Monday, May 31, 2010

Of Show Lo & Singapore Food Fair!

Perhaps it wasn't a good idea of putting these two together but let's put it the other way round where two EVENTS were held in SINGAPORE! LOL.

Event : SHOW LO Autographing/Meet-The-Fans Session
Venue : IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza
Time : 6.30 p.m.
Date : 23rd May 2010

Since it was an autographing/meet-the-fans session, what more can I expect? It's not a SINGING nor DANCING CONCERT. LOL.

The crowds went really crazy. I bet *fans* memang like this one lar. Takkan you want them to duduk diam. Then the celebz will be pathetic ady. For what? For not being that *popular*? LOL.



Oh ya, prior to the meet-the-fans session, went DAISO to grab some items. Met a vulgar uncle while choosing some moulding trays when I suddenly heard *drum*rolls* LOL. He farted his way throughhhhhh so PUBLICLY..... Uncle, you can masuk Song-Farting-Competition ady lar... *deng*

NOPE.. Didn't manage to SNAP his posture~ LOL


Event : Singapore Food Fair 2010
Venue : Singapore Expo
Date : 23rd May 2010

Let the pictures tell the story...

While waiting for my sis to grab our Turtle Jelly...
This is what I've observed... LOL

Now, presenting the most satisfiable snack!

Lotsa other nice/tempting food but my hands are too busy for photo-shooting and the crowds were like so-oh-my-God! LOL.

Who's gonna join me for next year? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Bought quite a lot (Dry Food/Snacks/Drinks) but FAILED to grab items from John Little Sales! Coz of the unbearable QUEUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Owhhh....

*** THE ENDZ ***

P/S : Received a call... I'm gonna work for a fortnight. Full. 10-10. OMG. I'll bear with it in order to get my pay for my trip! Weeeeee! My bloggie gonna be dead by then! LOL!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A.I.Funny Auditions Shots!

I've found that I'm not good in keeping people in suspense. LOL.

The only times that I felt proud of myself was when giving surprises for friends for their Birthdays? It really depends on WHO YOU ARE then! Not just any Tom, Dick or Harry okay! Haha!

BTW, this is what I've been up to the past few days... (done it long ago but with no time to blog! LOL)

Done my self-shooting few days back for "something". LOL. YES! SELF-SHOT!

I want more but it's simply tedious. LOL. WTH am I doing all these? Adalah... Perhaps someday I'll share it. LOL.

Okay, I know I'm such a narcist. I camwhored a lot. That's my probz anywayz. I can't be possible be doing all these when I'm 60 yea? LOL.

Till then!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sneak Preview # 1

Nana Lana into action for yet and again!

Working out on something for "something"!

That's a "Sneak-Preview"!

Shall elaborate more in time to come!

Hoo Hoo!!!

* YES *




This is not a good post to nang, btw. But do watch out! Gaga!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pinky Favour

Hey guys, I need a Pinky Favour for Nana Lana Pinky Shotz.

One Pose, Three shots. Which one better neh? lolx!

Mind to help me with it? Need to make a decision whether to choose on Pose 1, 2 or 3! LoLx!

I know not very good lar but still gotta choose one tho. Haha!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

No More Partying? No More Trips?

Ish... Tak boleh tahan!

Thought of winning my passes which Me Myself personally felt that I'm the FIRST who tweeted back to JuiceMy to grab A, nono, I mean TWO-freaking-fantastical passes for Juice-Hanger-Mag-Launch at Luna Bar KL which will be going on tomorrow night @ 7pm or perhaps 8pm!!!

Free Entrance Free Mocktails (never really tried one lar) some more...

Heard that Luna Bar is very classy some more. Deng... No, I don't club. Never been to one neither. My first in KL was ZOUK but that's for CLEO BACHELOR BASH... lolx... I only took my REVIVE there! Hahaz!

