Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mid-Autumn Fest 2009

This time round, this festival is being organized by the Students' Welfare Secretariat... Overall, what I can say is that their performances are really worth for *THUMBS UP* compared to last year's. Butta, I kinda miss last year's sorta... "Senam-Seni-Like" get-together-dance.. gaga! It was where/when all committees, VIPs, audiences dance to simple steps~ A fun-fun-fun-dance~lolx~

For your information... (if u duno lar, haha!) Last year's event was actually organized by my own course members, unlike this year, by all the interested "residents" of K17...

Hm... Look at these ransom photos taken with my juniors~ lolx~ some were old-gals ady lar~ buahaha! (Seniors-like me-yea-my batch-im old-and so?-old old lo~=P)

*Fan Dance Dancers*

Well, apparently, I did some help-out for lending my voice for a comedy-like-sketch for Chang-Er's character... LoLx... Of da "geli geli" pampering ticklish voice, oh gosh, this will be my very first time ever... and perhaps, my last! lolx!

Ahhh.....I'd managed to solve a rhyme during da event!!! Yay, a simple gift as it seems like but...I'm just equally as contented as it was something I get for being able to answer correctly~ lolx!

Hope there'll be more surprises coming up next year! Or perhaps... the very next.... K17 Talent Search! People, please do go and support!!!!! I'll be there!!!!! Shouting and Yelling for certain contestants!!!! Lalalala!!!! Join in da fun!!!! I Can't Wait!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I need time to revitalize. Only then will I have the mood to post something up~ lolx~ Have Fun All...

To those with tests coming up, Good Luck...
To those with works pressuring on you, Wind It Up...
To those who lost their hope, Buck Up...

To those like me... Go Sleep lar! =))) (I mean right at this moment of time! lolx!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Wokay~ now... we just proceed with life ady~ forget the past and just walk on with life...

One more thing, for those who read da "Disheartening" post earlier on... (which i'd somehow deleted it..).... That blog just consists of.... Er... Some stupidious stuffies and "tiada kaitan langsung"... ar ba... sorta... like how i felt and what i think after having to summarize all the thoughts of my other U-friends back in JB... (Bout those Backstabbings & Pretentious stuffs...) If ya' remember... I left the "sub-topic" in paragraph which totally "segregate" those 2 "sub topic" and DO NOT link with one and the other... gaga...

Forget it lar, no need for me to clarify, LOLX!!! As IF you all understand wth I'm talking about~ gagagaga!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Tho it was just a dream but it felt so real and yet it was nothing, but a dream of remote possibility. LoLx.

Surprisingly, I've been dreaming of having to be accused and challenged by two Malay Girls in two different occasions. In last night's case, in my dream, I was being sorta supported and comforted by LiL Bro during the accusation. [Age Gap].

In that dream itself, I don't even know how I "borrowed" his muscular or even, "fatty" arms to lay my tears on, LoLx!!! Until... he began to pat on me and that was only then did I realized he was "just" beside me all along and that arm belongs to him~ Wakaka!

Crazy huh... This is just what dreams are made of~ Full of bizarre and illogical events.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

SP Day Out

Set off with a curious and excited mood but it turned out to be a vast despair when the Information Counter Officer told us that the event will only be held on the very next day.. This was what happened yesterday. Sigh...

Was anticipating to watch the "BattleGround" (Dance Competition) in Sunway Pyramid but ended up with an "impromptu" K-Session... This, I shall say... it's quite fun in a way that I've been longing for a K-ShoutOut-Session for sooooo long that I've finally had it my way yesterday! Wakaka! Dancing Kaki(s) were dancing their way for SNSD, ShiNee, Super Junior, etc and etc... LoLx!

And... What's for Dinner? They said they wanna try something "different" and so... We went.... for.... Italiannies!!!! Yoyo... Frankly, I felt that we were sorta making a fool of ourselves over there. LoLx... Language barrier... Culture Barrier... I could hardly understand the waiter's English... He's definitely not Local!!! He was like singing to his English~ Doesn't look like a Phillipino either... but... an Asian, I would say... Wokay~ skip that... LoLx!

The ambience is great and it's really a pleasure. I like it. Especially with the jazz music/songs playing around while chit-chatting with your friends. Thumbs Up.

Frankly, we can hardly figure out of how to serve ourselves with this "oil" and the "breadies"... LoLx... Was it a starter? Buahaha! *Shame Shame*

I really had my fill for the day!!! The food was really H-U-G-E in Serving and it's definitely for SHARING!!! I just just just simply love their Lasagne~! Cheesy Chessy Feeling... OMG....

*Posing with my share of Lasagne!!!!*


Another main course that we've ordered was.... "Angel Hair Pomodoro" (Angel Hair Pasta with Chopped Tomatoes and Sauteed with Garlic in a Light Tomato-Basil Sauce) ! (a serving for 4-6 pax) and believe me, it's really H-U-G-E!!! The four of us, Dayana, Carol, Shmily and me, myself and I went bloated after stuffing ourselves with those splendid servings! I wanna try that watwat "FRIDAY" restaurant on my next visit! LoLx!!!

"Angel Hair Pomodoro"

*clean enough gua*
*this is to show how "huge" d bowl is....*
*Shmily & I : Camwhoring*
A disappointment as it may seems like (for unable to witness the spectacular battle of the year) but the food just simply makes my day worthwhile! OMG, it made me sounds like a glutton...LoLx!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These Two Guys... Bue-Tahan!!!

Here, I'm actually posting this post up during my ICT Lab while other groups are busy presenting their so-called-informative-presentation!~ Buahaha!~

While I was busy practicing for my parts...

This was what I saw.....

This was what my other two group members did while waiting for our turn to present...

My co-Buddy....
(P/S : Saw him picking his nose while playing! buahaha! shhh!!!)

My Youngest Grandson....LoLx!!!

Shall I sigh? NO~ I'll just faint! Hahaz!

Just a random post anywayz... LoLx...