Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dying Pain

I had an severe acute tummy disorder last night. I don't know what went wrong with me. I guess it was the early mango fault or the irregular lunch that I had. The pain was killing me that landed me on my bed at around 7 p.m. ! Throughout the night, I was just curling up on my bed, rushing to the toilet with colourless output! Ain't got any idea of what was the output neither. Oh gosh, it was part of the menstrual pain as well. The combination was just so horrid that made me in tears, AGAIN!

Gosh, I've been in tears this whole week man! Wadda! I really can't stand the pain! Really wished that I could just fall asleep and let the pain subside itself but for God's sake, I was well awake the whole night with the pain haunting me, with my room mate having her gaming online (computer games) until I really can't stand it no more and sent a sms to my housemate who was just right outside in the living room, silly, I asked her for opinion not allowing her to my room. Well, it was just awkward to let people see me in tears.

Grandma was very accurate in predicting my style. She knew it. She knows that I will not tell anyone about the uneasiness that I'm feeling nor the pain I'm having! I will just endure it all silently. Parents, know it too. Like how they've discovered me grasping for fresh air years ago that caused them to bring me for inhalation stuffie thingie.


I was really suffering, never been in such a painful situation. With all the pill, drinks, and finally, I've vomitted! GREAT. I feel much better with all the vomittings. Once I'm sick, vomit is all I'll be expecting and hoping for as it will make me feel much more better!

This morning, there was a presentation. Luckily I did not faint. Friends said my lips were white, was it? No idea. My face was pale? Probably. Wokay, going back to my room and for my dinner! Ain't gonna skip any meals now! I don't wanna feel the pain ever again! Boooo...........
Oh ya, thanking those who've "helped" during the period of time when I was im pain and revealed that I'M IN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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