Monday, September 29, 2008

Tebrau City, Johor

Don’t just stand there motionless watching me with my lappie, okay? It’s not if I’m indulging in any illicit acts... Oh, come on! I know the limitations of being part of “ Yong”, I know what to do at the right time, right place. Privacy, that’s all I’m asking for, alright? Okay, I’m just blogging, be it that you know my blog or not but it seems like you’ve discovered it! Should I just terminate this bloggie thing? Duhhh...

Being cooped up in the cocoon was just not the right thing to be obedient nor safe, okay? There’re still so many so-called environmental factors to bring out the unwanted influences. As long as I can avoid them, prevent them from happening, then, there’s nothing much to be worried about. Just trust me, alright?

Okay, enough for that...

Hm, went out with the ladies today, Joey and Wee Wee, and met up with Wendy. 3 Months... For roughly as long as 3 whole months that I did not meet up with them. Went for movie thingie. Frankly, for the past few months, I ain’t had any contacts at all with movies nor TV series. Oh gosh, I wanna watch Singapore’s “Beach Baby” and Taiwanese’s “Basketball Fire”????? Wahaha, simply convert the titles man...

Guess what, we bought 3 tickets for “HALLOWEEN” and we watched “CONNECTED” instead!!! Reason??? We, yes, we, no doubt, went into the wrong parlour man...(Jac’s parlour) Despite that, I did enjoyed the thrills, the laughers, the touching scenes. Wahaha! Sounds crazy but I almost went teary in the end because the small boy was just so adorable when he cried over his dad’s habit. Wakaka! Thumbs up though. For me lar.

Haizzz, received a sms from Mr.Kee, asking us to join a reunion, I hope I can go bcoz I wanna go. The thing is, I haven’t ask my mum and I HAVE to get her consent before acting on something, okay... So, erm, pardon me for not replying you first! I’ll see how it goes tomorrow morning! If I can’t join, then you guys have fun tomorrow night, alright? If I can, then I’m gonna makan puas-puas lo! Heehee!

Just read an e-mail from Wee Seng, man, I can't join your Genting trip lar, I got TITAS class, presentation some more, alright.. What a timing! Sighhh... You all have fun ba!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


"I've been so wrapped up in my warm cocoon",

For those who find this phrase familiar, I love you! For those who don't, try to get near to "Jacklyn" back in her Secondary-school days. Sadly to say, it was an history and you can't turn back the time anymore...
I'm back to JB already, yeah, I'm back to the place where I don't exist. I don't exist here. You don't know the reason and I ain't gonna tell anybody. I'll just continue staying in my cocoon until the time ripes and I will go back there, somewhere where no one even bother about my existence, somewhere where everybody's struggling to get 4-flat, somewhere where I tend to act ignorant of many things.
Friends, what's the real thing behing the word "friend" ? Sometimes, I really don't even know who's my real friends and who ain't. It's a sensitive issue and yet am ignorant of it. I'm crazy, I'm childish, I don't know the reason of me posting this up. This topic just came thru my mind out of nowhere.
Forget it. By the way, Thanks, Rachel, for making me feel that I do exist. A biggie huggie to you!
Okay, I know this kind of post, nobody will like it. However, pardon me for saying "who cares???" ! This is where people vent out their frustration indirectly and this is where people share their joys with the world which/who hardly knows them, for, they may remain anonymous...
Getting back here, I felt like I wanna go back to my hostel although I was actually anticipating for this return. I did pack my luggage 4 days before my trip. And why, why do I feel the urge to go back to that hostel of mine now? Ding Dong Bell... It's insane, I must be out of my mind...
A day before my dad's birthday, I was supposed to go back to UPM but somehow, there's another thing which I wished to do. However, it will be a wilful wish. Okay, I ain't pinning any high hope on that. For, Chocolate Heart doesn't tastes as nice as Sweet Heart...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quote Me

In just less than 24 hours time, I'll be having all my way in my very own way, understand? No.
I have so much to blog but damn, my mind's in a total whirl now. Everything entangled together leaving me having no idea at all. Is that the pre-home-sick symptoms? Impossible gua, I'm so much independent now. Wakaka... Blogging while waiting for people to chat with me but met no one geh. How come? Everybody so busy meh...Duhhh...
Now, what to say huh?
Let me think...
Presentations? Ah hah!
Monday : Cell Biology Group Presentation (P.Daud)
Hmmm, overall, it was not bad though. My group did not receive any harsh comments nor criticized... Wakaka, proud but in a humble way, okayz? However, i'm blaming myself for not giving my answer to a question convincingly! The idea was correct but I should have make the sentence PERFECTLY CONVINCING!!! Gotta work on it! Yep! Em, compliment was given but rather awkward to put it here. Wahaha! Shoooo.....
Tuesday : Public Speaking (Informative Speech)
Keke, apparently, I had my fun but somehow, once again, I've missed out on a paragraph which I've planned to talk about. Duhhh... While delivering, I saw some people smiling their way, OMG, making me smiling all the way through the presentation. Bubu... Eyes contact, I thought that without my specs, I won't be able to notice the audiences but heck, I was only cheating on myself. Wakaka!
p/s : Shyt, while blogging this, a few seniors walked past me, okay, a big smile to them! Wahaha! Respect a bit, yea... Heehee... Ayoo, still can hear their voices from afar. Bubu...
Ayok...another one walked past... keke, a smile to you too la......
Coursemates, coursemates, next year right, when you wanna introduce me to my junior-buddy-to-be, use that quote that Daud gave "me", wakaka, somehow, it felt so shiok-ing but then again, some people may not like it and will say that I'm boasting, bubu! But who won't feel happy about it? Wakaka! Shhhh....
Okie lar, till then!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's 8.05 p.m. now!

