Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Campus Marathon

Date : 25th of July 2010

Event : Campus Marathon

Venue : UPM, Serdang

And so, for once and again, I've signed up for UPM Campus Marathon! My previous run was like 4 sems ago... LOL...

Now you see, how "striking" is my college's Tee huh! Neon Green! OMG! BTW, it doesn't really s*cks that much huh? I do looked quite cool in it! Don't cha think so? LOL!

Some random photos! (posed a lot!!! LOL!!! But i aint's having those pics just YET!!!)

The guys set off first! (Poor Pix here..)

Take One : Act Cool

Take Two : Smile

Fancy some massagings after da run? =P

Number 413 out of thousands of runners, not bad lar! buahaha!

All in all, just another random run of the year! 'Coz I love sweating! LOL! It's healthy what! Was thinking to join another Cycling event but ain't having any bicycle and it's been like YEARS since I last cycled! LOL! (Powered by POWERBAR)

Anyways, till then!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


First of all, MUCHO GRACIAS to SONY MUSIC MALAYSIA for crowning me as one of the winners, or perhaps, the one with the best entries? (American Idol Contest) LOL

I was so excited when Carmen informed me that I've gotten some packages from SMM by City Link. XD

The moment I reached my room, there I went, opening the packages and see what's in it~ LOL~ How not eager can one be when they have some gifts waiting for them? kekeke

That was very generous of SMM for the 6 CDs there...

- Kris Allen -
- Adam Lambert (the one and only with MV) -
- Allison Iraheta -
- Danny Gokey -
- Beautiful Dance Hits -
- Quantum of Solace Soundtracks -

On top of that, there's one A.I. recyclable tote bag and also, an A.I. Tee! Teee Heee!!!

Fancy some entries of mine?


Fancy some PINKISH me? LOL

Look at those "ears", self-made... (Newspapers + unused Plastic)


OKAY. I know I looked like a SIAO-ZHA-BO (GAGA-ish) here...


In facts, that's what it's all about!

Another SILLY and NERDY one here... Oooppsss!!!

SHYT. Can't believe that I've actually did all those poses! (self-snapped man! Don't playplay! LMAO) As if I'm still a teenager for it! Oh man, wake up Nana Lana! You're not YOUNG anymore! *Slaps Forehead*

CLICK HERE to view my previous post on the contest!!!!

For once and again,


Thursday, July 22, 2010



This will be a TOTALLY DELAYED post-up! LOL

As if you're really indulging in NanaLanaPeeps. LOL

DATE : 17.07.2010



Simply, I mean... Simply an event to kick start the first week of my new semester this time round...

Let the photos speak for me... XD

Oooppsss, Starbucks' Chocolate Chip Frappucino @KLCentral =P

I should have added caramel to it! OWH!!!

And now...

The stage...

WOKAY... Nana Lana strutting her pose to kick start her day with Bon Odori!

The girl right at the center looked GREAT! Don't you think so? The one in Sky-Blue Yukata!

Sakura Ladiessss... XD

Say "CH" before Food-Bazaar-ing! LOL

The girls in YUKATA! I'm so gonna wear 'em if I were to go the very next year! Anyone??? LOL

Spotted Malcolm Koh, one of the contestants for CLEO Bachelor Bash! LOL! The one in Indigo Yukata...

Look at da PIX below!!!

What do you see???

That guy looked not bad yea? LOL!!! Yea, the one holding his SLR =D


Da 3 Flavoursss. You can get them at RM 5.90 EACH at The Gardenssss!

We bought it for RM 6 EACH. LOL

BIG BIG BITES like Princess MIA!!!

NOM NOM NOM, my Tiramisuuuuuu Ice Cream!!!

How can I not pose with it? LOL. Narcist!!!!

DONE with Food Bazaar... What's next?

Candid Shotz? LOL

BORED from having to stick my butt on the court... and so... there I went, searching for TARGETS to be appeared in my photo album XD Yea, JFOOK led lar. LOL

GOSH... Look at my EYES BAGS!!! They're like so DEEEEEEEEP!!!

BTW, KAWAII nehhh!!! I mean da baby girl la... =P

These 3 lads *were really good-looking... Wonder how they'll look like in 10 years' time? gaga...

Mucho lindo!!!

Some random shots....

It was of real fun having to dance in crowds! XD

Opting for more man....

I shall head for it for once again the coming year! IF I were to get some kaki(s) along! XD

lalala~ all sweaty!

lalala~ Demure "onba" dancing to the BON dance gracefully...

May I present you some stubborn costumes? No cosplay-like, gothic nor lolita dresses and yet people seems not to comprehend them....

*Deng Deng*

These kids were in line for me to snap. How *nice* of them! LOL! How *BAD* of me! BUAHAHAHA!!!

Checkered-High-Cut-Shoes? And the colour, please? Kira Gothic right? LOL

Shall this (the one on the right gal) be the make-over version of yukata? I hope not... What's this called BTW??? o_O

What's Bon Odori's all about? Did they ever searched what's B.O.'s all about? Imagine wearing lolita dresses to a cemetery court to offer your prayers... o_O"

KIDS these dayssss.....

