Monday, October 27, 2008


A chance...

An opportunity...

And yet, I've let it slipped me by...


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ahaz Ahaz...

Here I am againz dude...

Something just came up in my mind and I was like "prop prop prop", wanting to post this up.

Funny, as I'm Chinese-illterate, it's difficult or rather, am totally ignorant of what my Chinese-peers-cum-bloggers write in their post and yet, I "followed" their blogs. Haha. I guess it's time for me to somewhat, learn a little bit or two by getting myself engrossed in learning Chinese huh.

Well, this is my little cutie pie back home, wahaha, I still owe her a Birthday present! But soon, you'll get that!
Hope that she'll follow my parents down from JB to pick me up this time round and eh heh, then, we'll probably go Genting. Wakaka.
See how things turn out first thou.

They are the BEST times of my LIFE at the MOMENT

The valuable days were never once forgotten. It might seem like a “past-tense” now but deep inside, it will be remembered forever. The once shared joy and laugher will always remain. There’s someone out there who will eventually miss them. Miss all the good times once shared. Spending her time editing some of the pictures ; writing something up ; despite the facts that her final was just around the corner. She just can’t refrains from thinking of all the good times.

Juniors, they were really cute ; I mean by their characters. There’s one of them which I thought that he was really a good friend-to-be. You know who you are since among all the juniors, I only correspond to you. Heehee. Kee or rather, Jun Hong “is” a very straight-forward guy. He’ll gives face to no one though but still, among all the guys I’ve known so far, he’s the only one who “DARE” or rather “WILLING” to play sms with me. Wakaka! Yea, funny at times too with his jokes. There, he’s the one having shiokness of having his fingers on the piano.

See, this is one of the hang-outs I’ve been so addicted to and yet hardly went for much ever since I’ve here in UPM. Back there, JB, we’ll have a K-session whenever there’s a celebrations and for the Chinese-illiterated me joining the Chinese-literated friends, in order to compel myself to fit into the square, what I’ve got to do was “memorizing” the lyrics of the Mandarin songs in “Han Yu Pin Yin” terms. Wakaka...

Tough but not bad though, can learn Chinese at the same time whatz. As the saying, “killing two birds with one stone” ; I’ll get to sing, I’ll get to learn, what more, I’ll have fun! Woots woots!

On occasion, I might bake something for them. Wahaha! My speciality was/is the Cornflakes desserts, Honeyed or Chocolate flavoured, heehee. Coz I love this dessert and for sure, I’ll make the nicest one in the world! Wakaka! Boastful uh huh? Cakes? Cookies? You’ll see. *GRINS*

There’s one lucky girl in the picture who had spent like... one third of her day [~8hours] singing with me without going hoarse. Guess who? I’ll treat you to a night bar K! [dream on, as if we can enter, wahaha] I’m not into that “just yet”. Maybe in a few more DECADES!!!!!!!!! Wahahahaha!


Desaru... Months ago, did I blogged about it? My vivid memory tells me that, YES, I DID blog about it but not in this blog. It was in my old blog. Hahz, I’ve got lots of blogs. Up till now, I’ve 5 blogs and this is the most current and the only active ones. Others, gonna vanish from the web soon... Back to the story lar, the barbeque session was alright, the best dish, I would say, it was the IKANBAKAR [ikan pari], man, it was really nice. Haha, you’ll go drooling babes... [keke, as if you will really drool...]

Having to play games together is really fun too.

Next, it was the visit to Singapore Zoo, although it seems to you to be just a “ZOO” but it’s much more better than the one in JB lar~ Haha! Seriously man. Really enjoyed myself there. Tiring as it might be, but the fun just overshadowed everything. Man, I had a cramp while waiting for the gals to get their Passport Cop-ed. Keke.


Am I crapping? Yeah. The main point is that I wanna say, I miss those life. Can I? Bubu...


Citi....Sigh....Did not met any handsome Chinese guy pun? Haha, the staffs there itself pun.... *slaps forehead* Takes, Victor, Shanx, you remember him or not? Okay, clean-looking guy with sassy behaviour. He can really dress up too. Don’t belittle him. “Boleh naik pangkat kot...” keke. Well well well, the only thing that triggered me to reminisce about those days in Citi was none other than... those Camwhoring! Haha! That’s the ONLY thing I miss THERE! Ar, and those cheap DutchLady’s Chocolate Milk! Only 60-80cents per packet, from the vending machine! Marigold juices too! Wakaka!


