Friday, June 12, 2009


So much to talk about but ain't having the urge to blog 'em up~ Been purchasing lotsa tiny items to be used for my own art work. Well... What to say now...

*** The weather is getting from bad to worse!

*** Camwhore-d at the Iskandar’s Contemporary Art Exhibition

*** I met “someone” beyond the Navy Blue illumination!

*** Dad met “someone” who disappeared in just a blink of the eyes!

*** Results – released : 2 A- out of 8 Courses. Argh…

*** Will be organizing an event again. Will post up soon after the successful outcome!

*** Will be sitting at home waiting for nod-ed invitations.

*** Will be attending a Mini Birthday Party soon. YIPPIE!!!

*** Will be going back to K17 soon! YIPPIE!!!

Once I get back to my lovely K17.....

Must Do List :

# House-Keeping

# Badminton Game

# Tennis Game

# Ping Pong Game

# Hunt for Black-One-Piece

# Starbucks ( I owed somebody, wahaha! )

# Pillow-Talk with the Gals!!! Hehe!!!

# Hang around KL City before the battle begins, WAKAKA! Exaggerating!

# Get Korean’s F4 – Boys Over Flowers’s Drama Series (even though I’ve finished watching from my pirated DVD, HAHA!)

If my Director re-confirmed my position, I'll be "hosting" the coming up BioMed's Idol with another partner of mine, wahaha! What a "huge" word to be using "hosting", kuakuakua! Next Sem will be yet, another interesting Sem for me. Busy as it night seem like but there's nothing beyond a man's limit if you do manage them the right way! Wuu Haa! Till then!