Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Back, UPM.

Yeah, looking at the title alone you'll know what I mean. I'm officially back to where I live with my peers. I'm officially back to K-17. This time round, I was arranged to a new house, a new room, where it seems like MILES away to my faculty (actually within walking distance lar). Gosh... It's so far-away... Bubu.
Sent by my parents, having them to help me unpack my stuffs, clean up my so-called "apartment" and then, accompanied me UNTIL my housemate, Elaine reached. Keke. Frankly, I wasn't brave enough to stay all ALONE in the house neither. Wakaka.
With the floor mat left by the previous "resident", my room was not that bad though. It felt home-ly. Room-ly. Haahaa! I wonder if SHE will asks for it back or not? Huh? I mean the mat. *grins*
Wokay, it's time to get a plastic bag and cover up my face now! Boys and Girls, it's time to SUFFOCATE yourselves! WAKAKAKA! Okaylar, it really wasn't that appropriate for me to say that but... somehow... I just felt the studying-sensation is somehow quite suffocating at times. Ewww..... Biuuu..... Bah......
P/S : I gotta miss you, Dinosaur! Your laughter, your acts, your jokes which kind of making me happy each time they were brought out from you!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008




Tuesday, December 23, 2008

UnBreak My Heart

Life's but a roller coaster ride...
Sometimes you're at your ups and
Sometimes, you're at your downs...
It's simply unpredictable...
Anything can just happen, anytime...

Love is to accept every single thing of the other party...
But how about true friends?

How do you measure someone as your true friends?
To stand by you through ups and downs?
To share your joys and laughter?
To lend you a support when you needed them the most?


Life for you has been a topsy-turvy ones...
The ones who brought you here into this world
Has never planned their lives...
A proper lifestyle, never...
Are they a failure?
Oh, damn God,
How could you say that of them?
After all, they were the ones who gave you the chance to see this world!
Just resign to it
Resign to the facts
Resign to the fate of yours at this very moment...
Things will eventually change
If YOU do strive hard
To PROVE yourself...

Never mind of what others think of you...
Never mind of their perceptions of you...
Never mind of being looked down upon...
If you DO mind, however you strive,
It will only be NOTHING but a FUTILE effort!

You've been trying hard to achieve something
That was never in your family's history...
You wanna take a chance,
Break the barrier,
Make a change,
Go on, carry on with all your might!

Remember, never to let gossipmongers to ever
Dismantle or to destruct your willpower, your faith
They can say whatever they want
For, the MOUTHs are theirs'
They can hear whatever they want
For, the EARs are theirs'

Your life-story should be created by you, yourself
Your life-story should never be intruded by those gossipers
Your life-story should never be manipulated by their stories
YOU, should not be spoofed by them!

The truth will remain as the truth
Reality can't be changed.
All you can do is to,once again,
Make a change,
Prove yourself,
For a better tomorrow!



If they're your friends,
They will accept you for who you are,
Lend you a shoulder to lean on...
And not,
Trample on you when you're at your downs
When it wasn't even your fault.

Adults affair shall always be adults'
We, the next generation
Ain't have the rights to interfere.


She could not lift her head high when he's around
The adults affair just simply shuns her away from him
All through the years...
She just wanted to be, of normal friends
Gather together
Chatting together
Joking together
Playing together
But HELL, she wasn't even able to do just that!
The thoughts of the doings of the ones who brought her into this world
Never failed to haunt her with ceaseless disappointment
Losing her grips
To the tenuous self-confidence...

She never knew, never knew
If she was considered as a "F-R-I-E-N-D" to him, to them
It chipped in into her Questionnaire...
Buried, forever...

Afflicted by her life,
She just lives a day after another
As if nothing happened
Nothing matters...
So long as the sun is still burning,
The stars are still sparkling...

If one day,
She shall lose all her friends,
Then, she shall let them go as they wished...
It will then be the end of her social-life...
Creating a brand new barrier...
Of a new life...

