Friday, December 3, 2010

My Christmas Present - A Fractured Radius

Apparently, I suppose this will be my early Christmas present. Went for ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid with a bunch of fun friends (coursemates) and ended up with a fractured left radius. Lucky me that I'm right-handed. =)

(Hands still fine then)

Yes, I'm typing with just my right hand now! =X

I would not say that it freaked me out because I did had my fun. It was just an accident while dodging myself from banging onto people.

Well, I might be putting up a tough front after the incident, but deep inside, I'm kinda worried on whether both my ulna and radius will be dislocated or not! =P

With Pin accompanying me to SunMed Clinic and meeting the everly motherly Dr.Anita, I came out from the clinic with a bandage nicely done. LOL

Those who followed me on my twitter will know that I'd continued the rest of my night karaoke-ing @RedBox SP lol. I must be outta my mind at that time. LMAO

Some random Christmas Deco around =)

# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

In my tracksuits on the day to get my x-ray report. LOL

# 5

Both my parent came fetching me up the very next morning all the way from JB and this is the day where I get to taste Ninja Joe, the Pork Burger, in Sunway Pyramid. [went to get my x-ray report @ SunMed Clinic].

Bought all the 6 flavours for 23.90 MYR excluding taxes. Apparently, I've tried the Oriental and Sweet&Sour Pork Burger. I do prefer the Pork Burger with Orietal sauce better. =)

And seriously, the outdoor Christmas Decorations around Sunway Pyramid & the resorts are fantastic especially the lighting at night! Too bad I'm in a bad condition to be either camwhoring or snapping around. =( And these shots below are of the very few taken.

Went to get my casting done this morning and am now stuck with the ever-heavy Plaster of Paris! =P Gonna opt for the fiber casting if I were to continue with the casting in 4 weeks time. Sighhh...

Till then!


Kian Fai said...

lol let me magical blow on your had XD GET WELL SOON! =)

domokun said...

lol get well soon btw i luveeee christmas deco><lol

Sarah Lee said...

Get well soon :)