Monday, November 30, 2009

D.I.Y. Bracelet-cum-Brooch

Last Sem Break, I was so into Flowers Bouquet... (click to view)

And apparently I've too, had my hands on...

Yea, it's none other than knitting...

Just some random shots of my works =)))

Basic knitting skill is of no difficulty for me... Butta I was just unable to patch 'em up until I've met my mentor... Ms.SQ!!! Hahaz!!! Thanks to her that I've finally knitted something out from such a simple-looking threads... =)

On this very Sem Break... Apart from bragging with the little ones back home... I have a new *creation* Hehez!!! Guess what, this *accessory* was what I first saw at First World Plaza, priced at RM39.90!!! Gosh... Such a simple accessory could actually cost so *much*. For me, I wouldn't spend so much on something which I can actually Do It Myself (D.I.Y). LoLx!

With these materials...

I've actually came up with...

A simple bracelet-cum-brooch. =)

How was it huh?

Any comments?

Find this dress familiar? It was exactly the one which I'd bought online weeks ago.. =)

Look at how my little *creation* acts as a brooch here~ Just simply applicable and suitable for any events or even a simple outing or dates huh! Hehe!

All Da Way Go...


(pre) *FREE* Large Supreme Pizza Post


Last week, I've uploaded a photo of the so-called *Secretive*Girls* to participate in a Hooray Contest of Long-School-Holiday. What I have to do was/were to just DINE.SNAP.SHARE.WIN the Prize!

This is the entry photo... LoLx...

Although my photo did not get the most votes to be entitled for the top 3 photos, but somehow I felt soooo much contented when I'd received a Personal Message (PM) from the authorised person informing me that the photo of mine was entitled a Large Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut.

I was sorta bewildered. At that point of time, I was being convinced that the photo was one of their favourites and there will always be something extra for the entry they like most. LoLx. Happy. Happy. Really am. How I wished the girls in the photo are with me to share the PIZZA... Come, Come, Fly To ME!!!

In anticipation for the Voucher... LoLx...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm feeling so bloated right now. Blogging while uploading my photos in FB. LoLx. Not much photos taken tho. But still okay lar... Gotta camwhore more in my next outing! Haha!

Went for "A Christmas Carol" today and was kinda disappointed as the storyline wasn't as interesting as "The Grinch" !!! Haha!!! Or perhaps, wasn't as touching as "The Extra Terrestrial". Luckily, it's a movie day for Cathay Cinema for the day~ Gaga~One thing, the movie kinda make me jump from my seat tho~ Eww...

COMMA is having a damn freaking BIG SALE, perhaps, CLEARANCE SALES as I've seen those designs MONTHS back, but who cares so long as THE PRICE IS RIGHT for students LIKE ME! Buahaha! Man, I sounded AS IF I've shopped a lot from Comma or better known as Labelz. Apparently, had my eyes on a few items butta I gotta wait for my next visit! Perhaps, dragging my sisters and get some for them as well? LoLx. Cheap whatz... Haha!

Fabiano Ricco... Gosh... My Fav *shoes* Outlet in JB although the quality is just so-so~ I can hardly find a PROPER outlet in KL man... For, at least, I saw the love of my life when I went for window shopping today~ Thinking if I shall get it or perhaps, them~ Keke~ Let me whine for another second yea~ hehe!

What's for Dinner?

Steamboat at Once More Cafe~ Somewhere near Leisure Mall~ Apparently, if you're a gourmet, I wouldn't recommend it~ Buahaha~ But if you're just another camwhorer like me, perhaps, you shall give it a shot to pay a visit there. LoLx.

The presentation of the food was "okay" but I like the presentation of their TEA instead! Buahaha! Exquisite. Special. *Grins*

Here's our Personal Steamboat. Damn HUGE Serving!