A SIMPLE life is all she'd ever wished for
Not even an EASY life
In this ever-realistic-materialistic-era...

Am I STILL a friend to you???

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mega K-Day

No Big Voice
No Big Head
No Big Hope

And yet, another K-Day…
There were 18 of us, want me to name you guys out?

Let’s see…
Joey, Pei Hua, Ying Ci, Jolin, Diong, Long Neck/Giraffe, Kee, Dennis, Ying Kiat, Choon Sern, Wee Huat, Han Wen, Jun Hor, Raven, Yi Fan, Jun Ming Ah Bong… And for sure, Nana Lana…
Yalah, seems boring right… I mean my intro…
I’ll make this post VERY BRIEF and yet, NAGGY…

K-ed from 1.30p.m. till 7.09p.m.

No Big Voice – No Big Songs

No Britney Spears
No Celine Dion
No Christina Aguilera
No Diana Ross
No Faith Hill
No Kelly Clarkson
No Rick Price
No Shania Twain
No Taylor Dayne
No Whitney Houston

They are the Big Singers with songs that I’ll always belt out in K-room but sadlyto say, they were NOT done so for, I know I will not sing them well today. Reason? I knew it. My heart tells me so. My heart told me :

“You have not eaten rice today! You will not have enough breath for the day”.
Hahaha! Weird right? I took mee instead of rice mah… Kononnya rice is higher in carbohydrates! Wakaka!
Of all the songs I sang, I gave my most satisfying shot at Angela’s “My Most Beloved”. Wahaha, still, my favourite of all times.
English songs? When I’m doing solo, it s*cks. Whenever I’m doing solo in a crowd, it just s*cks. Ain’t knowing why. I can just sing halfway and TOTALLY lost the mood to continue IF I’m doing solo in a CROWD. (Repetitive-naggy).
Perhaps, prior to the K-session, you need to feed me with rice. Wakaka.
Oh ya, thanks to that person, ain’t naming you here ya, haha, for singing along! Haha!
Mr.Hann, if you’re here, next time choose an easier song to sing lar, “Touch My Body” is really difficult to sing lar if it was not practised earlier. Haha.
I guess, I’ll be belting out those Big Songs at GreenBox, Cheras Selatan instead huh… Soon… Hey, my dear coursemates, heard me? Remember to let me tag along when you guys are going ya! I just wanna sing my lungs out before being suffocated for ONCE again. Haha!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Insanity # 02

Eh yooo....
I'm going insane...
This insanity is driving me out of my mind...
This boringness is really KILLING me...
Please add some spices in my life...
I need to go back there, with an AIM !!!
Here, I ain't getting any determination!
P/S : To go or NOT to go? (am I "ELIGIBLE" for it? -pa-pa- mah... am I acceptable???)

Nana Lana -2008-

Heheh, a very random post of the day...

Just wanna upload this thingie graffiti of mine...

Of Nana Lana...

That's all...


Monday, December 8, 2008

I was abroad !!???!!

Christmas Day is approaching and being a Johorian, so near to the neighbourhood-country, Singapore, it will be such a waste just to miss the Christmas atmosphere there! Yes, this year, I’ve managed to experience the atmosphere itself together with my aunt, elder sis and her “HE-friend”. HE drove there and we were like rounding the same area for twice until we get to our destination, Orchard Road! We’ve spent the whole Day looking around all the emporiums around that area.
Here are some random pictures taken...
Shokudo - Street Of Japan where many Japanese cuisines are found!

Nice One, I love this, perhaps when you get to see it with your very own eyes! It's crafty enough.

Nice too right? The fountain found in Takashimaya... haha!

Takashimaya --> REAL crowded! I was like fainting!

Takashimaya --> Winnie The Pooh and Friends!!! OMG... My Fav Cartoon!