See, received my CellPhoneBills... Dammit. A freaking RM 400+++??? WTH??? I didn't even use much for my callings and I've even cut down on my texts! Ish... tak boleh tahan! Have to betul betul check! I ain't lovin' postpaid at all! Uncontrollable credits!

By paying that loadsome amount, I gotta give up on my trip to KL for Luna Bar tomorrow!

By paying that loadsome amount, I gotta put my friends on aeroplane for their trip to Singapore this coming JULY!

Wanna cry now! huhuhuhu!

Sorry lads, no choice but to let you down. The preplan itself was already "expensive" and I doubt Singapore's gonna have that Half-Price Promo for Malaysian this year. =( Still no updates up till now. Deng...

Ohhh, Dutch Lady, Pls let me win the weekly prizes!

Ohhh, Pizza Hut, Pls do let me win too!


Tried to find works but... Once I HONESTLY told them that I can only work for TWO MONTHS, they went, "Owh...we need long-term workers" DENGGG....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut



What can they actually bring you ???

Still Clueless ???

More Hints ???

* TA-DA *


Yepz, presenting to you, the latest Flavour-of-the-Month, FISH KING PIZZA only at PIZZA HUT!!!

(click on banner to see how nuffies can win!)

Aren't you tempted by the quote, "Tender on the inside & Crispy on the Outside" JUST YET? Pardon me BUT I was like so gaga over it since I'm such a FISH FILLET lover! I just can't wait nor imagine just what sensational surprise Pizza Hut can brings me!

And what more when I could stand a chance to win some prizes? LoLx! You're never too old for any chances right? So, WHY NOT but to give it a try? XD

By the way, how many of you do actually know that Alaskan Pollock used for the fillet provides HIGH nutritional value? NONE of you? SERIOUSLY? It's okay, me neither. LoLx! They, the fishes provide

Protein (17.2 g)
Iron (0.2 mg)
Sodium (99 mg)
Potassium (326mg)

Get it? Good!

And now, allows Nana Lana to share her stuffs!!!

(ooOopPpssSs...not a nice one tho. DA NOSTRIL!!! LoLx!)

See-ing my photos, to win or not to, I'm just contented and happy that I've tried my best in getting my shots done the way I did. Although not PERFECT just JUST RIGHT for me. =)

Instead of Dining-In, I called for Delivery but sad to say that the Deliverer declined my intention to SHOOT him! Of course lar, mana ada orang sudi DITEMBAK? LOLX! Lame me. I mean to take his photo lar. =(

MAN, I say You just gotta Love My Photos!

My Ideas!

My Concepts!

Relax ar... Ain't snobbish here yea! Don't get offended!

Just for sharing =)

Having water splashing around is even BETTER! But seems like no one's "pooling" around =(

Now, fancy some camwhorings by my GrandMa? LoLx! Here You Go!

* Pizza Hut Delivery *

Yepz, the "model" herself nodded for these shots to be published. Since it was only me and her there for the photoshooting session, ALL my shots FAILED coz my "photographer" FAILED to keep my camera "lens" projected at me! =( Yay, that's my GrandMa. LoLx.

The FISH KING PIZZA itself served as a "Birthday Cake" for my GrandMa on that very day too! Happy Belated Burpday now! LoLx!

A round of applause for the Model-Of-The-Day! Thanks for the hardwork under the hot-scorching-sun!

So, what's next? YEAHHH... Time to tuck in!!!

Wondering what's ON our KING FISH PIZZA?

Ar hem, it's all LOADED with specially-imported Alaskan Pollock, Crabsticks, Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Capsicums, Yellow Onions and simply Juicy Pineapples, all on a cool, YES, COOL LIME Mayo Sauce that makes it simply refreshing!

Believe it or not, although I had mine delivered instead of being served in its piping hot pan, I had no *qualms*. For, surprisingly, the fish-finger remained *Squishy*! Seriously! I was really surprised too!

