Friday, September 3, 2010


Done with Part I of the Port Dickson Trip post-up and I shall share some SUPERMODELS SHOTS like I always do...


Shall you get yourself a cup of tea and sip over them while scrolling down the page en-flooded with ceaseless narcissistic poses before you lose your interest in browsing through the pichas when you've eventually decided to finally get a drink before continuing in between. LOL


This is a so-called COMPLEX SENTENCE!!!


Alright, I'll stop beating about the bush and to now, present you the SUPERMODELS of the whole trip and more camwhorings!

Fancy some silhouette shots??? Here you go!!!

By the POOL !!!

# 3


The kampung boys jumping into the pool!!! LOL!!! Macam kampung style eh??? XD


Owhhh, a random shot by W.Keat when I was unaware. BTW, it turned out to be quite ok yea? =P


OMG ~ I looked short here [memang short pun] Love this shotz XD


Playing with my nails??? LMAO


Nana Lana Take One


Nana Lana Take Two =P


Sexy silhouette


Love Me Love You Love Us Love Him Not WTH


So sweet!!! I like this!!!


Pretentious pose with a book on a vacation~ LOL~


Nice Pose isn't it? Damn funny also!


Owh~ Look at those eyes bags...SOBZ...

#16 CY

"Take Me Away"
"Don't Leave Me"

Alright, are you losing your colour senses now? I shall share some *coloured* shots yea.... XD

Don't you think that the shot below is nice? D*mn Sweet!!!>W.Keat



Owhhh, The Pool Towel Ladies??? LMAOROFL


Ooopppsss!!! Me & Ms.Cheng


Nice not? Personally, I do like this... LOL...!


By the pool... THE FANTASTIC FIVE??? LMAO!!!


So, what can we actually gain from this clay-ish fountain?


I like the shot below! Hope that she won't be angry that I've posted this up. errrr... BTW, the fountain do works as a massager here! LOL!


JFOOK said : Let's Camwhore!!! Wheeeee!!!


Group Photo

Are you drowned just yet? Hope not...

One last one here! Muacks Muacks my mate!


I shall now anticipate for my other outings to camwhore for once and again! LOL! Anyone up for this 2-Week short break for camwhoring with me? Muahaha! Come on, JB frenziessss!!! =P

Somehow, I felt so much better after posting this up. It's as if I can leave my bloggie for some other happening stuffs happening around me. LOL. I've been too cocooned up with the net. I shall, prolly, go for a long walk.

A walk that brings me a moment of serene thoughts, a moment of silence, a moment where I can see you and me somewhere someday. =)

Till then...Hasta la proxima...


saya_arief said...


Jan said...

Haha! Looks like you had fun!

k~^|n said...

wow...pool towel ladies very pretty loh..haha

H.Prakash said...

hope it was a memorable trip for all :)

jfook said...

I think you look quite good in picture number 15. XD

Nana Lana said...


@blackie, its cute nt pretty! LMAO

@Prakash, it was indeed for at least, had my fun despite some angry *moments

@jfook, u "think" and "quite" only mar~ LOL~ pengsan

Maxloon120 said...

Hahah, looks like you all really enjoy with the trip^^||

Maxloon120 said...

Hahah, looks like you all really enjoy with the trip^^||

k~^|n said...

okay...cute and pretty..hahaha

Nana Lana said...

@Max, nobody wanna pout on a vacation isnt it? hehe!

@blackie! LOL! cute!

Jaerragus said...

Cool pics... nice place... so wanna go there again... if not for SPM...==

HenRy LeE ® said...

nice trip and nice photos :)