Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached!

I've got no sweet strings attached right now, for . . .

I do not own a special "HIM"...

BUT I've got stressing string attached !

Arghhh... bonded to the government once I'm all graduated . . .

Huhu . . .

Alright, let me stop beating about the bush and get straight to the point now!


No Special Demands!

No Limitations !

No Commitments !

Means . . .


And . . .

With No Strings Attached,

That definitely means . . .


With all the above mentioned, the only thing which Nana Lana can proudly presents to you is none other than . . .

The Ever-Portable-WiMax * W1GGY * !

The advancement of wireless technology has inevitably been one of the great success stories of the 21st century!

"W1GGY", with no hesitation, is to be named the proudest of all the burgeoning technologies!

With the latest W1GGY plans, please be assured that there'll definitely be . . .

No Contracts

No Restrictions


More Internet Fun All Over The Coverage Areas !

It's simply all about the right connections with the right man ruling !

With just one insert of the platypus-mouth-like USB device into your drive, you're just absolutely in your way to enjoy the ever splendid speed with higher usage quota!

Custom-made for Quickies with an advanced MIMO antenna design, instant satisfaction with up to 10 Mbps speed on high performance is G.UA.R.A.N.T.E.E.D.!

Remember, with W1GGY, it's always simply IRRESISTIBLE !

* No Barriers *

* Affordable *

* Handy *

* Slim / Non-Bulky *


! ! !

And also, with W1GGY, be ready to butt off all your hassles in clearing up the disorganization of the ever-irritating entangled cables lying all over your precious private space!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab one now before you see others singing praises for their brilliant choice with P1 W1MAX ! ! !

This post is an advertorial for Project Alpha Season 2.

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

(If you know me, you'll know I'm not after the earnings. It's all about sharing the pens. =D )

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week 2010

Post # ONE

Went for the B&R PINKY DAY at Mid Valley two days ago ~

The Girls with the Double Jr. Scoops. =)))

Had our Movie of the day...

Clash Of The Titans !

Personally, I felt that it should be more interesting than did Alice In Wonderland IF the movie is a bit more lengthy. I ain't having enough of it! The storyline, it's way too brief/short for me tho. Before I could have my satisfying WOW-Sensation, getting all freezed up in the cinema, the story had eventually came to an end. Sobz.

Waiting for Clash Of The Titans II ! Hahaz !

And *Ta*Da*

I had my STAR OF FAME !

Now, the Runaway Walk? OMG ! Hahaz !

Mid Valley Megamall Fashion Week 2010 will be held from the 7th to the 18th of April 2010. Various well-known brands participated for this.

For the first night, the launching night, it was from HER WORLD ! Various local artistes took part in the runaway walk. Ning Baizura, Fauziah Latiff, Daphne Iking, etc etc.

Krys & Me with the ever-demure-and-gorgeous Fauziah Latiff....

Met a cute host (a cute fair Chinese RTM host), interviewer of the day. Gosh. He was like "come come, ask me to snap with you!" but I was just too shy-shy for that. MUAHAHA!

(Who's that host above?)

Just before we headed for the KTM, we had our "dinner" and there he was standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!! ALEX YOONG!!! I had my eye-to-eye contact with him! Haha!

But why didn't he became a rock/stone when I look him in the eyes? Coz' I'm not MEDUSA!!! HAHAHA! Get what I mean? Hehe! YOU WILL if you;ve watched COTT!!! Hehe!!!

Yea, I'm just so LAME. =(

So, wanna know the tentative for the whole Fashion Week?

Here you go ~

(1900) Her World 50th Anniversary Fashion Show*

(1900) A Cut Above Fashion Gala 2010*

(1500) Barbie Fashionistas*
(1900) JASPAL SPringSummer 2010 Launch*

(1200) NOIR
(1330) Disney Cars and Disney Baby Princess
(1500) G2000
(1630) nichii
(1800) Metrojaya - Somerset Bay & East India Company
(1930) ENVEE

(1200) Timberland
(1330) ECHO PARK
(1500) Hush Puppies (Apparel & Shoes)
(1630) Kipling
(1800) The Mod House
(1930) Valentino Rudy



Went for the 2nd day event for the MVM Fashion Week, the A Cut Above Fashion Gala* ! Failed to see the cute host. He was not there. But instead, TV3 was there. LoLx. I have no idea of who the host was. Saw few gorgeous Malaysian models. Frankly, apart from AMBER CHIA, I know no more models! Haha! But so sad, she was not there. Huhu.

There's one angelic lady! She's simply like a doll! OMG! You can see her from the caption above. In black. Without outrageous hair "apparatus". haha!

There quite a number of local celebs but then again, I know nobody! I only know those Singaporean celebs. Buahaha! Coz...I don't really watch Malaysian channels. However, there are still a few Malaysian artistes that I know larrrr.... Only the faces but not the names. Keke.

Enjoying the show with our San Francisco beverages. I had my Caramel Choc Frisco Frappie! Yum!

For this night, my companions told me they saw the Breakfast Show host, the SUPERMAN, blablabla... I just know that they're some cool individuals but I DON'T KNOW THEM! until my companions told me who they were!! BUAHAHA!!! How pathetic. Oh ya, ex-Miss Malaysia-s were there too. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHO THEY WERE EITHER. Gosh. I'm like just so teruk lar.

The shemale models were hilarious but they were the limelight I guess. Din really get to get some nice shots. Hehe.

She-He said "BEWARE!!!" oooPPpppsssSSs...

ntv 7's host getting her recording done~ With Dayang as her background~ Lolx~

the made-in-Malaysia's Beyonce with her rendition of three songs. She sang my Loving You! But she played foul to the high-pitched dolphin's shriek. Huhu. I was anticipating for how she handled it but sadly, she did not do that part. Instead of that, she was asking the audiences to do it. Duhhhh...

Beat-boxer, Daniel Lee was there with his tremendous and spendid performance too.

This is a real-long post!

GOSH.. exam's just around the corner! I shall brush up on my studies instead! See ya'!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crazy Thoughts

Why should I listen to her?
Why can't I just stand by my point?
Why should I be so lenient in surrendering myself to someone who is so-not-close-to-me?
Sometimes I really felt great when I see someone else trampled on her.
But at times, I felt sorry for her.
NOW... I won't... I definitely won't since I'm 100% sure that she is not the one I should have in my life. E.V.E.R.
Come on, we're not making money out from it but why oh why are you snatching away my candies? I wanna have a sweety life too. Mind/Beware that you're sweeted off and all the honey bees will kiss your butt wokay~
Owh... Wth am I crapping on? Forget It.
You don't have to know who you are. But... You're just someone I'm getting the heat from. You're simply too realistic, MY DEAR... (just a "title" for somebody and not all the dears in my U-life~lolx)
You may be just that particular someone I see every single day of my life, in my illusions, in my dreams, whatsoever... GAGAGA!