Monday, December 20, 2010

Where are you, my dear Mr.Motivator?

Ah, I should have many things to blog share on but the low motivation in me just never fails to deprive me of my wills to do so. Pathetic. Always ended up typing halfway and went smacking on my fragile little precious lappie having a little fingers cramp! LOL! No kidding man!

It's really difficult to be just using one hand / 5 fingers and I do really miss typing my way out on the QWERTY keypads, letting my fingers dance gracefully on it or perhaps hip-hopping around?! LOL

And yeah, to those "close enough" with me should know that I have been partially paralyzed immobilized for 18days due to my left hand fracture. =X

And so, I've granted myself a temporary retirement absence from blogosphere. LOL

BTW, I'm sharing this great friendship song to all my friends out there, especially to my BFFs. You know who you are! And I don't have to brag on all the goodness in you people!

Till then!

[Worrying for my new sem. Get well soon Jacko!!! Bones & Hair grow faster please!!! My Christmas wish =P]

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