We're supposed to meet at 8 p.m. at Starbuck but you were no where to be seen!

I've waited since 7 p.m. !

Yes, I was the one who was early. That's ME.

Although you were just late for a mere 5 minutes but that was already very long for me as the gatal me reach here so early. Crazy. Wakaka!


I've packed my stuffie already! Prepared to go back to my state. Wahaha! So, when am I going back, huh? Look at the RM31.10's ticket below and you'll know! The company, the time, the surcharges, etc and etc. Heehee! Okay, what an idiot am I! Apparently, I'm still having my doubts whether I know how to go to Bukit Jalil or not! Never been there and I have to board the bus there! Guess I will have to be independent enough to explore it, right! Errr....

So, right after my Cell Biology lecture for the day, after taking my bathe and lunch I will have to head for my destination of the day even though the bus will leave at 6pm. It's always better to be early than to be late, right. Heehee. My concept. Accept it or leave it. Wakaka!

Until now did I realize that I've never uploaded any of my faculty nor college/hostel pictures, right? Haha! To my old-school friends, here's a few picture of my room. Wakaka! Don't get jealous of me though. Keke. I know some of you live in better place lar...

* My Poor Bed & MINI Wardrobe *

* My MESSY Study Table *

* My Wall-Shelf *

(no more food! Pa, Ma, top up, please!)

Getting bored, snap with my giant shades. Heehee. Looked like a fly? Duhhh...


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Finished all Biology-related subjects (tests)... An Agriculture paper coming along next week. No mood to study. Log in to my MSN baby. Chat. Chat. Chat puas-puas. Eating my Popiah. Special Popiah brought from the Pasar Ramaddan at Sri Serdang. Yes. There. Yes. Guess what? I was in the queue for a wholesome 45minutes! Just for 4-ketul of mini stuffy Popiah! Nice though. Acceptable... At least the queue was quite worth it. Haha!

Here, a random picture which I've been searching for my BBI2417's presentation but don;t think I'm gonna use it anyways. Tell me what you see, how you feel! Haha! Frankly speaking, I felt a bit uneasy when I looked at it. Hueks. It's giving me nausea and I really felt like vomitting. Gosh, I just ate my Popiah, okay!

Enjoy the pic if you like it. I don't. Haha! Till then!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inside Out




No one give a damn to it...


Now, have you ever wonder what the Narcist wanted all along, all her life?


Next, have you ever wonder why she's here in this course?


Hm, then, have you ever wonder what's her real interest?


I salute my friend for being courageous to give up his years of learning Science to pursue his real interest in life. As for me, getting regretful now. But still within my threshold. Since I'm here, I guess all I have to do is to persevere until the very end of the day. Right? Guess so.

Surprisingly, I came to know that one of my coursemate disliked this course too. To her, it's like wasting $$$ as she did not applied for any scholarships nor loans. Hm, her interest is almost same as mine. We were talking all the way through the Basic Medical Microbiology lecture yesterday. If I do name her here, I bet you guys will be in a total SHOCK. Buahahahaha! So, to play a little trick here, once again, the suspense game. Blek...

There's still a long way to go, a long long way ; never-ending. The route to the future is so dim and there's hardly any street lamps to guide the trespasser. For, it's not the route that anybody can just take and go. If you're given two choices, which will you choose? A psychological game and yet obvious result. I don't have to give you the result. You will know it once you've chosen your route. *grins*
if you still duno, then check this out, man!

This symbolises me. The ME inside ME. The ME that you can never realize.

*** A Hidden Sun ***

[p/s: while blogging this, something which I hated incurred. Intrusion. Sorry but I really don't like it. When I wanted to be all alone, I really hope I'm just solely-alone with no interruption. That is why I ran all the way to my so-called "secret-frequent-old-place" in the faculty.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



shall be the opening for this post... keke...

