Monday, July 28, 2008

Stupid Mistake

I knew I've made a BIG mistakes! How could I give up on Oral Interaction Skill and go for the Public Speaking? Apparently, Public Speaking is even harder to score than the Oral Interaction Skill! I must be out of my mind when I've made this decision. However, it can't be changed now. No point thinking about it either.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna go for the trial class. If I personally think that I'm not really up to it, then I might take the Elective course for the next two semesters. Yeah, my schedule will definitely be packed!

The reason I dropped the easiest-to-score course?

A stupiak reason. Only an idiot like me will think this way.


The schedules of the class are all jumbled up. Not really though. I'm exaggerating. I just hate that there's a one-day one-hour class whereby I have to go out of my faculty to attend the class. Guess what, minus off the time for me to get there, to wait for bus, etc and etc, quarter of my day is GONE. And so, for me, I thought that I might as well drop it.

Just hoping for the best. Don't ever regret, JAC!

For my coursemates, you all sure think that I'm stupid. Whatever lar. If you read my blog, then you will think that I'm really stupiak! Haha!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad Eyes

Why GIVE me that look?

I HATED that look so much!

Smiled to her and yet get an irritating stare from her.

If the Facilitator of my Theatre Club did not mention that I was one of his favourites, she wouldn't give me that look. She'd always tried to stand out. I know that. I've been always giving attention to her. Well, it's not that I was interested in her. It's just that I wanted to see how she acts. Haha!

Okay, as for today's class, I've been given a new nickname, "AYOO" as in "AYUH" in Malay language. Why? Long story... [which've made everybody chuckling away] However, it was a nice experience to get to mix with a new group of crews.

Just hope that I can have more fun and be more proactive in this club for the next 12 weeks, until the end of this semester. For the next semester, I hope to join something, something new again. Heehee!

I'm getting sleepy now... Ain't gonna sleep! Aishooo, my room mate went home already, I'll be all alone in my room tonight even though there're 5 more house mates of mine at home. Who's gonna call me and chit chat? Haha, as if I'm good at chatting on phone. Frankly, I don't really like chatting away on the phone. [or HP] Heehee!

[p/s : MR.LWS, MR.YWS is the same age as you and the same chinese name as yours ar...except for his surname, haha! He's very tall too, erm, maybe taller than you gua... Not sure lar...]

MR. Yap Wee Seng is a funny guy but solemn at the same time, for certain time lar. There was once when we were in the English Oral Interactive Skills' lecture, and he sent me a sms asking me whether I've forgotten to attend the lecture. Well, I was actually sitting at the second role and he, probably the last second role. Apparently, I was hiding myself when I replied him. For fun only lar. CHILDISH. In the end, I told him that I was already in the class. MR.YWS, next week, you probably won't see me in the class anymore. I've asked for an exemption and I'm gonna attend another elective course. So, don't miss me! Haha! [Xiao Di Di]

There is one weird thing about me. I tend to be more daring when chatting to a junior [younger than me-age]. Don't know why. Probably because I wanted a younger brother. Haha! [All my siblings are girls what...]

Gonna chaozzz now... Till the next post...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Idea

Shall I...
Drop Oral Interaction Skill
Take Up Public Speaking ???
Shall I...
Just Continue v My
Oral Interaction Skill ???

It will costs me 50 bucks to drop a program
And another 50 bucks to take up another program
So, in total it will be 100 bucks!

Guess what, I can get around 8 cups of nice beverages in STARBUCKS for that!

So, what to do?
Mama, mama mia!

Oral Interaction Skills seem easy to score BUT I don't like the current schedule!
I'm so troublesome...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

An Adventurous Day?

8.30a.m. , there was a final orientation program for us. We had a mini Sports Day. Seven events were held. However, I kinda forgotten all the names of the games. Haha. "Hamster Roll" was the only name I remember. Terrible right? Who cares. Blahhh.

Having participated in all the activities under the scorching hot sun was really torturing. I almost fainted but persevere till the very end. I was not really feeling well. That explained it. One more thing, the sandwiches prepared by those seniors was not bad though. Haha! I LOVE SANDWICHES! DOMO ARIGATO for you all punya efforts! Heehee! Here's my team mates.

