Friday, January 14, 2011


Few years back, I was so tempted by my seniors' experience/adventures for the Nation's Turtle Conservation Program. From then on, I've been harping on a chance for me volunteering in the program.

Just days ago, Dr.Juanita, together with her research members/students came over to my faculty for a talk. She shared her experiences. And I did, for once and again, tempted with a mission-in-heart. I'm wanting to play a part in it. To help. To learn. To experience what they've went through. You know, research and reserve programs are of tedious works. It's of ceaseless commitment, a lifelong commitment. It's like human feeding themselves every single day. If human do not feed themselves, they'll DIE of hunger. Sooner or later, they'll extinct. The same thing applies to the sea turtles. If we do continue to dismantle the little chance for them to breathe, they'll be gone, forever.

SEATRU, the Sea Turtle Research Unit, based in UMT began their operation back in 1984. Their main reserve area is Chagar Hutang, Pulau Redang, Terengganu. It is a non-government organization (NGO) and receive no financial aids from the government in their conservation programs but only for their research. Get what I mean? I hope you do.

But the question is... How can one be conducting a research when there's an extinction on that particular *subject* being studied? I SAY, Financial Aids should be given to support the conservation first.

For Malaysia, we have like FOUR (4) out of the total of SEVEN (7) types of sea turtles in the oceans, namely, the

  • Green Turtle [most abundant in Malaysia.]
  • Hawksbill
  • Leatherback
  • Olive Ridley

Why does SEATRU supports the conservation program??? Why is it so important??? Why turtles???

  • Important indicator of coastal health and marine environment [local/global - as in pollution]
  • Conduct long migration [Turtles are long-distance migrators. They can swim up to thousands of kilometres in days.]
  • Decades to mature [Approximately up to 25 years]
  • Nest-site fidelity [Turtles are faithful to their obligations and are responsible. The females, for example, will camouflage itself and mis-direct predators on the eggs' nest.]
  • Natal homing [Turtles will only return to their natal birthplace to reproduce. I SAY this is very touching. They will swim thousands and thousands of kilometres away in order to get back to their origins in order to lay their eggs. Human, on the other hand, can't wait to migrate to their country of interest.]

I SAY : Nature Lovers, Turtles Lover, if you're really dedicated in devoting yourselves for the volunteer programme, DO secure yourselves with the limited slot with the PRIORITY BOOKING which will be opened from 16th to the 21st of January 2011.

Selected volunteer will be informed by the 22nd of January 2011. [click for more]

For normal booking, it will be opened for public on the 2nd of February 2011. YES, and I will be registering for this! Wish me luck!

Alright, for the slots, please CLICK HERE !

Oh well, you don't really have to be part of the volunteer programme in order to support their acts. You can actually do a lot, say... by purchasing items whereby the profits will all be donated to SEATRU funds.

Besides that, you can also do your part as a considerate nation. Avoid eating turtles eggs! Predators are constantly hunting for the eggs and hatched youngs and how could you, human, born with the ability to control *compel* yourselves still savour on the fragile little creatures which is at the peak of extinction? Do you know that out of a hundred of youngs, only ONE can survive? Do you know that it takes up to 25 years for one young turtle to mature in order to reproduce? Do your "rough" calculations.

Extinction is a demolishing process. Once it's gone, it'll be gone forever. Now, what can you do?

  • NO HELIUM BALLOONS. Yes, it's romantic to be releasing balloons into the air for weddings. But, balloons running out of the helium gas will eventually fell into the oceans. Turtles which feed on them will die of being choked. Humans are happy. Turtles are the ones suffering.
  • NO LITTERING. Do you not know that your litters, particularly, plastic bag which coincidently looked like a jelly fish once being washed offshore or floating on the oceans will trigger the sea turtles to feed on it and choked on it?
  • TURTLES FOR RITUAL PURPOSES??? Ah, debatable??? We can do nothing unless petitions are being entertained.

All in all, there are just a lot more on common senses that one should know about conserving and saving the mother nature's creations.

I think that's all for me for now! Just a random sharing. It's not as if you guys gonna read every single words being written up here. LOL. Anyways, I've done my part on sharing. Now, what can you do? =)

For more information, please do visit SEATRU website by clicking HERE.

P/S : This post is solely for personal sharing purposes only. Any discrepancy in information is much greatly regretted. =)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sharing : Breathe [Taylor Swift ft. Colbie Caillat]

This is the day of my day for today. A sudden craze and crave for it the whole day! Taylor does really has her own style of singing/telling her stories.

At times, I felt the song. It's nice tho. =)

Have a good weekend people!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It's the fourth day of a very new year but it's simply just another day to me, as usual. People do have their New Year resolutions made but to me, resolutions can be made every single day, anytime. It doesn't really have to be made year by year.

For me, I'll just wish for whatever came thru my mind, anytime of the day, night, week, month, year or whatsoever that could you can name "the period of time". At this point of time, I'm longing to find back, to meet, to catch up with my long-lost childhood mates. The ones that peeked thru my the slits in between the forced-closed windows of my aunt's room's, peeping at how me and my sisters danced gracefully outrageously horrible to the 90's Boybands pops ; Eavesdropped on how me and my sisters shrieking to the ever catching hits of the 90's.


You know, I don't know how we managed to communicate. They are of mixed-parentage. Mum's a Malay. Dad's a Caucasian. They are, of pretty faces for sure. Our ways of communication was basically based on our awkward actions and Rojak Language [a mix of Malay, English, and Mandarin]. We were in primary school then. Christopher and Bobby, the twin brothers were|are three years older than I am [if I were not wrong], Gina, the pretty lass was|is of the same age as me. All three were siblings. Fendi, their Malay cousin, my neighbour at that time.


I was always anticipating for the trio to visit Fendi, in the hope that I could brag around with them in our ever *extraordinary* ways. Once, I hopped onto Chris's back and his mouth hit on his knee. His teeth were bleeding then. I was in real guilt but I think he loved it, =P since we're the so-called rumoured-pair. LOL Ahh, sweet. I'm missing the fun with them. =D


The problem is that we've lost TOTAL contact and I could never see them again. Fendi had moved a decade ago and I do rarely go back to my grandma's old house since we've all moved elsewhere. This is hard. Fate, I'll say the probability is like infinitely LOW. T_____T No, I don't know their full names. All I have in mine are nothing but the memories and their calling names. Pathetic.


I do hope that somehow they'll stumble upon this post some time. I know this is very silly and impossible but, it's a wish. A wish to a longing heart to see the friends for once again.

Magic Words to a longing heart : Cempaka 18

If you're C, B, G, or F you'll know what that means =)