Friday, January 23, 2009

Class Project

We are actually doing the cell membrane model for Physiology lab today anyways...
Well, apparently, I cabut-ed earlier just for this post before I leave for Plaza Rakyat to catch my bus, and for sure, Petaling Street to get some goodies, probably...! Haahaa!
The worm-like straws...

The Ping Pong Balls...

The lipids ??? Haahaa! Obviously, it doesn't looks like a Sperm model, kuakuakua! Or perhaps, it looks like... well, I don't know what it looks like either. Haahaa! Okay, am crazy and yet boring here.

People, working together...

How disorganized !!! Improve on that, people!

And somehow, some of us really get idle and prefer to read the papers? No wrong for doing that... Time is precious what... Read newspaper, not bad either lar... Haahaa!

Till then,
Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My New Love

There you go, been craving for these two lately...


And finally, am going back for CNY tomorrow late afternoon, 3 p.m.'s journey...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009





I feel like a MURDERER. I've murdered the vitality, the freedom, the serenity, the composure that Nana owned. I'm feeling so guilty to be clutching tightly on the miniature little creature who was struggling hard to escape from my clutch. I'm sorry, Nana.

For those ignorant, Nana is the name I gave all the Rats that we're handling in the laboratory whereas Lana will be the Mice. For the Bunnies, all of them will share the same name, Bubu. Haahaa!

Today's lab will be the most torturous for the rodents as well as the people handling them, including me. I can feel the tense that it's feeling inside. The tremblings, the shiverings, the quiverings, all that that I can feel beneath my palm, OH MY GOD, do we have nothing better to do than to torture these rodents with such torment???

The screaming of the girls was totally hilarious and absurd. I did screamed too. I hate myself for that. Our screaming and fear were nothing, nothing compared to the pain endured by the rodents. Ouch, they've even lost their strength for any screechings due to all the strugglings that landed them with exhaustion. I guess so. For academic, for practical purposes, we, are being inhuman now.

Dr.Naz said we'll be most probably be able to do direct blood-takings from the heart of the rodents in a couple of weeks or months. Oh MAN, wasn't that just so cruel??? I can never imagine myself to be any vicious towards animals. Biu...

Today's my girl's BIRTHDAY.

Happy Birthday Myspace Comments


I doubt that I'll be going out to hunt for the Birthday present. Haahaa! So, I guess I'll probably bring her to shop when I get back this CNY break. Heehee!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is specially for my gal, Shirley, with my uttermost apologies... She was the one who asked me out for the TENNIS game this evening BUT... due to some "thing" which happened, she went awayyy..... Flew away..... I'm sorry gal..... I promise you that next time I'll have a one-to-one game with ya'! Yop, this morning I went for the game as well but it was with my Dinosaur. Heehee...
Well, you may say that I'm selfish or whatever. As long as I'm on the game court, please, do forgive me, I ain't getting my butt off the court until I REALLY had my fill, had my fun till the highest degree possible. I'm there for the game and not for... Sitting at the side lo... Haaahaaa! Sounds offensive huh... Sorry lar, that's me alright. Although I don't play well but heck, I'm just so-into ball game! I LOVE ROUND stuffie stuffs... Wahaha!
Shirley Shirley, next time we go play badminton and tennis, as long as you like it. Haahaa!
Okay, I'm gonna be dead by tomorrow again... I've forgotten to warm up as well as cooling down.. Yoyo...

Work It Out !!!

"There she goes...
There she goes again...
Racing thru my brain...
And I just can't contain...
This feeling that remains..."

Yep, hey hey, I'm here again! With photos of the week! Well, I'll say it first that today, Sunday will be counted as a NEW week and so, I'll be basically talking about the past week!

Last week, been really busy with dance practices, assignments, lab reports (was there any? I've forgotten!), ball games, shoppings???, etc and etc... I can just hardly grasp a breath. HaaHaa! Not that exaggerating though. Blah Blah Blah...

Okay, here, some random and random and super duperly random snapshots... Hmm... This exaltation of me, myself and I, yea, me, no doubt, for being too engrossed into nondescript wordings will be most probably driving you away from this post huh? Wakaka!

Okaylar, last week, erm... I guess it was Friday??? Yea, it was, I went jogging for the very first time ever since I've stepped into my hostel-a.k.a.-Faculty's acres of land.. Haahaa! With Kee Hui da Kaki Panjang, wakaka! We've even climbed up the slopes and sang our hearts out. Well, apparently, did not even sing our hearts out lar, Wahaha! wth.

Here, this is what we can see when we're up the slope.

Part of my faculty.

After the joggings, we went for badminton game, yea, BADMINTON, alright... The one you play with racquet, you know??? WAHAHAHAHA! Okay, I'm really getting out of my head already. Ain't knowing why. Just let me be. As if anyone will be reading till this far. Wahaha! Blah Blah Blah...