***sounds aged huhhh.....

I talked too much yea? Later me myself kena shoot... Oooppsss!

Mucho Lo Siento!!!!


Hasta la proxima!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Elvis... [Dear John]

Just a random post-up...

Few days back, I had a dream. A dream in which I've queued up for getting my *zui-kuey* but it was all sold-out by the time I've reached my turn to get it.

In waking up from the dream the very next morning, No, I should say... I was waken up by my mum to have my *zui-kuey* for breakfast while I was still having my time with beddie! LOL.

WELL, Do dream always come true?

Sorry for being naive here. LOL.

Just last night, I had another dream. A peculiar one, I should say.

It's been YEARS since I've last met HIM. And it wasn't that I had a lot of talkings and braggings with HIM neither. I barely know HIM. I would call him as ELVIS if I were to give him a nick.

He just gave me that breeze of feel the moment I first saw him. He's da friend of my friends. A Secondary Friend and yet I must say perhaps, he's a friend too? LOL. Coz we were not being introduced by my friends. LMAO. Somehow, we did not get in touch with each other lar.

And so, why the hell is HE appearing in my dream?

Curiosity kills the cat. I've digged the curiosity out from me and started to get the *detective* out from me to find out things that I could from his Bloggie. LOL. Nah, he's not in my BlogList. LOL.

Well, he's doing fine with a lass I suppose. LOL. He's a big catch I should say. He's way a sporting, humorous, and fun-to-be-with kind of guy. BUT, NO, I've never seen that side of him personally, seriously. LOL. I was way too conservative and believe me not, I don't speak much to guys in-person. LOL. That was me way back to those shyshy times...

If I've managed to get the *zui kuey* which I've failed in my dreams, so what about ELVIS's dream? What do I get from it? Owh.

I'm leaving. I'm leaving for Selangor soon. LOL. BYEBYE JB.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lion City Trip [Post Two] USS

Date : 1st of July 2010

Venue : Universal Studio Singapore

Weee! Kick start of the month with USS!!! A simply fantabulous and adventurous experience!

And now, let the pictures tell the story of our adventures...

Let me warn you first, BEWARE of the Camwhore-Flood! LOL

1st Stop : Hollywood

The first MASCOT we've met!



2nd Stop : Madagascar

Wonder what's in there? It was closed for, under construction. =(

The Move It Move It Ride...

had her sweaty pose with da Move It Move It Adventure!

At the Madagascar souvenir store. I want one, can? S$23.50.


3rd Stop : Far Far Away

Posing with my castle eh? Look at me... All sweaty... GOSH... Ewww...

Queueing up for the Enchanted Airway Ride...

The Enchanted Ride that made me salivating and laughing throughout the journey while Mr.Bean went screaming his lungs out. LOL.

and *her* castle!!! Weeeee!!!

(imma building castle in the airrrr...)

Snapped this while on the way to our Shrek-4D-Magix. Hehe! Nice one tho. Not my first 4D btw. =)

4th Stop : The Lost World

I thought that it's going be a normal sky-ride...

Oh man, guess what, my legs went wobbly during da 53 seconds ride on da air! Thought of video-recording throughout the journey but failed! Coz was too nervous for it! haha!

A newborn Dinonana! hahaha!

The skeletons of T-REX @ Discovery Food Court!!!

Watched some live-shows. Not bad wei ! You just gotta drop by for da *play!

One more shot with da T-Rex! I Love Dinosaurssss! Muahaha!

Was lucky enuff man. Spot where I'm standing? It was where the water will be puching out man... A second right after I've shifted to view my shot, the water came flowering out! LOL

5th Stop : Ancient Egypt

I tell you, I had the indoor rides for TWICE. Where one of 'em was of the front row! DAMN exciting! Scared the hell out of me! LOL. For the very first time, I've screamed my way on a roller coaster ride. Owhhh...

Nana just wanna strut some pose... Huhu...

The Treasure Hunter Ride...

6th Stop : Sci-Fi City

Since the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) has yet to be opened for rides, let me have a *taste* on the seat! LOL. Well, apparently, I don't feel safe. Something should fix on my shoulder if I were to ride on it! Haha!

And so, we've only had this HUMAN ride at Sci-Fi City ...

7th Stop : New York City

Spot the 4 crazy gals??? LOL

I've made my way up on da Lion Statue! LOL

Marilyn Monroe

Charlie Chaplin

Betty Boop

Some random shots somewhere in USS... =)))

Tell me who just don't love Chocolates huh? Hehe!

Final Stop : Hotel ! Hahaha !!!

What a satisfying and terrific adventure that I've ever had!

Can't wait to opt for more!!!

Planning for your visit?

For ticket price


I've been wishing and anticipating for mount-climbing, jungle trekking, sky-dive more than anything else, scuba-diving, parachuting, etc! LOL!



Can't wait for my next visit once the Battlestar Galactica is fully completed and open for rides!

Till then! Chaoz!