Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lion City Trip [Post One]

Date : 30th of June 2010
Venue : CityHall Singapore

And so, for yet and again, the Pseudo-Tour-Guide me guided a bunch of Biomedical Science students to one of the most bustling city on earth, the Lion City, Singapore!

For the very first day, we dropped by CityHall for their places of interests which include the Esplanade, Merlion City (Merlion Statue was under construction, SOBZ), and somehow, I forced myself into luring them to walking to Singapore River's area. LOL

And so, mind if I let the photos guide you through?

Mind to let Nana Lana pose for a while? LOL

Gracias to my UN-PAID MODELS!

The Coursemates

Marina Sands as the background =)

The Buddies




Nice not? =)))

Random shotz of Esplanade behind da flowers

The Esplanade

Nice Shotz eh? Thank JP =)))

The Cavenagh Bridge...

I just simply LOVED THE FULLERTON HOTEL so so soooo MUCH!

And these are the girls... The coursemates =)


Bryan, please do bring me there for my honeymoon! LOL

I'm harbouring my thoughts on having a *BRYAN* like the lad above... LOL

One last night-view of The Fullerton before we bid farewell to CityHall...

That's all for City Hall Post. =)

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or HERE for moreeee camwhoring pics!

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Glo-w~* said...

i think it looks more like a cempedak >_<"

v!vi@n said...

wow...very nice lo....its fun to travel^^

ulricng said...

looks fun...u should have called me along :)

Nana Lana said...

@vivian, yea hehe!

@ulric, i was really bz v my part time job n birthday celebration until da day of da trip! lol.

did tot of whthr shld ask ulric o nt. lol