Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pavilion KL Christmas Decorations 2010

Been browsing thru my lappie folders and came across this Festive Season Album of the year and thought of sharing it after a delayed-period. =P

A couple of weeks ago, been downtown with a few mates for a shopping spree and also, to experience Pavilion, KL Christmas decorations.

Before Pavilion, we stopped by Fahrenheit 88 for Uniqlo ! Sad case, all my THREE (3) vouchers were VOIDED!!! I was told that there were some *STRANGER* who'd used those voucher codes of mine! Ridiculous no? Since IC(s) was(were) needed for verifications, I DON'T SEE WHY THOSE VOUCHERS CAN BE USED BY OTHERS!

Nah, the Christmas Tree made up of compact discs! Fascinating! Save all the works on decorating with Blingie Blingie stuffs! =)

# 1

Next Stop : Pavilion KL

And these (shots) are what I've gotten! =)


Outdoor - Entrance Decors =)

# 3

What is Christmas without a Christmas Thee? Or perhaps some white branches (as in covered by white snows) ?

# 4

Apparently, I like this shot below. =)

# 5

Alright, let Nana Lana wishes you A Very Merry Christmas here!!! =)

# 6

Come, let's get indoor!

# 7

# 8

Here, Christmas Tree again! =P

# 9

# 10

Apparently, the decors were sort of focusing on Gold & Red. =)

# 11

# 12

The girls

# 13

Some random decors shots...

# 14

# 15

The mates who went for the shopping spree. =)

# 16

From top clockwise : Shirley, Jfook, Me, Hee San & Apple

With my beloved [nah, ain't behaving faggy here!!! =P I'm still in love]

# 17

One last Christmas Tree shot to share on before ending my post! =)

I like this shot below tho. XD

# 18

That's all to share for this post!

As usual, I'm anticipating for my Christmas visit to the Lion City, which is none other than Singapore this coming December! Woots!

Last year, it was all about Reindeers. I wonder what would it be for this very year! =P

Till then!!! =)))

P/S : YES ! I did edit on the lightings. But I'm more towards angle *searching*. A passion for a life-long memories. =)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby Lizard

Brief Update.

Saw this creature while having my steamboat with my coursemates. Yea...

It's a DEAD baby lizard...

Shall be up with a couple of updates soon =)

Till then!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Richard's 19th Birthday Dinner

And so, this will be first ever Blogger's Birthday Dinner I've ever attended. Credits to Mr.Richard Teo a.k.a. my Pseudo-Son ever since that very day [his birthday] !

I shall let the pictures do the talking for me!

Me & The Birthday Boy !
[young mama, mou gaogao!]

Alexis @ The Gardens Mall

With the *early birds* [attendees]

From Upper Left Clockwise : Richard, Jayren, JFook, Me, Liki, JiaYeen,Shannon

My Vanilla Milkshake

<3>*cukup tepu*

Please do pardon me for not *remembering* all the dishes' names! Just enjoy the pictures yeah! =P

# 1







Now, fancy for more *human* shotz of the day? Here you go!

Richy with his cake =)

Me, Richy & Shaun

Me & The Gals, Liki, Shannon, JiaYeen

Me, Xiao Tong & Hooi Nee

Me, Edwin, Adrian, Calvin & Tony

Teddy Papa & Teddy Mama I suppose? LOL!

From left : Jfook, Richard & Me

I did had my fun for the day! And thanks to Richard for the invite =) Afterall, blogger friends are really a cool bunch of people! LOL!

Never to forget my friends as well lah! =P

BTW, this will be the very first post of mine with the most PS-extensively-done without *facial surgery* but *lighting* =)

Till then!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lenovo IdeaPad U460 Giveaway

This is it... The Lenovo Lappie Giveaway! For that, I'll giving my support for Jayren even though I do hope to win one as well but I doubt that I do have the *popularity* and *luck* to win just that. LOL. Can I just wait for a DELL Giveaway instead? Coz I like the name *DELL*! LMAO! Sweat gaogao!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The 17th Babies

This is like so random! So what is this Chlorine atom for? LOL. Those who's taking OR who did took Chemistry should know yeah? Chlorine atom is one of the halogens which is a non-metal element from the Periodic Table of the IUPAC. And, it's in the Group 17 !

17-17-17... I have yet to be watching 17 Again [starring Zac Efron] tho. =(

And, you must be WTH-ing of this entry of mine. Oh well, I should be studying instead! But I'm having the *sudden* itchiness to share the 17th babies that I know of... =P

January - Ilahi, my ex-secondary schoolmate who's doing his Medic course in Egypt.

February - Ee Seng, my long-lost-contact ex-secondary schoolmate.

March - Kelly, my ex-high-school mate

April - [NIL]

May - [NIL]

June - [NIL]

July - [NIL]

August - [NIL]

September - Kevin, my newly-appointed counsellor =P

October - Me Myself & I, can? =P And a blogger friend, Shii Teck

November -Wei Shen da Giraffe, my intelligent ex-secondary schoolmate.

December - Shirley, my coursemate a.k.a. my current roomie! =)

And now, who's gonna fill up my list of 17th babies calendar? =P

Okay, back to basic. Study Study Study...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WonderGALS Nobody Dance

Oooppsss! No wrong! Your eyes are NOT playing a fool on you! Yeah, It's not Wondergirls that I'm talking about but WONGERGALS !!! Mind you !!!

Centre in Purple : Senior a.k.a. Mentor =P

This post is ultimately *inspired* and *triggered* by JiaYeen who had just posted her dancing life HERE =)

One is missing!

Here, please DO pardon me for being such a narcist to share on this! One of my favourites of my 4 semesters' dances here in U-Pe-Eme!

Wondergirls - Nobody Dance
(BioMed CourseNight 2009/10)

or perhaps,

YES, and I'm actually opting for more dancings to sweat it all out!!! And, guess what, I might be doing one or two dances before I leave U-Pe-Eme for my semester break!!! <3

BTW, after my finals, I shall be sharing more of my ex-dances attempts! =)

Stay tuned!

P/S : This is just an amateur dance. We can't afford to be shot in a professional way. LOL