By the way, I suggest that it shouldn't be eaten way too *chilled* neither to conserve the tenderness of the fillet, the juiciness of the pineapples and for sure, the stewy-ness of the cheese! Gosh. I'm craving for it again. =(

( Personally, I like this shotz too. XD )

Aren't you just tempted yet? Gosh! It's a BIG FISH FEAST within BUDGET mind you! Hurry and get yours'!

What's more? Maybankard Holder enjoys 30% off ! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bites now before everyone are done singing their praises on them except YOU!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Weeee! That's it! I'm bringing it once I'm outta my doorstep man. It became my walking mate ever since the day I'm on sem break. LoLx.

Be it on any drizzling/rainy or sunny day when the sun is scorching HOT, it came to my rescue. ('sBLACK, it absorbs heat more man, lolx).

But mind you, I think I can fight stalker with it (if I were to be unlucky to meet one, COI COI..)!

You see, with just a press on the button, it will be "lengthened" automatically which means...

When I sense danger from behind, with just a PRESS and a turn instantly, *TA-DA*, my stalker will get shocked! LoLx! Arrr, it's difficult to explain here. I gotta demo it someday? LoLx!



Yea, it comes in ONE colour only... Black and kinda inappropriate for use for a Chinese huh? errr... Anyways, I bought that on one very "ting-o-o"-day lo... lolx.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Aunty Nana in Meeting Apek Lala?

Ahaksss.. On the very day in the mission of getting my BABY-TO-BE... Met a HIHI-UNCLE...

Nah nah (no-no), this is not a meeting session of AUNTY NANA with ANONYMOUS UNCLEwokay??? LoLx.

While crossing the "Y-road", a botak uncle "pott-pott" (honed) at me and WAVE a BIG-HI-5.


I was really in tense having to keep myself alert of all the cars in motions. No zebra-crosses and hence caused the nerve in me. Argh. My adrenaline was rushed to the utmost level that blinded me in the middle of the road. Nah, not that serious lar! Hahaz!

Then there was that uncle pulak. Uncle... I'm not those pretty gals crossing da road lar! Look at me, I so wanna sing POKED FACE (not POKER FACE yea) to you!

"Can't see my, can't see my, no you can't see my poked face, you've got no eyes to see it!"


My BLACKIE wanted to say a "HI" !

It says "bring me everywhere you go and I can work wonders when you needed me the most!"

Will update on it s-o-o-n ! *chuckles*

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Auntie-ing Around

Been such a cuckoo yesterday. Yea, so yes-ter-day!

Wasted on my RM17 for taking a cabbie to-&-fro TWO destinations. A-to-B-B-back-to-A. Ish...

Well, you see, this might sounds like "OMG, WHAT???" but I really ain't owning any driving licence and hence the outcome of this. =(

Was asked to pick my sister up from school and god knows she followed her friend back home. *boiling-me* Grrr...

To appease myself, ended up loitering around an emporium and gotten some D.I.Y. materials... Hahaz!

Tried to kill the boredom in me by window-shopping-ing around but ain't having the mood to.

And so... Tried being an AUNTIE by fooling around in the fitting room! LoLx... That's me, flirting with my BLACKIE (Umbrella)...

Been asked of why I don't smile with teeth shown... And here you go~ LoLx! My uneven-ed-teeth. Duhhh... Nah, I did not adjust the lightings nor anything on those pixs, just added da framey-thingie-thing. LoL.

And da... I love da last one since (surprisingly) MY IMPERFECTIONS are INVISIBLE! LoLx!

Let me talk on Blackie someday soon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Date : 9th of May 2010

Event : "Kidnappers" Cast Meet-Up with Fans & Autograph Session.

Venue: City Square, Johor Bahru

Casts : Christopher Lee & Jack Lim

To think that I'm being so kiasu shrieking and shouting ME ME ME in order to get the MC of the day to fling or flung or perhaps THROW those posters to my position! LoLx.

Anyhow, I did managed to grab one of those flying-posters! Buahaha!

Here you go, MC of the day - from MY FM

Thanks to my 55-year-old Aunt for jumping and smacking on one of da flying postersDOWNright in front of us. ARIGATOGOZAIMASU!!! huhu!!!