Oh yeah... tried many delicacies in Takashimaya! Wow, the Yogurts! The Cookies! The Bento-set! The Dried Berries (Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries). The Tutu-Kuih! The Octopus Balls! And many more!

If I did not remember wrongly, this should be taken at Paragon!

Orchard Road Decorations...

When the night falls, we went to Marina Square and Suntec City. Yea, missed out Millenia Walk! Hm, I’ve made three wishes on the BIGGIE balloons which will be displayed for the countdown in welcoming YEAR 2009 at Marina Bay! Wonder if all the dreams will come true... Wakaka!

Marina Square... The Balloons which I carved my wishes on!!!

The Fortune Fountain!

A tiring Day indeed ; for being on-the-walk the whole day! However, it was quite fun... For? I was “abroad” this semester break! Heehee!

Friday, December 5, 2008


It’s the 5th of December today! So, what have I done this morning huh? Went to RedBox Pelangi with Joey. Only the two of us, yeah... She drove for sure, wahaha! We’ve been camwhoring in the K-Room at the very last couple of minutes and I bet the waiter saw what we did as I saw him controlling his smile while we’re settling the bill... Whoosshhhh... Paiseh man... Haha!

Here are some random pictures taken...

My Mee Siam and Sour Plum Lime Juice

Joey & I : Take 1 !

Joey & I : Take 2 !

Me, trying to pose mischievously... Cute huh? Wakaka! Perasan...

Well, we had numerous snapshots of the same pose lo... To select the best one for sure. Wakaka! So, wondering when there’ll be a MEGA-K-Gathering!!!???!!! Be waiting!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Of A'Famosa and Friends

And so, the latest trip for me was the trip to A’Famosa with my bunch of ex-classmates/friends. Heehee! Set off on Tuesday morning (2nd of December 2008) and came back the next night (3rd of December 2008). Overall, it was a fun outing because it was with, FRIENDS. Haahaa!

Here you go, some random pictures taken.

At the entrance of A'Famosa Resort

Our Bungalow Villa with Pool !!!

One of the random picture taken...

After checking in to our Villa, we set off to the WaterPark by the shuttle-banana-truck. The ride was not bad though ; especially when you’re in a crowd! Wahaha! I felt great and relaxing when the wind/breeze brushed over me entirely. Wakaka! We did had a snap on the ride butta it was in his cell phone and I do not have the courage to Bluetooth it from him though. Keke.

At the entrance of the A’Famosa WaterPark

Now, here you go, some random pictures taken at the Water Park!

I bet they’re getting on their nerves for - waiting for us!

I did had a few thrilling-slide-rides but it was really a pity that I did not try out the “jumping-off-tall-building-sensation-slide”. I only tried its’ twin brother. Wahaha! Which made me like almost flew out from the slide man. Scary but fun. That’s enough. Wakaka.

A picture says it all. Looking at all the pictures, you’ll get to see that all the guys I’ve known are either fleshy or boney right? Haha! Sorry if offended lar. I know I ain’t shapey like a “Hu-Lu” lar. Wahaha! Crazy. Back to the guys, I bet they’re more good looking than my coursemates in UPM? Oh no, not again, offending the BioMed.Sc.’s lads.

Our first night together in the Villa, we played “Truth or Dare” game again like what we did in Desaru. The only difference was that only 7 of us played it for this time. Wokay, I really do not have any question to ask punya lar unless my I have the gut to. Well, like what I’ve predicted, both questions were being shot to me by Mr.Kee. My first and second degree ex-es? Wakaka. Whatever lar, I did answered without getting too emotional, alright.

Hm, here’s a suggestion, maybe we shall try “Dare” game next time by... noting down 10-daring-actions, role it up, and put into a container and the one who tikam-ed it up will have to do that action like, “drinking 1000ml of water at one go” ; “eating 1 whole chilli padi” ; “give G of the opposite sex a peck?” ; etc and etc. Wahaha! Crazy.

Okay lar, I guess that will be all for now...