Now... What's for now??? Okay, as you know, I've joined Tennis for my co-curricular activity this very semester, yaya, the one you play with a racquet too! Haahaa! But ya' know right, both racquets AREN'T the SAME!!! Wahahahaha! Ok, I'm an idiot. Alright. Neh.

So, ya, well... hm... My facilitator is GOOD, erm, well, not as suave and cool as my previous THEATER facilitator though. But again, I've gotten myself a FACI who's kinda... kind to me yet again! WAHAHA! How LUCKY AM I, huh??? I WANT an A again!!!

And so, my main point here is that...

Aurora, oh Aurora... When you're not showing yourself, Me and my crazy coursemate went searching for you, where were you when we get to the tennis court? WAHAHAHAHA! Okay, am getting idiotic yet again. BUBU.

Even before daybreak, Dinosaur came to my house and we went for "early-morning-tennis-game" at K17's tennis court!!! Haha! It was cool although I wasn't really getting my hands at it. I'm STILL an AMATEUR player what. Someday, I'm gonna be GOOD. Haahaa!


DayBreak (P/S : Can u see someone in this pic? Creepy???)



Hm, these two days, da weekends, K17's having SUKANEKA and for today, I've managed to join in two of the activities so far (TO GET MERITS!!! I DON'T WANNA BE KICKED OUT FROM COLLEGE!!! I'M NOT A BALL TO BE KICKED!!! WAHAHAHA! -LAME-).

First, it was aerobic exercise led by Vivian da Vet, somehow, I kinda like her looks. Haahaa! Shhhh.... I'm not a les lar... But people DO change. Who knows? Wakakakaka! Senseless again. Boring right. Duh.... no photos.. actually got lar but I prefer the video taken! Haha! Of my Ms.Dinosaur, shakey shakey boom boom!!! (can't be publicized without her consent though! Heehee!)

Next, we went for FREE BREAKFAST of Kampung Fried Rice and Tea/Teh Tarik/Syrups Drinks.

Having our tummy bloated with the UNLIMITED consumption (I took 1 plate only lar~), we continue with the second activity, "Tabur Baja", or better known as PLANTING lar... There, some random pictures taken!

Harry Potter Is In Town!!!

Ms.Apek(s) In Town lar... Haahaa!

The TOOLS...

The guys, working out...

Ai Ai in ACTION !!!

All in all, a fun and yet tiring day of the week... (The Starting of This Week)... Perhaps I shall join more of these types of activities. It's fun in a way. Especially having all the fun with my peers... Hurray... Cheers for you people!!!
My College,
My Block,
Block A....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

*A-Ka-Cha*CNY-Reunion Dinner*Part II

YES !!!
As what I've promised, here you go, some random photos taken at the UPM BioMed Reunion Dinner for Chinese New Year 2009...
Me, for sure... Haahaa!


Lao ah Lao ah...
Good Luck ahhh !!!!!

The Ladies...
(some 1st and 2nd Year)

The Guys
(1st Year-not all though)

Four Generation...
(Me & My 3 Direct-Seniors from 2nd Year to Post Grad)

Cool huh???

Another act cool pose...

Me & My Dear...

Me & Da K-King
(Superb Singer among da Guys)

I can be PRETTY too without those stupidious ACNEs on my FACE!
Narcist, blek....

Me & Da Cool Gal, Ai Ai...

Me & Wen Wen...
Haa Haa!

Me & Shirley...
YES !!!
BreakDance Pose huh?
There are more photos taken but it's just so impossible to post it all here right, heehee!
By the way, still waiting for WK's collection. And also, some group photos...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Celebration yo, Come On!

If you DO really wanna know, I would say, I would definitely say I OPT for the BioMed-Chineses-CNY Celebration atmosphere over the Chinese Annual Dinner (CAD) Night held last semester. Why do I say that? It was probably because, we have enjoyed ourselves to the fullest (me & my peers) that we went singing and dancing away in the house! Wakaka!

Date : 15.01.2009

In BioMed, UPM's so-called "tradition", there will always be CNY-Reunion Dinner being held to foster bonds between seniors and juniors.But the problem is.... Are the bonds really working out or was it just a remark? Kakaka, well, for me, I only DO DARE to approach some FAMILIAR SOULS, yes, SOULS and not FACES! Understand? Haahaa!
As usual, there will always be dancing for entertainment and for this time round, a round of applause for those new recruited members!!! The guys... haahaahaahaa!!! Yea, I was involved in this dancing thingie thing too. Haahaa!

This is one of the videoclips I managed to grab from Apple. Wahaha!

Or else, feel free to drop by the link below for probably a clearer video...