Oh no, it's 5 pm now... Can we make it? *Praying hard*

(in white top)

My childhood (made him sounds old huh, lolx) heart-throb. GAGA!!! CrazMe.

Interview Session.

It's 5.30 p.m.! Oh no, can we really make it???

Gaming Session.

No! It's 5.45 p.m.!!! Ahhhh!!! Can we make it???

And finally, the session I've been waiting for.. Autograph session! Weeeee!!!

Tho he's married to Fann Wong but still, he's not losing my support for him lar! Haha! Shoke his hand! Weeee!

Sorry dude but I'm not so into nor am I familiar with Jack Lim. Keke. He's a Malaysia's DJ huh...

The moment we left the emporium, the rain was pouring hard and I just prayed that we can make it on time for our Mother's Day Dinner~ gaga~ And we just DID. Thank God.

So, let's do some modelling around. LOLX

So, anybody's watching? It will be released tml! LOLX.But I doubted I will coz no companion. Buahaha!

Oh yea, before the Kidnappers Event, there was this, SUSHI KING EATING COMPETITION and I pushed my sis onstage for it! LoLx! Wished I was brave enough to barge onstage. HAHA!

There she is, third from far right.

The skinny guy in red, gosh... He's eating so d.e.c.e.n.t.l.y. making me wondering if it's an EATING COMPETITION or EATING ETHICS DEMONSTRATION! lolx. Pardon Me. gaga.

Spot the gal in black cardigan? She was there onstage for Kidnappers cast Gaming session too! SHE WON da grand prize of the day, sponsored by Gintell... sth Pillow Massager..costed RM800++... So nice... Huhu...

Alright... The grand prize winner for the Sushi Eating was none of the above! BUT the very same guy who played onstage with the KIDNAPPERS casts as well! Gosh. Semua sama orang ajek... apalahhh... Yea, the "YELLOW MAN!!!" hahahahaa!

Till my next post... LoLx...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sailormoon vs. Sailorman!!!

This is in response to my previous post @ HERE...

My Sailormoon Story.

In one of my previous course Origami-Presentation...

Fluently, without any hesitation, I went...

"Sailormoon's Hat"

when I meant

"Sailorman's Hat".



You see, I'm really B.O.R.E.D.!

Waiting for my next trippie...

Watching Sezairi singing on TCS 5.. lolx...

( He's the 3rd Singapore Idol Champ )


Monday, May 10, 2010

Aster Spring Treat

Wokay, just redeemed my Aster Spring Facial Treatment today only @ Tebrau City Johor Bahru since it's the only outlet in JOHOR.

A voucher worth RM125 from powderruumz *giggles*

It's been such a while since I last had my facial. 3 months? 4 months? owh. tho it makes no differences for me to have a facial or not, afterall, it's FOC for this time. keke. Oily. Dry. Post acne scars. =(

Apparently, it's nothing different from any other normal facial. I mean procedure-wise. lolx. Perhaps, it's d.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.t. ingredients-wise. gaga.

I talked a lot. My previous experiences with those beauticians were not as good as today's I guess. BTW, the lady I had kira not bad lar.

In comparison, I still think that the previous New York Skin Solution's facial treatment was a little bit far more *pampering* & *relaxing* than Aster Spring's. =)

I love NYSS's masks. It's very cooling, relaxing, exfoliating, refreshing, BUT somehow for me, I had some difficulty in breathing while having the masks on. gaga.

Anyhow, Aster Spring gave me hydrating mask for today saying that my skin is STUBBORN. =(

Hey guys, anyone of you here ever heard of EUMORA soap? I need some feedbacks on it. I might be . . . be what neh? Able to guess? Then I shall prepare my D.I.Y. Bracelet-cum-Brooch as a G.I.F.T. for you? ONLY ONE with the first CORRECT answer... =)

All in all, a nice experience with Aster Spring... Where will I head for for my very next visit? XD