Argh, I'll see what UPM holds for me. To see if there's anything to prove my worth here other than all those notes-kissing sensation. Wakaka!

Finished crapping. I’ll be in dead meat for my FINAL.

Sobz sobz, wuwu, I lost my purple lollipop hairclip! That was a really cute hairclip man! Favourite colour some more, how could I lost it!!! Gonna shop for it again [for the same one] when I get back to JB!

Cheh, childish... But who cares, in 2 weeks time, *wiggling eyebrows*, I’ll get myself another or probably a couple of new hairclips. Heehee!


Friday, October 24, 2008


Again and again...

Time and again...

You've never stop haunting me.

Why don't you just leave me alone when I'm with my friends?

Why do you keep haunting me whenever I wanted to mix around?

Just buck off will you?

Gosh, tell me what am I gonna do to overcome all these. It's been years. Ever since I stepped out from my house. It's haunting me wherever I go. I really can't sit still with a cup of coffee and bragging with my friends. I'm totally a total-mute. I can only stare into the distance, morosely. Within seconds, my smile will be gone.

Friends, I'm really bad at words. I'm bad at spontaneous interactions. Forgive me. I really can't brag cause I've never sit in a crowd and brag along with others. Forgive me. That's why I say that I'm autistic. I'll never mix coz I don't know how. I'll never talk coz I always hurt people with my unintentional sarcastic remarks. I can only talk when people talk to me. Or else... I'll seal up my mouth. Really envy those who can just talk about anything, just anytime. Ar ar... Frankly, I can say that I can only present things to people but NEVER, chit-chatting and fooling around.

Friends here are really great but the problem lies with me. Heck. Why am I so stubborn? Nana Lana should comes out instead of that idiot Jacklyn. Man oh man... I miss the stage where Nana Lana belongs to. I miss the time when Nana Lana really showed her true-self. Nanaaaa...... I miss MTB days... Exhausting but everything was just so amazing and well worth it!

I shouldn't be blogging right now. I know I shouldn't but I just couldn't resist myself from opening this page to post something up. I wished I've never gotten myself a laptop. Man, it's driving me crazy. How can I clean up these mess(-es)? How can I put up the pieces together? How can I patch things up?

I wish to go back to Desaru and shout to the sea like what I did months ago. Arghhh...

It's not right. I've got to do something. But not now. You're just busy enough to bother about me now. I'm busy too. I've got tons of useless notes to KISS. To HUG. Man, I don't see any reason for me to be here again. Againz. The thoughts are haunting me again. Oh no.....

The diagram above shows a few symptoms of something but if you do really study them, you'll know what I mean...

It might not be that serious but if I do carry on being like the way I am now, I'm afraid that sooner or later I might just... really end up being...

* ( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ) *

Arghhh.... Slap me, bash me up, will you???


Bluey Dayz

Guess what I did yesterday?

I went all the way down to K12 JUST to fill up a Penilaian Form for my Super Duper Handsome Theatre Facilitator!

A supposed to-be-5 minutes-thingie thing dragged my precious time from 2.10 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. Goshhh... But that doesn't really matter though 'coz my faci is really great in his way of teaching! Wahaha! Never regretted joining his groupie group and meeting the friends there!

Here are some random pics taken!

How do you Rate his suave-ness huh?


( Me & Mr.Said Saiful )

( Me & Chai Ying )

( Me & Jin Jie )

How i wished to wear my jacket to play basketball! Wahaha! Am currently addicted to Hot Shot whatz. But gonna continue watching only after my exam. Bubu! Watched till Episode 4 only lo...


I wanna play sports!!!

So many weeks din strengthen up my 'muscles" already! Wadda???

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Desperate Desire [On Hold]

Okay now,
I don't bother much about what people think or do.
All I know,
I'll just hold on to my desperate desire.
I'll hold on tight to my threshold...
Until I get back to my JB...
Nothing matters now...
If you know me,
You'll know what's my


in life...


2 more weeks to go...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I hope to be there.

I want to be there.

Be it for once in a lifetime,

I'll still hold on to the anticipation.

Not long.

I'll be waiting...

Things will turn out fine.
I want no quarrels.
I want no distrust.
I want a little freedom.
Don't shatter my only hope.
I wanna step out.
I'll be waiting.
I'll be hoping.....

