Friday, February 26, 2010


I had so much thoughts running on my mind.

I'm being inactive here again. Sometimes, I really felt like changing my link, privatise it, delete it but I just could hardly do it. Perhaps, someday, I'll really do it when I've lost my passion to blog.

I've wanted to talk to them. Am I still, their so-called "friend"? I've been wanting to hang out with them but always, to no avail, coz that was never something I could initiate on, for, we've never really understand each other for too well, I guess.

Things are just too "happening". Too dramatic for now. I just couldn't explain it. That feeling was not too great when I knew what's on their minds. I hoped and I wished I could talk to them. But always, the timidity in me is failing me to do so.

Perhaps, I'll just wait for a chance to bump into them again....for once again, and that could be the time when something is brought back to life.

BTW, I'm actually looking forward for next Friday. =)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I haven't been blogging the past few weeks and apparently, I've actually unauthorised all readers from accessing to my bloggie due to some reasons. Nana Lana had just been terminated for the time being until I've posted this up.

So guys, these were what I've been up to while my bloggie has been *c.l.o.s.e.d* =)

1. Shopping Spree before 1:59 Charity Night - Haiti Funds

( bought three tubey dressies all at one shop~ lolx~ and other clothes as well )

Being a lucky draw winner with the tag "LEE JUNHO".

Getting Dior's Signature~Have no idea of who he is either! lolx~ but he dances well~
Mamma Mia!!!

2. Had my hands on 2 D.I.Y. elephante with 2 bottles of different sizes for the Recycling Programme.

3. Went volunteering for the Putrajaya Night Marathon on the 6th of February~

People in motion...

I was in charge for the 42km Full Marathon and it's a sad thing to say that most of the runners were like arh.... Middle-aged men~ Where are the young ones??? LoLx~

4. DaintyLovez in Action.

Cupcakes dedication. It was fun BUT it's simply too tiring!!!

A big THANK YOU to all participating members.

Some comments were heart wrenching while some others were delighting. That's why I would like to emphasize on, "Different People, Different Taste". The globe is a sphere, you can never square it up. Humans are born with distinctly different features, different intensiveness of the taste buds "power", you can never be able to make all of them to taste what you've actually tasted...

I don't know why but I just tend to avoid hearing what I've been avoiding from. That's it. Fullstop.

We're not professional and so, we can't be judged by professional level. We're "producing" our products and NOT "RE-producing" things where all the ingredients are all well-prepared.

I hope consumers can understand. A debate on this? Oh, come on... The topic will never stop if I were to talk sense here. Me and my so-called "sense" . Owh Owh~

A sorry if I have to say. Apologizing if the taste is totally inedible and made you vomit. As long as it doesn't give you the runs, we're happy ady. And that means that our production is still "c.l.e.a.n".

For once and again, THANK YOU for supporting DAINTYLOVEZ... =)