Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oil Spattering

Went out with a bunch of ex-classmates. Nice one. We went for steamboat at "Da Wei Wang", Bukit Indah, Johor. Ehhhhh..... the moment Blackie saw me, "Wah, Jacklyn fa-fu le woh"...


Any other better words? Bubu...

Had my fun although I did not talked much. That's me what. I only open my mouth when someone asked me questions. Or else, a total mute! Giraffe showed me his works. His creative works. Oh my God, don't make me regret in choosing BioMedical Science instead of chasing after my own dream. Don't care already, since I'm here, I shall give my all to BioMedic. Wakaka! Gambateh Nana Lana!

Good Luck to you ya, Giraffe! Maybe someday, if I could, I might take up some arts courses as my elective choice in UPM, photography and many others. Are there any? Ain't got any ideas. Haha! Oh goshhh... That's Me! The real Me! I love playing with colours! The more extravagant, the better! The more I like it babes!

Here, look at this, an early gift. Damn early lo! Haha! From Joey, Thanks ya! By the way, I haven't open it woh, wait till that day baru open ya! Bring back to UPM. Haha!

Okay, till my next post... Heehee!

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