Saturday, May 1, 2010

CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors 2010

Event : CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor 2010

Venue : ZOUK KL

Date : 30th of April 2010

Time : 7.30 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Pity those who came late and couldn't join in the fun despite having the passes. If I were to be there again for the very next year, I'll have to make sure that I'll set off early! XD

This is my very first time attending a massive party and it was definitely not a letdown! I've enjoyed every single second of it! *Woots* My first time to ZOUK as well, lolx.

For the bachelors, I've actually given up on my V.I.P. Invites for the Adidas Street Party. Owh. I hope to be there for Adidas Bash next year! Please don't ever let both the events to be clashed on the same day againzzz!

Given my night to CLEO....

The bachelors were damn cute / MAN-ly man... Owh... BTW, perhaps I wouldn't want a man like them? WHY? There's just some reasons behind it. LoLx. WHAT? Adalahhh... Huhu...

I've played game onstage and I have to say sorry to the bachelor whom I've played with. I should have just stood still. Sorry ar... If only he could see this. errr... Let me noe if ya's here! LoLx~

Gotten a Complementary 3-month Supplies of CLEO Mag for playing onstage~ TQ!

I know this is simply absurd but I should have read about them in the April issue which I do not have them in hand! LoLx. I just went for LIVE Bachelors Showdown~ Huu Haa!

I love love love their dances!!!

How I wished to be dashing onstage to dance with them for their ever-cutie-NOBODY which was then being continued with a sexy dance.. Owhh... The brought the house down man! The crowds just went berserk! A lady almost flung my cellphone as I was recording the dances! LoLx... Relaxlahhh... hahaha!

CLICK HERE or HERE to view !

Yoyoyo, here comes the Man of the Night!!!

Amir Millson
, the Bachelor of the Year!!! Spot him???

Hint : Standing... The most "apparent" face you can see from this pic! LoLx!

BTW, Amir's one of the CoverBoy for April's Issue! Huhu!

Camwhoring after the Bachelor of the Year was announced~ XD

My Goodie Bag. Sobz. Mine's without Playboy Perfume... There were various vouchers tho~ LoLx. Shiseido's Nail Polish... Veet... Toothpaste... etc etc...

All in all, I had GREAT FUN! Thanks to CLEO and the ever entertaining Bachelors of 2010! I'll see what 2011 Bachelors will bring us! XD


ohmywtf said...

aiya..can not see which one is the winner la..LOL

Nana Lana said...

can lar. at first i couldn't c it butta slowly, u can actually "make out" who's da KING! haha!

standing...clean looking guy~ lolx~