This is my only chance.

No, not my only but my first.


Aren't these just beautiful ??? How can I not get my feet on them? How can I resist them? It's just a hope and I do hope that this HOPE of mine will be fulfilled...

It's a somewhere where I've never been to, somewhere you've never been to. So, let me go and get the fondest memories ever for you people... Wakaka! [an inappropriate reaction here though...]

Come Come


Just realised that I've got a follower who officially admitted that he's following my blogspot.


Maybe it's Blogger's new feature.

I ain't knowing it until I browsed through my own Dashboard.

Oh man... wadda...How could I possibly say that I'm an avid blogger?


Here, here, come and be a follower (piggie tails), well, if you want ur cutey facey to appear in my sidebar!


Ridiculously Ridiculous

1 person, 2 tables!
1 person 8 seats!
- in da library lo -
Batam in Singapore???
How could I take Batam as in Singapore instead of Indonesia?
*Ridiculously Ridiculous*

*Post of the day*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1. That voice was "man-ly".

2. I like that voice.

3. This song, "Wherever You Go" is by "The Calling".

4. That voice can sing this song.

5. I love this song.

6. I love that voice.

7. In conclusion, I LOVE that voice singing this song.

1. It's raining now.
2. The rain is like cats and dogs now.
3. Cats and dogs are hiding in some corner.
4. Cats and dogs are preventing themselves from getting wet.
5. Emilia is here. (invinsibly)
6. Emilia possessed into Nana's body.
7. Emilia wanna sings.
8. Emilia's singing.
9. Nana's singing.
10. They're singing... "BIG BIG WORLD"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yesterday Once More...

Last night, queued for the Raya Treat in my college and had a few pictures taken with a few friends of mine and a few seniors. Yeah, yesterday was my day, a once-in-a-year's day. Hehe.

Here's a few random pictures taken.

Giraffe, you're not the last to with me though. Wahaha. It was your buddy, Mr.Kee, at the very last 3 minutes man! Heehee! Try again next year! Well, thanks for those who wished me though.

Today, I think that I've offended my housemates in some ways. I've bad-mouthed them to a co-curricular mate. Oh, I don't know why everything just slipped through my mouth and I've actually said what was not meant to be said/told. Oh man, she/they might had heard it! They've never spoke to me when I got back home. Gosh...

But thinking about it again, if they're not the way I've told my mate, then I wouldn't have the chance to somehow talked about it. IF they were initiative enough, I might not be having all these dissatisfaction. Everybody's wrong in a way.

Back home in JB, among my siblings, we always take turns to do husehold chores. Here, we have our own bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Everyone use it but not everyone takes responsibility to it. Each and every one of us here has a same purpose, the same goal. Back to our very own home ; our hometown, you can avoid these responsibilities because there's always someone willing to do it all for you. Be it your mum, your grandma, your maid, or whoever's there. But here, sorry, there's nothing known as "room nor house service" for you.

Well, you can see I'm not saying it directly. There's something hidden. Okay, who cares anyways. In 3 weeks time, I can just shut my eyes and go.

Despite all the dissatisfaction, guys, I'm sorry if those words hurt you. Really am. Sometimes, we, the human, just need to get things off our chests to make us feel better. At times, words said are meant to be forgotten. But in this case, I hope you'll get my meaning and play your parts. I just don't have the courage to say it face-to-face. All I can do, is to blog about it. But, not all of you will get to know what's in me...

Friday, October 17, 2008


Okay, fine, here's the Top 5 names which appeared on my HP screen right after 12 a.m. this early morning in the wee hours.

1. Joey
2. Men Wai (my buddy)
3. Carmen
4. Jia Pei
5. Aunt Annie

Those who've celebrated with me, a very big "THANK YOU" to you all. Slightly a little bit different for this time, haha, there was the guitarist man, Thanks! The guy who can really sing well, wow, the nice tune that you add on to the song, bravo, real nice! Thanks! Although the whole session of the song never reached the superior level of a choir, guys, it was really nice, honestly, being an amateur choir was just as fine.

No..there was no tears of touchness, no tears of sadness, coz, I managed to curb it all. Whoooshhh...

This is cute. Something that I would want but never lay my hands on buying it and yet it's in my hand now! Thanks! Thanking others too! Other gifts are greatly appreciated as well. It is the thoughts that count and not the price. Thanks again!

