Tuesday, October 21, 2008


1. That voice was "man-ly".

2. I like that voice.

3. This song, "Wherever You Go" is by "The Calling".

4. That voice can sing this song.

5. I love this song.

6. I love that voice.

7. In conclusion, I LOVE that voice singing this song.

1. It's raining now.
2. The rain is like cats and dogs now.
3. Cats and dogs are hiding in some corner.
4. Cats and dogs are preventing themselves from getting wet.
5. Emilia is here. (invinsibly)
6. Emilia possessed into Nana's body.
7. Emilia wanna sings.
8. Emilia's singing.
9. Nana's singing.
10. They're singing... "BIG BIG WORLD"


shanz said...

i have a rough voice too :D

Nana Lana said...

ur biggie boobs lar!
urs rough?
super duperly, ultraly harsh-rough huh?

oh come on, urs punya... so girly! wahahaahah!
go n sing M2M's songs lar!

dun get offended for that boobies thingie!