Friday, August 26, 2011


This is yet another favourite of mine by Rainie Yang... Love everything about this song, the singer herself, her hair!, the song, the lyrics, the feel, I mean everything...

Simply LOVE the phrases prior to the song and after the song :

Before : 如果我们只是擦肩而过,何必在彼此身上留下伤痕。。。

After : 每次仰望天空,我都有勇气再相信,总有一天我会拥有一段真正属于自己的爱情。。。

楊丞琳 - 我們都傻

I'm longing for a karaoke session! Itchy throat to sing my lungs out!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


A sudden feel of trying to share this song. It's nice tho. Here, I wish all my friends the best in whatever they're doing. Be it male or female. =)


[ 好朋友只是朋友 ]

好朋友只是朋友 還是朋友
就一個人走 無所求
只能保留 一點點溫柔

哪怕很痛過 至少就不算錯過
好朋友只是朋友 還是朋友
好朋友瘋狂以後 就一個人走
只能保留 一點點溫柔

感情在天平兩頭 誰都怕太沈重
好朋友只是朋友 還是朋友
好朋友瘋狂以後 還是一個人走
只能保留 一點點溫柔

Things always happen for a reason. We just have to face up to that very reason. Be it a fake smile or a sincere smile from deep within you, it's no harm by smiling to the world. =) That's life.

Pull it through. Time will lead us the way out. To the final destination that we're supposed to be heading. Be patient. Hold on.

This is another video which I do personally like it although my Chinese ain't that good but still, UNDERSTAND-ABLE. =P

Oh well, to all my friends out there, 加油吧!!!^^

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sabah Trip : Post Two

Nah... I'm gonna talk about the second day of my trip to KK, Sabah in this very post. Again, woke up on the 18th of July [before dawn], took a quick shower even though I was well aware that I'm gonna get myself ended up like salted fish by soaking myself in the ever-salty ocean. Talking about oceans, it's LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ^^

# 0 Yeah, it's ME snorkelling! From AM to PM!!! *HEARTS*

Set off from Jesselton Point. Paid a freaking cheap 50 MYR in order to "rent" all needed equipments for snorkelling and also to inter-transfer between two islands. Since my sis requested for Manukan and Sapi islands, we chose these.

# 1 Jesselton Point

# 2 Jetty

I LOVE SPEEDBOAT! Having to feel the breeze brushing through my hair and skin, OMGOSH! Perhaps I shall try bungee jumping or skydiving eh??? *Hearts* BTW, I FAILED in trying PARASAILING!!! That's the only regret! Was too shy to ask until the end of the day when Krys told me it was actually fully booked. *Cries*

For this post, I'll let pictures do the talking. ^^

We're reaching! We're reaching!

# 3

# 4 Pulau Manukan !
From left : San, Yan, Krys, Jaime, Me

Look at the sea, the clouds!

# 5

# 6

# 7 Arhem...

# 8

# 9

# 10

# 11 Better WITH

# 12 or WITHOUT a model? LOL

# 13

# 14
The trio from left : Krys, Me, San

# 15 Giant sand-turtle @ Pulau Sapi

# 16 Sigh, bidding farewell to our final island =(

# 17 Group shot
From left : JJ, Me, San, Yan, Jaime, Kong, Krys

Now, on my next visit to Sabah, it's gonna be Mamutik island, I suppose. Or perhaps, Mantanani island. Prior to Mantanani, I have to make sure I'm confidence enough to swim! First thing first, LEARN HOW TO SWIM! =)

To end this post, let me share this sunset shot I took while we're on the way back.

# 18

Next Up, W.I.L.D.L.I.F.E. =)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sabah Trip : Post One

Now, who will read word by word till the end of the post? I really doubt that at times but I ain't gonna doubt myself for typing out word by word. =) And it's gonna be a personal naggy post. Teehee!

Last July, I mean yeah, last July 2010, I've booked my air tickets flying with AirAsia from Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu on this very July [2011]. A very EARLY pre-plan indeed! Guess what, it's only 35 MYR for TWO-WAY with all taxes included. Oh yeah... ^^

I'm not a gourmet and so I shall skip food posts which I personally think that something which tastes nice to me MAY NOT taste the same to the others, so on and so forth. =) [eg. Mango Lo Mai Chi, to me, it's not as fan-ta-bu-lous-ly as being described. Ded.]

Upon arrivals, arhem, *beating chest proudly*, we were being greeted by Sabah's most friendly ushers in their traditional costumes.
From left without costumes : Jaime, Yan, Me, San

How proud huh? I felt like a supertar! Sheesssshhh!!! Tak boleh tahan!!! Apparently, WE WERE THE THICK-SKINNED ones to approach them for a group shot... LOL... We were being greeted by our hosts instead, Krys & Donna. =)

Tell you what, no shots taken when we were about to land in KK coz... EVERYTHING was in PITCH-BLACK then when we look out from the airplane's windows. Hak sei yan ah!!! For sure lah since we're flying at night... Deng... Missed out on the wondrous azure skies and crystal clear view of the oceans swarming the heart of the KK Town.