My Milk Steamboat

Joey's Gimchee Steamboat

Wendy's Seafood Steamboat

Dessert : Pudding (comes with set)

Diners of The Day =)))

Sunday, November 22, 2009

*Kakiku Kaku*

Have been standing on my feet for almost 8 hours a day these 2 days in promoting the so called F&N Magnolia Milk~ Frankly... I don't even like the 3 flavours that I have been promoting for! LoLx... They are basically the Doubled-Calcium Milk, Chocolate Fresh Milk and the Oats Fresh Milk~

Kakiku really went kaku after these two days. No mood No mood. Apparently, my mood had been killed by the pain in my knees. Tired Tired. wanted to find somebody to chat to online but... The pains are just demolishing my mood away and shooed me to my bed~

As usual... Uncles, Aunties are speaking to me in Malay, for YET AGAIN. Okaylar... Even the supplier/full time promoter (aunties) all thought that I was a "MALAY" girl and they were like sorta hesitating to talk to ME until one auntie braved up and came up to me to sorta having me to answer their quests. LoLx.

There was this one very Uncle... Who kept on looking at me until I SPEAK to him in MANDARIN... And he went "Oh, I thought you were not a Chinese, or perhaps a mix or whatsoever. That's why I did not dare to speak first"..... Wadda.... Oklar~ Many other customers were like him too~ lolx~


Friday, November 20, 2009

I Think I....

I think I'm having something which I shouldn't have...

I shall return it to the owner or perhaps, buried it.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Dress!!!

Here You Go!!!


Finally gotten myself a similar dress as Song Hye Kyo!!!

(For no doubt that the Quality is different lar..)

Wonder when will I have the chance to showcase it...


Somehow, the bust area was kinda loose and I'll have to send it for a minor surgery (amendment) hahaha!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Post-Haem Trip

For those who were kinda confused with my title, Post-Haem Trip means.... My Post Haematology Paper's Trip. Well, I'll make it very brief and simple as I have completely no mood to blog about it due to some reasons.

Thanks to those who'd lent me an ear for my frustrations.

I was very disappointed as I thought that I would be able to shout or scream my lungs out during the supposed-to-be-hill-climbing session which turned out to be an unsuccessful event on the Friday, the 13th's. A bad omen? Duh...

Photos were being uploaded in my Facebook. So, feel free to take a look at them.

Supposed to be heading back to JB this Sunday but I'm staying put in college for another one week for some "possible" tasks. Whatever lar~ Okay lar... Bo Mood lah... Duhhh...

* A Boring Post *

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nana Lana In Action!

Oh yeah, and the time is here! I'm all up for any actions in the city! LoLx! I've ended all my exams and it's time to chill out babes! In a couple of hours later, I'll be setting off to my first destination (very common place for Pen.Malaysians ady lar~)

Buahaha! Alright, so, watch out for any upcoming post!

By the way, I've got my babies ady! No time to snap them lar! Haha! But I bet they'll appear in my trips' shots soon! yayyyyy!!!! Frankly, for my choices, with the prices, I'm quite satisfied... LoLx!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I'm not Yayying for my testies...examsss...or whatsoever about my Academics but I'm just simply Yayying for my coming up tripsssss!!! lalala!!! Well, who said that I can't join them? It's all up to me to decide whether I want to join or not~ gaga~ Feeling quite guilty for giving up the other trip, making them kinda... lalala~

Haematology's paper coming up soon! Gosh! Have yet to do sufficient revisions! I'm lagging in this Sem, hope that I'll be more "hardworking" the coming sem... wuwuwu.. T.T

Arrr, I've read that forum! It's here! It's finally here!!! I can't wait!!! I just simply can't wait for another second! My oh My!!! On the other hand, I felt that I'm gonna be so heartbroken and disappointed when they're right here before my eyes. However, I'm gonna treat it as my own fault for letting them to be here... Please, I don't wanna be disappointed. Gaga... (I'm really having the feeling of the possible disappointment man...)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


She's so bad!!! She'd made that dress as her primary photo as she knew that I'll be sooooo tempted to get my hands on it! Gosh, I can't although it's one of my favourite~ Gosh... Gosh... Oh my God...

I can't spend on clothes now! At the very moment.... coz..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Get tuned if ya' wanna know! I bet I'll most probably get back to post about it next week! LoLx!!!

Till then!!!

(p/s : The dress I meant is the one Song Hye Kyo wore in my previous post... the grey top v red flowery bottom..lolx~ although i might not look good in it, well, to me, it doesn't matter coz..............i can pass it on to my girls back home! buahahaha! 3 of them some more neh~lolx)