Face meet with Da Mouth XD

Group photo with Bloggers present. =)

My 1st Hennessy Artistry Clubbing Event <3

Henry Golding right beside me!!! <3

Read more on..


Attended blogger friend's Birthday celebration. Richard is his name!

Conquered Broga Hill ! Woots !


Finally, ice-skated but ended up with a fractured left radius. =X

And yes, I'm typing with 1 hand. Oh my....

Did missed out on many happening stuffs too in this post coz I lost track of my albums =X

BTW, Might be meeting up with a few bloggers tomorrow after my check-up and that shall mark up my 2010 Calendar in JB.

Till then! Hope 2011 will be a more exciting one XD

Monday, December 20, 2010

Where are you, my dear Mr.Motivator?

Ah, I should have many things to blog share on but the low motivation in me just never fails to deprive me of my wills to do so. Pathetic. Always ended up typing halfway and went smacking on my fragile little precious lappie having a little fingers cramp! LOL! No kidding man!

It's really difficult to be just using one hand / 5 fingers and I do really miss typing my way out on the QWERTY keypads, letting my fingers dance gracefully on it or perhaps hip-hopping around?! LOL

And yeah, to those "close enough" with me should know that I have been partially paralyzed immobilized for 18days due to my left hand fracture. =X

And so, I've granted myself a temporary retirement absence from blogosphere. LOL

BTW, I'm sharing this great friendship song to all my friends out there, especially to my BFFs. You know who you are! And I don't have to brag on all the goodness in you people!

Till then!

[Worrying for my new sem. Get well soon Jacko!!! Bones & Hair grow faster please!!! My Christmas wish =P]

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Over the hills and far away....

Results are out and although I did predict the outcome, somehow...

Just a little bit emo-ing over it 'coz I will have to work uberly hard & smart next semester to prevent the same disappointment!

If you guys did read about my Adam Lambert Concert post, you will know that I went for his concert despite the freaking exam the very next morning! LMAO!

Surprisingly, that was the highest I've scored among all the subjects taken and the score-gap were simply outrageous! LOL

I'm happy for this very subject [Physiology of Endocrine System & Reproduction System], scored 92/100.. not bad lah although I bet that there might be some scores of 99/100 out there. LOL

New Year Wish : Work Smarter Jacklyn!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Christmas Present - A Fractured Radius

Apparently, I suppose this will be my early Christmas present. Went for ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid with a bunch of fun friends (coursemates) and ended up with a fractured left radius. Lucky me that I'm right-handed. =)

(Hands still fine then)

Yes, I'm typing with just my right hand now! =X

I would not say that it freaked me out because I did had my fun. It was just an accident while dodging myself from banging onto people.

Well, I might be putting up a tough front after the incident, but deep inside, I'm kinda worried on whether both my ulna and radius will be dislocated or not! =P

With Pin accompanying me to SunMed Clinic and meeting the everly motherly Dr.Anita, I came out from the clinic with a bandage nicely done. LOL

Those who followed me on my twitter will know that I'd continued the rest of my night karaoke-ing @RedBox SP lol. I must be outta my mind at that time. LMAO

Some random Christmas Deco around =)

# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

In my tracksuits on the day to get my x-ray report. LOL

# 5

Both my parent came fetching me up the very next morning all the way from JB and this is the day where I get to taste Ninja Joe, the Pork Burger, in Sunway Pyramid. [went to get my x-ray report @ SunMed Clinic].

Bought all the 6 flavours for 23.90 MYR excluding taxes. Apparently, I've tried the Oriental and Sweet&Sour Pork Burger. I do prefer the Pork Burger with Orietal sauce better. =)

And seriously, the outdoor Christmas Decorations around Sunway Pyramid & the resorts are fantastic especially the lighting at night! Too bad I'm in a bad condition to be either camwhoring or snapping around. =( And these shots below are of the very few taken.

Went to get my casting done this morning and am now stuck with the ever-heavy Plaster of Paris! =P Gonna opt for the fiber casting if I were to continue with the casting in 4 weeks time. Sighhh...

Till then!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pavilion KL Christmas Decorations 2010

Been browsing thru my lappie folders and came across this Festive Season Album of the year and thought of sharing it after a delayed-period. =P

A couple of weeks ago, been downtown with a few mates for a shopping spree and also, to experience Pavilion, KL Christmas decorations.

Before Pavilion, we stopped by Fahrenheit 88 for Uniqlo ! Sad case, all my THREE (3) vouchers were VOIDED!!! I was told that there were some *STRANGER* who'd used those voucher codes of mine! Ridiculous no? Since IC(s) was(were) needed for verifications, I DON'T SEE WHY THOSE VOUCHERS CAN BE USED BY OTHERS!

Nah, the Christmas Tree made up of compact discs! Fascinating! Save all the works on decorating with Blingie Blingie stuffs! =)

# 1

Next Stop : Pavilion KL

And these (shots) are what I've gotten! =)


Outdoor - Entrance Decors =)

# 3

What is Christmas without a Christmas Thee? Or perhaps some white branches (as in covered by white snows) ?

# 4

Apparently, I like this shot below. =)

# 5

Alright, let Nana Lana wishes you A Very Merry Christmas here!!! =)

# 6

Come, let's get indoor!

# 7

# 8

Here, Christmas Tree again! =P

# 9

# 10

Apparently, the decors were sort of focusing on Gold & Red. =)

# 11

# 12

The girls

# 13

Some random decors shots...

# 14

# 15

The mates who went for the shopping spree. =)

# 16

From top clockwise : Shirley, Jfook, Me, Hee San & Apple

With my beloved [nah, ain't behaving faggy here!!! =P I'm still in love]

# 17

One last Christmas Tree shot to share on before ending my post! =)

I like this shot below tho. XD

# 18

That's all to share for this post!

As usual, I'm anticipating for my Christmas visit to the Lion City, which is none other than Singapore this coming December! Woots!

Last year, it was all about Reindeers. I wonder what would it be for this very year! =P

Till then!!! =)))

P/S : YES ! I did edit on the lightings. But I'm more towards angle *searching*. A passion for a life-long memories. =)