I really had my fun for once again! This semester, I bet this will be the most memorable event, ever. Heehee!

Tried uploading photos for the day but I FAILED to do so, ain;t having any ideas of what's wrong with Blogger or perhaps, the connection!

Be back with some photos soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Love

Okay, this is just a very random post of the day... I am just so tempted to reveal my love to you guys. Yeah, I really love him, so much that it made me love her for eternity! I just love them, ya' know? Haahaa! They're my forever LOVE... NO DOUBT for that! These songs...
1. How Can I Not Love You...
2. Said I Love You.. But I Lied...
3. Kiss From A Rose...
4. Woman In Love...
5. From This Moment...
6. Our Love Will Always Last... (Korean)
There're just so many more! I just can't get rid of them in my life, babes... Every single day, they never fail to accompany me to the very last degree of my awake-ness/alert-ness, yea.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


*** 大哥我不想跟你搞爱昧 !!! ***

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ridiculously Caseinated...

So, what's this???

Yea, it's none other than the 1 Litre carton of Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk.
Guess what, I've opened it yesterday and drank the whole litre up at like, erm, 4-go???
By the end of the day, I felt overly caseinated and bloated at the same time. My tummy was making weird sounds as I forced myself to bed. Haha!

There's another carton on my rack. I guess I gotta share it with my mates, huh?

This little creature was what I've found at the K 17's Tennis court. Well, apparently, I've betrayed my mates by joining the morning group instead of the late afternoon's session. Sorry gals... Somehow, I prefer the morning session although there's no friend accompanying me.
Dancing, Dancing, Dancing...
Tho' I'm desperate for a ball game right now, I shall put myself on hold for that since I'm still practising the dance steps. Haahaa! Hope everthing goes smoothly...
Till then....

Friday, January 9, 2009

Of Rodents and Man...

Heheh, this is the pic of me, my mates and the Rodent !
The red caption will be the rodent for sure, the one i'm cuddling in my arms. Wahaha!
And, what about the caption in Blue? That will be one of the lab assistants who was in charge of my group. Haha. His name please? Oh, I have no idea. I did not even ask him. The only things that I tried to converse with him were....
1. Ini pun haiwan belaan kan? (for god sake, lame)
2. Abis tu, kenalah mandikan juga.... (er...)
3. ...and chit chat a bit about rearing the rodents. (haha)
The whole session was GREAT. Tremendously FUN. I mean the whole lab session lar, and not the chit-chattings. Haha. At first, I don't even know if I should converse in Mandarin or Malay but in the end I chose Malay because I was not sure if he knew Mandarin even though his dad was a Chinese. Haha. Yea, he was a mix, with his mum, a Malay.
Okaylar, till the next lab...
*** Kuakuakua ***

Thursday, January 8, 2009

BurpDay GurL

And here you go, Burpday Gurl !!!
Pardon me for calling you by your nickname, Dinosaur...
Happy Happy Birthday To You!
And now, it has been revealed that the Dinosaur I meant all the while in my bloggie is none other than the Fairest of 'em all, Ri Wen...
Here you go Girl...
Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Em, I lost my golden mini key to my wardrobe. I've search throughout the basketball court of K17 and it was nowhere in sight. Any samaritans happen to see the golden key, please contact me, Nana Lana. Haha! Crapz. By tomorrow, I'll break the padlock to my golden key. What a waste. My favourite padlock some more. Gosh.
Am listening to "Kiss From A Rose" while blogging, a nice song though. Haven't been listening to some oldies lately. Shall spring back to those golden old days soon...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Tame... You...

I Tamed HIM...

I Tamed HER...

I Tamed THEM as how You did...

Look out!

I'll get detailed into what I meant when I get my stuff...


P/S : They were nice. Human, Rodents, all of THEM!

***Chin Chin***

Monday, January 5, 2009

Extremely Exhausted #02...

Yea, the continuation for the other post earlier this morning, babes...

This exhaustion that I'm facing today is extremely undeniable. I'm really having my pains in walking, climbing up the stairs and especially, descending from the stairs! Ouchhh... I bet the other two gals who joined me for the Badminton Game were having the same pains too huh...

Not again, I almost dozed off in the middle of the Biochemistry and Anatomy lectures today! I've been deprived of sleep lately and I wonder why. It should have been more than enough for me as I always make sure that I would at least have an average of 8 hours of sleep a day. Man. Dog. Cat. Cow. Biu.

Having to attend lecture with seniors is really not a fun thing. With the curiosities arousing in my mind, I thought it will be fun but that was just the other way round. We were like invisible to each other, imperceptible with the naked eyes and thus establishing a total ignorance of each others' presence in the Tutorial Room.