Puppy! Yes, that's what I like. Woots Woots!

Well, the other half of the day, I'll be kissing my lecture notes! Oh man.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boredom Post

See what I've caught yesterday evening! I mean the picture that I've snapped in the library's Ladies! Nothing special though. This little creature just appeared in front of me and so, a-ka-cha, there I go, snapped it! many to read yet so little time....


Am going insane, still wondering if I do want to go to the Mines or MidValley (of course alone, haha!) this coming Friday or not. Sigh... Probably not due to the hectic self-study schedule. Bubu!

Here you go, the compositions of a drug which I've been consuming these few days...


1. Syrup

2. Mel

3. Bulbus Fritillaria Cirrhosa

4. Radix Glycyrrhiza Glabra

5. Aqua Armeniacea

6. Folium Eriobotrya Japonica

7. Radix Polygala Tenuifolia

8. Flos Tussilago Farfara

9. Exocarpium Citrus Grandis

10. Radix Platycodon Grandiflorum

11. Radix Adenophora Tetraphylla

12. Poria Cocos

13. Rhizoma Pinelliae Preparatum

14. Semen Trichosanthes Kirilowii

15. Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens

16. Mentholum

17. Semen Prunus Armeniaca

18. Fructus Schisandra Chinensis



As if I know all of them... Bubu... okay, just a stupid post of mine for the day.

My attitute is getting from worst to sorriest-worst... Sorry if you (plural) do get offended in any ways... I really can't widen my lips to give a big smile and I ain't brave enough to initiate any "HI THERE" when I see you people. I'm back to the same old me though. An introvert. But once you get high with me in a conversation, I'll really get engrossed and talk but if you ain't triggering my wills to speak, gosh, I'm really a terrible MUTE. This applies to anyone who knows me.

Okay, I know this is bad. But this is ME.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BBI 2417 - PS - Thumbs Up..Down...

This will be my speech later on, at 4p.m.
For my Public Speaking, Persuasive Speech, wahaha!
"A cat will look down to a man,
A dog will look up to a man,
A pig will look you straight in the eyes and see his equal."
"Life is life. Whether, in a cat, a dog, or even, a man, there is just no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for a man's own advantage."
"Non violence leads to the highest ethics which is the goal of all evolution. Until you stop harming all other living beings, you are still, savages..."
Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm ______ representing the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (SPCA), Selangor, Malaysia, and I'm glad to have you here in my talk.
Before I start off with my talk, a very Good Afternoon to all of you here and I would like to take this opportunity to thanks you people for being able to spare your precious time in order to be with me here today.
For your information, SPCA Selangor is a 40-year-old-non-profit organization in the prevention of cruelty towards animals. This organization is active in the investigation and prosecution of mistreatment of animals and strives to educate the community about the humane interaction with animals. Our fund is from you, the public donation and we receive none whatsoever from the government.
At present, there are six SPCA organisations in Malaysia alone. The 80-year-old SPCA organisation in Kuching, Sarawak is the oldest, followed by the one in Penang, Selangor, Ipoh and Malacca. Recently, a new SPCA has just been registered in Johor.
SPCA has a vision, a vision that owners will take more responsibilities towards their companion animals and that, less and less animals will be surrendered and less strays will be brought to the SPCA Animal Home. In order for this vision to become a reality, we urge you, to do your part as a public by playing a vital role within your home and places of work. We need you to recognize your responsibilities to the animals around you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We pledge NO-KILL. NO-KILL is an international movement started by the animal welfare organisation that believe that the community and owners must be responsible to their companion animals ; there are just too many unwated animals being abandones by owners (in shelter, on roads, and in SPCA or animals rescue organisations) ; animals are put to sleep (euthanasia, as a mean to keep the overpopulation down, a very horrible alternative used) ; owners must understand that their pets need to be spayed or neutered to control the overpopulation ; owners must know that SPCA can't afford to continue receiving animals and to keep them all. For your information, SPCA has been receiving just too many surrenders and only 10% get adopted annually.
So, how can you actually go about ending all these animal sufferings?
Ladies and gentlemen,
It really does not take much of your time just to end all these. All you will need to do, is just a few simple steps. The best way is to stop eating them (40 billions of animals are being slaughtered annually just for food!) ; refuse to wear animal (40 millions are being killed for fur, annually) ; don't dump animals ( help SPCA to reduce homeless pets and strays, animals don't deserved to be dumped like rubbish ) ; please spay or neuter your pets (unchecked breeding can lead to too many unwanted animals being produced which will eventually cause very sad ending) ; educate about animal exploitation ; get involved in animal welfare movement (volunteer-write and speak for animals) ; adoption ; donation.
Ladies and gentleman,
For once again, allow me to urge you to be a responsible owner by having the criteria of responsible ownership. There are several ways for you to do so! You can provide an adequate amount of food, shelter, medicine, or living space for your pet ; use a leash when your pet dog is out of the compound ; provide a loving environment for your pet ; be considerate to your neighbours.
Please, please do not hesitate to help us to help those who cannot speak for themselves. Put compasions into action. Get active!
With this, I end my talk.
Thank you!

Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm not supposed to do all that. I'm just helping out. And yet, you are not giving me any cooperations. You have test, don't I have it too? Crapz...

I'm over my threshold now. Shun me if any of you see me. Or just pretend that I'm invinsible to you. I don't mind. Just DON'T step on my feet right now.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A sense of discomfort that you're giving me. I don't feel close to you like before any longer. The gap between us is drifting us apart even further away. I seeked help from you. I talked to you. I smiled to you. But, something is just not right. I don't know why.....
Maybe the weirdo me made you jump into some sorts of inaccurate perceptions of me in you. Maybe you've mistaken that I don't appreciate your help. But, you gotta know, I don't express myself. I'm living in my own world.
At times, I really felt like having a secret-room to myself where I can SHUT myself from the world outside.
All the friends I thought I could be close to, seemed like getting drifted away, far away from me. I have no idea of why. Their characters, their personalities, are just totally the opposite of mine. No one fits perfectly into my square.
I'm a loner. I know a few loners too. Loner can talks well with another loner. But there's still a gap. Ishhh.... Troublesome lar loners.
I said I'm happy here, yes, at times.
I'm lonely, yes, when I hide away from them.
I'm crazy, yes, indeed as how I'm feeling right now!
No mood to study man. Seriously. I don't enjoy all these craps. Craps. Craps which are driving me into a corner of boredom.
If I do have the chance, I wanna run away from here, I would run away to pursue the real desire of mine. Unfortunately, I'm stucked here, somewhere in the middle. I'm trapped. Be optimistic? Sorry, many optimists meet failures too. Failures made them learn better? Sorry, not all.
---------------> but i'll still be back for the next post... bubu!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dying Pain

I had an severe acute tummy disorder last night. I don't know what went wrong with me. I guess it was the early mango fault or the irregular lunch that I had. The pain was killing me that landed me on my bed at around 7 p.m. ! Throughout the night, I was just curling up on my bed, rushing to the toilet with colourless output! Ain't got any idea of what was the output neither. Oh gosh, it was part of the menstrual pain as well. The combination was just so horrid that made me in tears, AGAIN!

Gosh, I've been in tears this whole week man! Wadda! I really can't stand the pain! Really wished that I could just fall asleep and let the pain subside itself but for God's sake, I was well awake the whole night with the pain haunting me, with my room mate having her gaming online (computer games) until I really can't stand it no more and sent a sms to my housemate who was just right outside in the living room, silly, I asked her for opinion not allowing her to my room. Well, it was just awkward to let people see me in tears.

Grandma was very accurate in predicting my style. She knew it. She knows that I will not tell anyone about the uneasiness that I'm feeling nor the pain I'm having! I will just endure it all silently. Parents, know it too. Like how they've discovered me grasping for fresh air years ago that caused them to bring me for inhalation stuffie thingie.


I was really suffering, never been in such a painful situation. With all the pill, drinks, and finally, I've vomitted! GREAT. I feel much better with all the vomittings. Once I'm sick, vomit is all I'll be expecting and hoping for as it will make me feel much more better!

This morning, there was a presentation. Luckily I did not faint. Friends said my lips were white, was it? No idea. My face was pale? Probably. Wokay, going back to my room and for my dinner! Ain't gonna skip any meals now! I don't wanna feel the pain ever again! Boooo...........
Oh ya, thanking those who've "helped" during the period of time when I was im pain and revealed that I'M IN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I WANT K but... I'll never get to sing this songs which I've attached with this blog!RedBox just doesn't offer these songs, neither do Neway. GreenBox? No idea as it's a sub-color for RedBox. Keke. Insane.

Now, something light...

Hapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee For Alwayzzzz!


FLOOD!!! Out of boredom!!!

I cried suddenly, I cried silently, I cried again...

Woke up early yesterday and did some readings. After sometimes, I sent out a Birthday-sms to my Dad. He replied something and tears were flowing ceaselessly and uncontrollably out from my eyeballs. Gosh, I don’t miss home. I must not miss home! How am I supposed to hold on for 4 years if I were to miss home? I must be strong no matter what. When they asked, I said “NO” but deep inside, you’ll never know! Times and again, I don’t express myself in good ways. I don’t know what’s wrong with me either.

After a while, he sent me a sms again, telling me it was my Chinese Lunar Birthday yesterday! Asking me to cook myself any mee, Maggi Mee will do as well, oh man... Lagilah, the tears... While trying to get myself Maggi Mee, Dinosaur or a new nick she gave herself, “Godzilla”, came out from her room and we’ve decided for a Mid-Valley hunt-out.
Stupid middle-aged Malay Uncle, disgusting enough to get so close to me from behind with his thingie thing in the KTM. Bueks! I tried hard enough to curl my body you’ll never know how I did that until you get to see it, wahaha! Funny but it was the only way I tried to avoid him!
Once we reached there, we set a time to meet and then, shoooooo, off we went for our own shoppings! Yeah, individual-shopping. I love that! That’s when I get a time of my own to shop for things that I’ve wanted! Guess what, I’ve spent like hours in Watson looking out for something! And *ta-da*, I’ve bought myself a gift to pamper myself although my real ang-moh birth date is still far away!!! Wahaha! Oh ya, before all that shoppings of mine, I did went for a mee-treat! So pathetic hoh? Bo-bian lar. Wakaka!
I’ve explored the whole Mid-Valley and I almost get myself to The Gardens! However, time does not allows me to and so, I went to Carrefour and met up with Dinosaur. Heehee!
*** minimanihom ***
Ar, actually, I’ve just finished my TITAS presentation and went off blogging in the lecture hall while another group’s giving their presentations. Heehee! How rude of me! I hate myself man, my Malay language s*cks now! Oh my God, it’s so rotten that I’ve actually having the difficulty to swallow every single word. Wakaka! No lah, not that exaggerating man. I just did it so fast that I think anybody could hardly catch my word. I wonder how will the rest of my days be later on!
Am I happy? I know I’ll be depressed if the greetings were not approved but I ain’t happy nor overjoyed that they were actually approved! In facts, I’m kinda in a bad-dy mood. I guess my great-aunt will call me soon. She’s always like that, accurate enough! Call on me on the right time man! So right that I’ve totally concede defeat! Okay, fine, make me feel better with your capabilities. Wakaka!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wishing In Silence

I'm here again, I'm posting this of in the remembrance of a dead relationship and yet living individuals. Wahaha! [creating an unexpected impact here. Coz I promised not to blog on this anymore. So, no more.] Let's just wait until the clock struck 12am for the 4th of October and then, *tada*, I'll post this up, hope that I'll get that on time. Probably not as just accurate as I've wanted. No one cares either. Bubu.


Emo Myspace Comments

Nuthin butta Lie...

Emo Myspace Comments

Okay, frankly, honestly, I guess I've gotten over it but who knows? I'm not 100% sure about it but somehow sometimes I really think that it's so over and that the time was really up for me to fly. You know? I bet you don't give a damn now. Since I've said I've gotten over it, but then again there's still the urge for me to blog about it whenever I felt like blogging. There were several occasion whereby I've actually typed out everything but with just a click, I've eradicated, deleted very single thing! Mamma Mia! I shall sing it one fine day!

But friend, I guess I've hurted you with what you've read before this. I don't see right from wrong or the either way. I've never tried to judge anybody because I know I shouldn't given my own plight. Maybe the once promised friendship was just dismantled with an unknown truth. Gosh.

Okay, I've sent out my greetings for you. I don't really pin any hope for you to accept it in your FS. I knew it. Since you've never approved something which I've sent before. Mid-Autumn, hm, I was waiting for a well-wisher but then, it never appeared on my HP screen like how you used to make my screen brightened up with sudden delightments on the 1st of January, time 11.18am ; on the 6th of February, time 11.02pm... Silly me... Bubu...

Heehee Haahaa Huuhuu!

Vespa will never be a once again Vespa as Harley will never be the same Harley againz.

