Friday, October 17, 2008


Okay, fine, here's the Top 5 names which appeared on my HP screen right after 12 a.m. this early morning in the wee hours.

1. Joey
2. Men Wai (my buddy)
3. Carmen
4. Jia Pei
5. Aunt Annie

Those who've celebrated with me, a very big "THANK YOU" to you all. Slightly a little bit different for this time, haha, there was the guitarist man, Thanks! The guy who can really sing well, wow, the nice tune that you add on to the song, bravo, real nice! Thanks! Although the whole session of the song never reached the superior level of a choir, guys, it was really nice, honestly, being an amateur choir was just as fine.

No..there was no tears of touchness, no tears of sadness, coz, I managed to curb it all. Whoooshhh...

This is cute. Something that I would want but never lay my hands on buying it and yet it's in my hand now! Thanks! Thanking others too! Other gifts are greatly appreciated as well. It is the thoughts that count and not the price. Thanks again!

Puppy! Yes, that's what I like. Woots Woots!

Well, the other half of the day, I'll be kissing my lecture notes! Oh man.....


Ewaine said...

heyzzz dear,

i'm realy glad you like it..... guesss we somehow do know your cute taste of thingss... love ya... hugzzz

Nana Lana said...

thanks alotz newayz!