Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lion City Trip [Post Two] USS

Date : 1st of July 2010

Venue : Universal Studio Singapore

Weee! Kick start of the month with USS!!! A simply fantabulous and adventurous experience!

And now, let the pictures tell the story of our adventures...

Let me warn you first, BEWARE of the Camwhore-Flood! LOL

1st Stop : Hollywood

The first MASCOT we've met!



2nd Stop : Madagascar

Wonder what's in there? It was closed for, under construction. =(

The Move It Move It Ride...

had her sweaty pose with da Move It Move It Adventure!

At the Madagascar souvenir store. I want one, can? S$23.50.


3rd Stop : Far Far Away

Posing with my castle eh? Look at me... All sweaty... GOSH... Ewww...

Queueing up for the Enchanted Airway Ride...

The Enchanted Ride that made me salivating and laughing throughout the journey while Mr.Bean went screaming his lungs out. LOL.

and *her* castle!!! Weeeee!!!

(imma building castle in the airrrr...)

Snapped this while on the way to our Shrek-4D-Magix. Hehe! Nice one tho. Not my first 4D btw. =)

4th Stop : The Lost World

I thought that it's going be a normal sky-ride...

Oh man, guess what, my legs went wobbly during da 53 seconds ride on da air! Thought of video-recording throughout the journey but failed! Coz was too nervous for it! haha!

A newborn Dinonana! hahaha!

The skeletons of T-REX @ Discovery Food Court!!!

Watched some live-shows. Not bad wei ! You just gotta drop by for da *play!

One more shot with da T-Rex! I Love Dinosaurssss! Muahaha!

Was lucky enuff man. Spot where I'm standing? It was where the water will be puching out man... A second right after I've shifted to view my shot, the water came flowering out! LOL

5th Stop : Ancient Egypt

I tell you, I had the indoor rides for TWICE. Where one of 'em was of the front row! DAMN exciting! Scared the hell out of me! LOL. For the very first time, I've screamed my way on a roller coaster ride. Owhhh...

Nana just wanna strut some pose... Huhu...

The Treasure Hunter Ride...

6th Stop : Sci-Fi City

Since the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) has yet to be opened for rides, let me have a *taste* on the seat! LOL. Well, apparently, I don't feel safe. Something should fix on my shoulder if I were to ride on it! Haha!

And so, we've only had this HUMAN ride at Sci-Fi City ...

7th Stop : New York City

Spot the 4 crazy gals??? LOL

I've made my way up on da Lion Statue! LOL

Marilyn Monroe

Charlie Chaplin

Betty Boop

Some random shots somewhere in USS... =)))

Tell me who just don't love Chocolates huh? Hehe!

Final Stop : Hotel ! Hahaha !!!

What a satisfying and terrific adventure that I've ever had!

Can't wait to opt for more!!!

Planning for your visit?

For ticket price


I've been wishing and anticipating for mount-climbing, jungle trekking, sky-dive more than anything else, scuba-diving, parachuting, etc! LOL!



Can't wait for my next visit once the Battlestar Galactica is fully completed and open for rides!

Till then! Chaoz!


Ewaine said...

OMG.... looks so cool and FUN.... cant wait to visit it in DEC.... wakakakz... we shall go again gal??

kenwooi said...

hope to visit it one day =)

Jaerragus said...

So may pics... all so cool...

v!vi@n said...

OMG!!!!! SO FUN..I WAN GO.....AND BETTY long din see her liao.LOL..

sMoochie said...

so prettyyy. doesnt look like u r in spore. as if u r at oversea. love ur pics. =)

Nana Lana said...

thanks people XD

go hv fun someday! weeee!

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

Supporting your blog.


linjie said...

hehehe..must have been fun! I have not even visited it yet despite being a singaporean

M-Knight said...

have not visit the place... but will visit the place the next trip to Sg