Haha! What a joke am I crapping on? Gotcha?

I just wanna wish somebody a.....very.....

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Happy Birthday, my friend!

Remember to burp 20 times before your day endz! I mean before your Birthday endz! And not your life! You still have ample of times to burp throughout your life but make sure you burp for 20times for today! Gosh, as if you will get to see this again... Bubu!


My Blog Thingie Things

These are what I've been predicted to be...

Let's just see how accurate they are!

Be my witness...


You Will Die at Age 79

You're pretty average when it comes to how you live...

And how you'll die as well.

So, now...

What does my socks say about me?

What Your Socks Say About You

You Are:

- Quite cuddly

- Downright adorable

- Truly kind

- Infinitely patient

Wahahaha, how true were they? or probably, are they???

Okay, it has been a while since I last used blogthings in my blog, well, I should say ever since I've used this new bloggie, I've never surf-ed for blogthings.

Okay, you see how boring I am right now...

I'll be going back to UPM tomorrow anyways.

These few days, I've done no readings. Getting worried, gonna rush the readings after I'm back to the U-ey-thing-place.

And... I'm gonna say here first...

When I do my readings, I tend to be very,yes, "very" cool in a way, my attitude will be outrageously terrible so, better don't disturb me if you see me doing my readings alone.

Walking past you, I may not see clearly of who you are! Don't get offended if I do not smile at you! Why? Well, it seems like I don't really like playing the fake-eyes-contact greetings. Wuwu. And that, I do not really realise who walked past me as I just walk as if I'm BLIND. Get it? My eyesight will be in a totally worn-out-view. Get what I mean?

Anywayz, I'm a weirdo...
with bizarre personality...



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mamma Mia!!!

I went for “Mamma Mia” today! Oh man, that’s it! That’s just it! That’s what I love! It’s totally my “thing”, my cup of tea! Absolutely and don’t ever doubt it! A total combination of line story-cum-musical show! Muacks! Can’t wait for High School Musical 3 which is releasing soon! Ar.... Apparently, most of the singers in HSM uses their nasal-power so, sometimes, it sounded, er... too-nasal! Wakaka! Hm, now, what will I be expecting, baby? Yeah... I’m gonna get myself the Soundtracks for the movie, Mamma Mia! Any Samaritans volunteer to download it? Wakaka, I’m not an avid nor a professional in downloading stuffs in net anyway...


Two days ago, went for “Connected” [should be “Halloween” in the first place!], I toppled on the popcorns and for today, I did the same! I ain’t getting high but it was just an accident! Wahaha! How I had wasted the popcorns man! Well, the popcorns really s*cks! Where is the honey? It just felt so bland! Edible yet tasteless... Buakssss....

Argh..... No K-ing for this week woh... Something which I really yearn for but seems unreachable for now! I have so many things to do yet so little time! Some ex-classmates asked me out for tea and I have to reject some more, wadui.... Sorry lar, my friends! We’ll go back UPM and find time to “yumcha” lar! Wakaka! Probably after Nov 5! Wahaha! Why? Coz that will be the last day of my final test! Heehee! Then, gonna go lepak puas puas!

Okay, countdown, 2 more days and I’ll be back to the 17th College of mine...

Oil Spattering

Went out with a bunch of ex-classmates. Nice one. We went for steamboat at "Da Wei Wang", Bukit Indah, Johor. Ehhhhh..... the moment Blackie saw me, "Wah, Jacklyn fa-fu le woh"...


Any other better words? Bubu...

Had my fun although I did not talked much. That's me what. I only open my mouth when someone asked me questions. Or else, a total mute! Giraffe showed me his works. His creative works. Oh my God, don't make me regret in choosing BioMedical Science instead of chasing after my own dream. Don't care already, since I'm here, I shall give my all to BioMedic. Wakaka! Gambateh Nana Lana!

Good Luck to you ya, Giraffe! Maybe someday, if I could, I might take up some arts courses as my elective choice in UPM, photography and many others. Are there any? Ain't got any ideas. Haha! Oh goshhh... That's Me! The real Me! I love playing with colours! The more extravagant, the better! The more I like it babes!

Here, look at this, an early gift. Damn early lo! Haha! From Joey, Thanks ya! By the way, I haven't open it woh, wait till that day baru open ya! Bring back to UPM. Haha!

Okay, till my next post... Heehee!