Well, as you know, initiative is totally a no-no or rather, an almost unreachable approach in me. Haha. And so, it will takes me weeks, months or rather, years to feel comfortable to have an initiative. Whatever it is, I'm there just to satisfy the credit hours for all I care. Sounds rude but it's the facts. Friends are important too and so, let's Hi-5 and have a memorable on-going-lectures!

I miss Hi-5... An Australian kids' programme. Haahaa!

Stupid right, for having to post about crapz. Bubu...

Extremely Exhausted...

Gosh,my whole body is aching after the runnings and badmiton game yesterday.
I bet my walking posture to be affected later on.
Man, today's lecture will be the most torturing ones for, it will be like working hours with EXTRA OT(s). OMG.
Wish me luck for not tripping over again in the faculty...
Going for a wash up dee... heeeheee!
***to be continued......***

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Merentas Desa 2009, UPM

5.30 pagi, siap-siap bangun tetapi masih di dalam bilik kerana tidak berani untuk keluar dari bilik untuk cuci muka memandangkan hari masih lagi gelap. Sesudah jam menunjukkan 6 pagi, aku memberanikan diri untuk masuk ke dalam bilik air dengan teman sejati gigiku, ya, berus gigi dan ubat gigi! Wahahaha!

Walaupun air sememangnya sejuk pada waktu subur ataupun awal pagi, itu tidak menghalang aku daripada meminta bantuannya untuk memandikan diri aku setiap pagi sebelum manghadiri kuliah mahupun amali termasuklah pada pagi yang serba sejuk ini (hari ini).

Inilah gambar ku bersama rakan-rakanku semasa kami berkumpul sebelum bertolak ke Kompleks Sukan UPM.

Gambar-gambar lain...
Kompleks Sukan UPM
Jom, lari sama-sama!
Rakan Sekursus + 1 Senior

Memang lama nampaknya senaman menghindari bayangannya daripadaku menyebabkan ku tidak memiliki badan yang tegas bagi memberikan yang terbaik dalam larian pada pagi ini. Akan tetapi, bersyukurlah kalian kerana matahari tidaklah terik sangat sepanjang larian ini.
*** Woots Woots***

Sudah lama ku tidak menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu. Jangan hairan jika aku mengatakan ku rindu pada Pn.Zarina ku di SMKK. Beliaulah yang mampu membangkitkan semangat dalam diriku supaya menolak gred BM-ku kepada gred yang diimpikan serta dicapai olehku 4 tahun yang lalu, ribuan terima kasih diucapkan.

Kini, BM semakin diabaikan walau di mana sahaja ku berada. BM ku agaknya sudah karat. Ku memohon maaf atas kesilapan jika terdapat dalam utusan ini.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Heheh, just a very nerdy yet stupidious post. I just wanna share this thingie thing of mine in my rack, my favourite marshmallow, brought from Johor Bahru for sure before departing to my hostel. Biu.....

Guess what, the squishy feeling of having the marshmallow melting in my mouth, gosh, it tends to make me feel so much better from a moody day. Well, that applies for me and I ain't have any idea if that will works for you guys. Wakaka!

Some Random Pictures : 01.01.09
Smiling cheekily with Shirley at Berjaya Times Square...

With Apple... Haahaa!

(P/S : An apple a day keeps you away from the doctor. Apple, please provide me an apple every single day! Jk Jk!)

Okay, time to strive!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Inaudible Squeaks

No updates for saying Bye-Bye-Bye to Year 2008, and shall I welcome Year 2009 with my inaudible ushers?

Duh… It’s not my year, it’s just not my day. Every year, I would just sit at home and watch Singapore’s channel for their countdown in Vivocity… With lotsa hot celebrities belting out some funky new year songs or just any popular poppy sexy songs. Haahaa. That will be all I’ll be doing for welcoming every single brand new year for a brand new beginning.

This year, it’s totally boring for me. Did not join my peers for the countdown at Bukit Bintang nor staying awake for the new year! Yea, I slept before midnight. I slept on the 31st of December 2008 and not the 1st of January 2009! Wahaha! Crapz.

Wishes for the year? I carved them on the balloons in Singapore man! Heehee! Hope that they’ll be realised.

Okay, been out lately. Spent a lot. I shall control splurging on unnecessary stuffs now. A must. Tomorrow will be my last outing with my peers until this semester ended. Is that possible? Try me. If I broke my word for that, come on, pinch me till I bleed. Whoaaa… If only you DARE to… Wakaka.

Really, see, I really got no mood to blog ady. Man, gosh, cat, dog, chicken, cow, goat, bubu! I wanna see how my Mondays will be like… A total torture.

I wanna see when I’m gonna faint.

I wanna see how it feels like having to attend lectures with seniors.

Wakaka. Ewww…..