I pest myself for not being able to persevere until the very end! Although the tests are coming, I just couldn't persevere the determination to study, study and to study! The moment I reach home, back to my room, the moment I sparkled my eyes towards the notes, damn, I headed to my bed. Sleep. Gosh. I don't wish this to happen. What am I going to do if I do fail? Fail... Don't wish to.

At times, I really feel like dropping out from this course, this U but, at times, I don't know what's my aim in my life. See, I've got a test tonight and yet, I'm here, here to my blog. *smack forehead* If I do tell papa mama that I wanna drop out, they gonna force me to work, I don't wanna work yet, I'm not prepared!

How I wished I can lead my whole life, enjoying myself to the fullest but that's a very foolish thought. Perhaps, finding a spouse and marry off may be what I'm aiming for? Be a housewife? Ouchhhhh..... If that's the case, I'll be draining away all this so-called "knowledge" that I've gained so far.




Any job prospect for my course? Heard a lot of stories. Made me wanna drop, really drop but I just couldn't bring it up to my parents. If that's the case, I will have to endure the suffering for memorizing all the lecture notes which do not give me ANYTHING in return but a USELESS CERT.

***sitting here morosely***

I can't see my future.

I can't shape my future.



Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pesta Tanglung

First, it was acting for MTB then, it was acting in a sketch for CAD and the day before yesterday, Friday Night, it was all about dancing and jumping. I was at my threshold. I had my fun to the fullest although my dancing wasn't that great enough.

I made mistakes. I missed out some steps. I'v forgotten some steps. I wasn't energetic enough. My groove wasn't enough. Anything else? Only the audiences will be able to notice.

Despite all that, once again, I really had my fun! Haha! I love my vest for the night, Bought it like for months but simply has no opportunity to wear it. The earrings, bought it like for years but hardly wear it too. Wahaha! What else? The dancing, like I've always wanted to do, to try and finally, I was really on the stage, dancing all the way with all my girls.

Here's one of the snaps which I'm quite satisfied with, heehee!

How was my performance? I don't know. How was my movements? I don't know either. Friends said "okay" but the truth? I don't know. Only they will know. The audiences. Wahaha.

London Bridge, I've fallen in love with you! For those ignorant of it, then I'll just leave you continuing to be in suspense. Wahaha.

Overall, it was a satisfaction. I couldn't ask for more. Couldn't expect more from an amateur dancer like me. Heehee. Not bad already lar wei. First time leh. Haha.
Yesterday, the 13th of September 2008, I was out with my cousin's family. Luckily I was in time to join in the gathering of the BMS chineses although I was a little bit late. Haha. After all that makan-makan sessions, the juniors, were dancing away but IT WAS A COLD SITUATION. Nobody joined in. Sighhh. Nevermind lar, shoik sendiri lar. Heehee.
As the time passes by, there were only 6 of us left. Wei Kiat, Yee Ling, Yan Ling, Yan Ai, Samantha and Narcist. Singing all the way to our hearts. It was nice. I love this. I hope to get more of it. Really.
Well, life is geting more and more fun as each day passes by. However, it can be more and more tempting for one to jump off the cliff as the works, assignments are piling up. Haha!
Till then...

Sunday, September 7, 2008


[[[ I have one thing to say,
"Sha Sey Sha Sey" ]]]
Haha. What the hell am I doing? Singing lar. I'm so much addicted and yet barely have the time for K compared to when I was back in JB. Sobz sobz.
[[[ I have one thing to say,
"You Better Work!" ]]]
It's Taylor Dayne's Supermodel. Heehee!
I bet none of you know this song...
Okay, I'm here again with my once again boring blog? Wakaka! Woke up early as I planned. *Applaud*. Took my freezing early morning bath as usual.Took my breakfast. And then, here, to the Starbuck in my Faculty to get online to search info for my Bordetella Pertussis, all alone, againz.
Sometimes, it really feels GOOD or rather, GREAT just to be ALL ALONE. It seemed like I've locked myself in my room the whole night last night. I have no mood to brag. No mood to talk much unless necessary. My room mate went back. Because of that, I am able to have the whole
room to myself. Aren't I glad to own that? Wakaka! But it's scary at times. Especially when the Chinese 7 th Lunar Month which is approaching. GOSH.
Whatever lar. Later, will be going to buy my bus ticket back to JOHOR BAHRU. YES. JOHOR BAHRU... It has been 3 months since I last stepped on the land of JB. Gonna explore the new shopping complex in Taman Sutera. Wahaha! And shop till I drop? Not that exaggerating though.
Tests are coming and I'm gonna flood my tiny-ant-like-brain with daffodils galore. GOSH. How am I supposed to finish all that? Huh? Ah huh? Despite all the worries and stress, I'm having a wonderful time fantasising of my upcoming plan. What plan?
Hope that I really get to do all the stuffs that I've wanted to!
And, NEVER, to neglect my studies... Bu Bu...