The activities ended at around 12 noon. Upon reaching my so-called "apartment" styled hostel, I took my bath, washed my clothes, fold the dry laundry. It was a really tiring day. The moment I stepped out of my room, I heard a loud bang right behind me. I was like, "SHIT"! The door knob memang got problem already and I did not have my room's key with me all the time! I couldn't get into my room this time round! My room mate went home and I have no idea when she's gonna be back!

After almost 2 hours of searching for a solution, I've finally pluck up the courage and went to the next house to 'borrow' their last room's window to CLIMB into my room! Here you go, a picture of the 'route' I've taken to get back to my room! For your information, my room's on the first floor whilst there's a ground floor beneath it. Haha! So, IF I did lost my grip and fell, I'll only get injured. Guess so.


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cats vs Buddy vs Car?

Days ago, I went to the so-called "Old Flat" with some friends for lunch. On our way through the shophouses, we saw one creature, a weird creature. It looked like a cat but also like a dog at the same time. However, to my prediction, it was a cat. And I was absolutey correct. Haha!

Even though I hate cats and am scared of them but I did pitied the cat that I saw. Here's a picture of it. It couldn't lift its' head and so, me and my friends could hardly see its face.

*mini mani hom*

I've finally get to know who's my buddy. She's a great lady? Or perhaps, a nice gal? Hehe! As I was involve in the cultural nite show, I did not really get to know most of my seniors. Well, I just hope that time will allow me to make more friends. Haha! Be more sociable, yeah? Here's a picture of me and my buddy. Not really that clear but I like it. Haha! Crazy me.

*mini mani hom*

As for today, I went to the Ekspo at the main campus with Wani. Akok??? Anyone??? What's that??? Haha! That's a Kelantanese dessert. Made out of eggs and santan. I'm having a bad cough this week and yet, ate 5 of it. Oh man, Make my own condition even worser yeah? Stupiak. Neh neh, here's a picture of the white jeep I've found around my campus. Hehe! There're still a lot more for me to explore! Wuuu Haaaa!!!!! Hahaha!

Monday, July 14, 2008

da First In My Lifetime!

Haven't been blogging for quite some times. Apparently, since I've enrolled myself into UPM, life has been hectic for me. For the past few weeks, I have been deprived of sleep. Well, that did not really bother me that much because I CHOSE to be like that. I wanted to try something. Something which I've always wanted to do. YES.

After weeks of practising, weeks of enduring the pains, the enjoyment of making more friends from other faculties, I'm satisfied. The whole bunch of people was fantastic. I'm glad I've chosen to sacrifice my sleep in order to pursue my interest. Cool experience!

The day before the show, on the 11th of July, we gathered at 9pm for practice. Guess what,the practice went on until the next morning, 6.30am! NO JOKE, people! After that, we were allowed to rest...and to meet up at 7.30am! OMG! I slept in the bus instead! Haha! It was only a 15 minutes journey though. Joseph da Vet, who sat beside me woke me up when we've reached. Haha!I was sleeping like a log! I wonder if I did open my mouth? Impossible gua...

Upon reaching, time to practice and to rehearse again! While our Mentor was amending the steps and the soundtracks, we, the actors and actresses, went for a nap. I took 3 chairs and laid my body on them in a corner. OMG. What a scene! My first time man! And there was this guy, Shamir, who went around disturbing other people! I was really exhausted and yet, opened my eyes when he approached me. GOSH. Ding Dong Bell, and I went back to my nap when he walked away! Haha!

Oh yeah, what's my role huh? I was involved in 5 scenes.Let me see,da tribe, urban robotic gal, earthquake scene, tsunami scene and finally,a scene whereby I have to act so as toshow that I was in hunger after those disastrous calamities.

p/s : My photos are all uploaded in MyLiveSpace. Simply click on the link in the sidebar to view. Hehe!

Although the show was just 7-minutes but the whole experience was just so fantastic! You will never get to feel the excitement and the tense when you're abyut to get on stage IF you've never been involved in any LIVE performance right in front of thousands and thousands of people when everyone seems like a tiny ant to you! Haha!

All in all, I could never forget the people I once worked with. Kojek, you're so cute! Hehe!


p/s : Auditions were held before selecting the crews. So, a big hug and Thank You to the seniors who've voted for me! Haha!

[Sorry,no time for making this post colourful! Hehe!]