Wednesday, July 29, 2009

H1N1 OutBREAK-->Advanced Mid-Term BREAK!!!

yoyoyo, break it up babes!

I'm officially back to JB (advanced mid-term break)!!! Thanks to H1N1 that I've actually did something that I've been tremendously hoping for! But due to those hectic dance practices, my plan of coming back to JB was demolished again and again! But who cares? I'm back home now!

Adeline was asleep when I reached home last night and she was in school when I woke up this morning. Goshhh... I'll just wait for her to return from her extra classes from school!

I thought that Plaza Rakyat (Pudu) will be packed with people of all races yesterday but it turned out to be kinda "empty". Guess what, my 6.30p.m. bus departed from the station with only 5 passengers excluding the 2 drivers. Hahaz! It's kinda unbelieveable as this is my very first time on a bus with just a few passengers. Kakaka!

CAD Night and Fac Nite are being postponed. CAD Night will be held on the 8th of August whereas the new date for Fac Night is still unknown. Hope that I will not forget those dance steps! Hahaz!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

*High Night*

Hahaz! Just by looking at the title above, what will be on your mind right now, huh? Boo hoo!!!

Course Night is approaching and the girls will be just crazy chatting and jawing on their dresses. Who don't? Even the guys, are somehow, "working" on it! Some even contributed their ideas to make the one and only guy for this year's new batch. Gosh. Just wish them the best! Wakaka!

As for my case, well, guess what, it's really crazy! Muahaha! Exchanging dresses to be worn, having to mix and match the accessories, etc, etc, and etc...! Fun in a way, bragging and laughing through the night. Keke!

For now, just hope everything will be smooth on that night!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pratice Practice Practice

So, how well do you agree with "Practice makes Perfect"? What if someone who kept practising on something 24/7 and the outcome was not really PERFECT??? WTH... Just WHATam I trying to say here? Craz Nerd.

Whatever it is... like what I've told 'ya all in the previous post that I'll be engaged with two dance performances which will leave me kinda unable to catch up with my own self study and so....which will ultimately led me to be unable to blog until I really have the time to do so. I guess it will be most probably after those performances, which fall on two consecutive day... Ouchhh....

I'm enjoying what I'm doing now for the sake of having more experiences. I've never performed on-stage until I stepped my feet into this ever bewildering varsity life. You may say that I'm greedy. Greedy for the stage though. Butta, I'll only be crazy if I do have my mate to share with me for it. Yea. Anticipating for more.

For now... I'll just practice, practice, and practice for 'em whenever I have the time... =)

Monday, July 13, 2009

2 Big Nights =D

Have I ever told you, my dear readers, that I went Mid Valley instead of going back to JB last weekend? NOPE. Was supposed to meet up with a senior for discussing the dance performance for CAD Night but ended up to be in the Mega Shopping Centre when I failed to get any reply from 'em. =P (excuse).

To me, I just need a breather to let things take its course without losing myself. Hence, MV might just be another source for me to loosen up from the homesickness. Yea, definitely. Well, it was supposed to be just MINES but with majority's vote, there we went, to MV.

Gosh! I HATE KTM! People pushing around, squeezing you, and ew... the armpits odour, OMG OMG OMG!!! For all I can, I would really try hard, as hard as I can to avoid standing near or being squeezed by those foreigners! Apart from the armpits odour, they just simply have a "PROMINENT" kind of *s-m-e-l-l* which me, myself, and I could NOT stand or else, I would just use my mouth to breathe! =P

Well, my main purpose was to just to get a belt for my FIESTA-themed Chinese Annual Dinner Night for my course. Apparently, the theme for the year was "GLAM FIESTA". As for me, I would choose Fiesta over Glam coz.... I just can't bring out the GLAMOROUSity in me. I doubt I have that. As for Fiesta-sorta-Flower-themed, I guess, I may just bring out the sampat-ness in me! Wahaha!

Anyways, the Faculty's Night will be at the end of this month... da 31st... Themed "Noir Blanc"... If everything goes smoothly, might have a chance to perform for that Night too! HAHAZ!!! So, I'm just waiting... Anticipating for both performances although I'm not a superb performer lar~ keke! =P

Friday, July 10, 2009


How a person conduct a program is really important in order to attract people! Thus, how a lecturer/tutor conduct a lecture has undoubtedly, affected my interest in that particular subject. It was meant to be an interesting subject and yet, it turned out to be damn boring and "Mr.Kin Zao Gong" was alluring me into his world whereby I was really, unfeignedly energetic and fresh during the lecture.