Please do pardon me if you hate the way I'm writing... The facts that I'm in the mood to write in this way instead of being so-called "professional" LOL

Nothing much done on the first night there apart from the night breeze at Tanjung Aru beach and our dinner. =)

On breaking dawn, I was already on my set of attire for the day. All well prepared while waiting for the girls to drag their butts up from bed. And guess what... the daybreak there in East-Malaysia is hours earlier, I bet we are well-aware of that just by paying a little more attention on Geography alright. Geez.

# 1

Starting the day off with a Sunday, how could you miss the Sunday Gaya Street (SGS)? Apparently, it's 17th of July for the day. SGS is only open on a Sunday alright. It's always recommended to BARGAIN for a good price in a "market" and hence the aunty-ness in me flaunted my tail to cut down the price for this very hat that I'm posing for on the right. Cut from 15 MYR to 10 MYR only to realize I can get it at only 5.90 MYR at a Low-Price-Supermart nearby! &*^%$#@&!

There are indeed lots of stalls selling cute and colourful souvenirs ranging from keychains to fridge magnets to potteries to T-shirts to whatever you felt like buying for your friends or families. What you see is what you want, and what you paid is what you get! LOL.. Okay, I'm starting to crap.

# 2

But this doggie is definitely something you can't own! I bet this hound is there to track down thieves. Uh huh... A detective doggie dressed up like a colourful hotdog. I wonder what and how owners will dress their pet dogs like in the upcoming Dogathon 2011 this coming October 2! With the theme, Doggie In Wonderland! Ok, out of topic! Anything, get to me, I might be able to get the info for you! ^^

Alright, apart from souvenirs, you'll never miss out seeing stalls selling clothes, food, fruits, DOGGIES, CHICKS, DUCKLINGS, FISHES, HAMSTERS, housewares, etc etc. It's kinda crowded and I don't feel like flaunting my not-so-glamour cammie. LOL. Crapz. BTW, I regret not getting another beach shawl from the auntie. It's like super duper cheap compared to all the places I saw in KK and also, JB. 24 MYR with a so-called "clutch" to create different designs, cheap no? A picha to show you the ones my sis bought. The price went as high as 50++ MYR in the Filipinos Market. Crazy. O_O

And by the way, if you were to get anything apart from pearls, perhaps SGS is the best place! Everything there that I can remember were way cheaper than in the Filipinos Market. ^^

Next stop after SGS was the KK Waterfront, Esplanade. It's a cool place to be. The view is just too good. I have yet to understand "PERFECT" and I wouldn't use the word for anything. But if you hate getting yourself burn up like a dried leaf, perhaps it's a good place to chill out for a date when the sun sets. =)

Here to share some pichas ^^

# 3 With Esplanade's Dolphin

# 4 Looking out for floating corpse JKJK LOL

# 5 Tee hee, here we go!!! JUMPIE!!!

After a great time of burning ourselves under the sun, the next destination was Tanjung Aru Beach looking back that the previous night we could not have a visionary satisfaction. =P The Avocado drink there is popular so as their guava. =) It's like your trip there won't be a complete one without a bite of the guava. LOL

Photo-sharing time ^^

# 6 First Beach Tanjung Aru

# 7 Beach Babies LOL
# 8 Narcissism LOL

# 9 Don't you ever step on my toes!

I love beaches. I just do. If I could have everything that I wanted, it would be a totally isolated quiet little virgin beach owned to myself, spreading my body, soul and mind on the nakedly delicate fine white sands, feeling the breeze brushing thru my skin and the sea singing to my favourite tunes. How wondrous can that be! Someone, please DON'T wake me up from my dream. Uh huh...

Like, seriously.


# 10

"I'm walking away from the troubles in my life, I'm walking away oh to find a better day~"

oooppss, I'm singing again! ^^

Say goodbye to the beach... And heading out for the next beach....

# 11 Tanjung Likas ^^

# 12

# 13 Somehow, I love this shot below ^^

The day is not done! All of us went back for a quick shower before the next destination! Special thanks to Krys's aunt for making us dinner! *hearts*

Next up, PERDANA PARK! This is where you can watch the singing/dancing fountain! I bet it's gonna be a romantic place to be for couples. LOL. But it became a dancing-playground for kids like us! Too cute to be resisted! Pengsan..


And I have no idea of where the "A" went. Perhaps some kids were obsessed in getting A and needed a karma on that, and so, they'd stolen the silver-tinted-A and buried it under their bed.

# 15 Dancing Fountain in various colours =)

# 16 Fooling around while the fountain's dancing to the songs played XD

# 17 Monkeying around =P #

Oh well, I think to mark up the post for today, I'm gonna share this... Smile to the world ^^

# 18

Stay tuned to... Beach Babies for the upcoming post ^^