Monday, October 6, 2008

FLOOD!!! Out of boredom!!!

I cried suddenly, I cried silently, I cried again...

Woke up early yesterday and did some readings. After sometimes, I sent out a Birthday-sms to my Dad. He replied something and tears were flowing ceaselessly and uncontrollably out from my eyeballs. Gosh, I don’t miss home. I must not miss home! How am I supposed to hold on for 4 years if I were to miss home? I must be strong no matter what. When they asked, I said “NO” but deep inside, you’ll never know! Times and again, I don’t express myself in good ways. I don’t know what’s wrong with me either.

After a while, he sent me a sms again, telling me it was my Chinese Lunar Birthday yesterday! Asking me to cook myself any mee, Maggi Mee will do as well, oh man... Lagilah, the tears... While trying to get myself Maggi Mee, Dinosaur or a new nick she gave herself, “Godzilla”, came out from her room and we’ve decided for a Mid-Valley hunt-out.
Stupid middle-aged Malay Uncle, disgusting enough to get so close to me from behind with his thingie thing in the KTM. Bueks! I tried hard enough to curl my body you’ll never know how I did that until you get to see it, wahaha! Funny but it was the only way I tried to avoid him!
Once we reached there, we set a time to meet and then, shoooooo, off we went for our own shoppings! Yeah, individual-shopping. I love that! That’s when I get a time of my own to shop for things that I’ve wanted! Guess what, I’ve spent like hours in Watson looking out for something! And *ta-da*, I’ve bought myself a gift to pamper myself although my real ang-moh birth date is still far away!!! Wahaha! Oh ya, before all that shoppings of mine, I did went for a mee-treat! So pathetic hoh? Bo-bian lar. Wakaka!
I’ve explored the whole Mid-Valley and I almost get myself to The Gardens! However, time does not allows me to and so, I went to Carrefour and met up with Dinosaur. Heehee!
*** minimanihom ***
Ar, actually, I’ve just finished my TITAS presentation and went off blogging in the lecture hall while another group’s giving their presentations. Heehee! How rude of me! I hate myself man, my Malay language s*cks now! Oh my God, it’s so rotten that I’ve actually having the difficulty to swallow every single word. Wakaka! No lah, not that exaggerating man. I just did it so fast that I think anybody could hardly catch my word. I wonder how will the rest of my days be later on!
Am I happy? I know I’ll be depressed if the greetings were not approved but I ain’t happy nor overjoyed that they were actually approved! In facts, I’m kinda in a bad-dy mood. I guess my great-aunt will call me soon. She’s always like that, accurate enough! Call on me on the right time man! So right that I’ve totally concede defeat! Okay, fine, make me feel better with your capabilities. Wakaka!


Anonymous said...

why dont say you miss when you do miss... hey.. why cant you miss... y dont express what you are feeling and rather blog about it...

Nana Lana said...

i cant.
i will break down into tears easily.
tats y, i oways kip things to myself.
im mysterious.
ppl cant read through me.
n i duwan dem to.
tats y, im here, always to my blog to get my chest out.

im like dis

i aint got any idea