She has no accent. Very, inevitably, a truly typical Malay's way of speaking. Jumbled up grammar. This is M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A... What can we do? It was really hilarious when the opposition party was against with the usage of English in both Maths & Science subjects and even wanting to reconvert it back to using the national language for it. Gosh. Sensitive issue. Butta, it should be fine to just voice my opinion here... Keke...

Sigh, for the next generation, for a brighter "M", please lar, think wisely, Mr.P and don't be taken down by those people's unscrupulous remarks... All The Way Go!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just Some Random Post

Heated some sorts of "Hash Brown like-Mashed Potato-with-Orangish Filling" dessert which my direct senior has gotten me the night before. It was nice and edible for sure after being heated by my mini MIDEA rice cooker... Hahaz! (Thanks to Buddy MW!)

BTW... Cytogenetics Lab was cancelled and so.... I was free from the very moment I step out of the Haematology Lab! And guess what, for the very first time in my life, I've actually "donated" my blood for experiment usage... Kakaka... Okla, lame butta my first time whatz.

Was in the same group with Mr.Bean a.k.a Banana (my co-bud), Xiao Di Di (Chinese Class Rep.), and Ela (my one and only Indian coursemate). Mr.Bean as how he resembles Rowan Atkinson in da Mr.Bean Series, is always bringing funny stuffs into the picture. That'll be probably his forte. Haha! I had fun for this lab. Da senior who was supervising (WF) us was funny too. I bet she was kinda entertained by Mr.Bean! Akaka!

So, I'll be waiting for my Thalassaemia result! =P

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Too Late To Apologize?

Since the new semester has started, it's time to have a planning...

Hopefully, this sem,

- I'll be more thrifty & STOP splurging on unnecessary stuffs
- Avoid joining too much OUTINGS
- STOP being childish crying over little things
- STOP lamenting on my HOMESICKness
- EARN enough merits
- PREVENT from being spiked from the back
- IMPROVE myself
- ENDS FASTER!!! (for the very first time, I'm eager for the break)

Assignments are coming in... Presentation will be the next... It's time to settle down in a group. It's time for group formation. I have the people in my mind. The problem is that, I wonder IF they wanted me as their group member or not? Yea, sounded stupid but WHO CARES? Bu... So, people, there's no interview or anything... Just come up to me if you think we can work it out as a team. =D

And SORRY for pulling a loooooooooooooooooooong face and kept a distance from you poeple the last 2 days... It may had shunned you guys off OR even, aroused unnecessary gossips/rumours...


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Miss...[ ]

Here am I again, tears flowing out ceaselessly the moment I think of her during my shower this morning. Yet again, simply uncontrollable. Entered Cytogenetics' class, teary eyes were present again. Daniel wanted to inform something, I shunned him off, getting too emotional, sorry! Next, calmed up in the library. Haematology class, I've conquered the tears although they were forcing themselves to be out. I hope to be able to brave up and to continue walking. Although my happiness is just superficial, but someday, I'm gonna smile even more vibrantly than the sun could. Gambateh!

Anticipating for the coming up break!

At this moment of time, I really think that friends are important.

Monday, July 6, 2009


OMFG! Pardon me for being rude ; for,I'm just soooo outrageously disappointed and devastated for being unable to control my emotion last night and.. today! I'm gonna play truant for the very first time, for my favourite ANATOMY lecture at TWO later on... I just can't stop those irritating tears flowing out all the way throughout the 8am-10am's and 11am-1pm's lectures today! SHYT! I used to be so tough that I'll be able to curb those tears from showing up but... Argh...

I MISS... 'em! What can I say? I don't normally show my emotions but for now, it's just UNCONTROLLABLE! Refreshing back the watery eyes of my youngest sis on the day she sent me back, OMG, I can't believe that it had left such a great impact on me. My heart's heavy now, for the very first time...too...

Mum called up, but I set "busy", and sms-ed that I was in class, that I'll be busy this week... I lied. For, I know I was still emotionally unstable. Yes. Up till now. GOSH.

I know that it's just simply stupiak to be wuwu-ing at this age for staying away from home... Argh... But, I just can't control myself everytime I think of 'em.