Monday, September 29, 2008

Tebrau City, Johor

Don’t just stand there motionless watching me with my lappie, okay? It’s not if I’m indulging in any illicit acts... Oh, come on! I know the limitations of being part of “ Yong”, I know what to do at the right time, right place. Privacy, that’s all I’m asking for, alright? Okay, I’m just blogging, be it that you know my blog or not but it seems like you’ve discovered it! Should I just terminate this bloggie thing? Duhhh...

Being cooped up in the cocoon was just not the right thing to be obedient nor safe, okay? There’re still so many so-called environmental factors to bring out the unwanted influences. As long as I can avoid them, prevent them from happening, then, there’s nothing much to be worried about. Just trust me, alright?

Okay, enough for that...

Hm, went out with the ladies today, Joey and Wee Wee, and met up with Wendy. 3 Months... For roughly as long as 3 whole months that I did not meet up with them. Went for movie thingie. Frankly, for the past few months, I ain’t had any contacts at all with movies nor TV series. Oh gosh, I wanna watch Singapore’s “Beach Baby” and Taiwanese’s “Basketball Fire”????? Wahaha, simply convert the titles man...

Guess what, we bought 3 tickets for “HALLOWEEN” and we watched “CONNECTED” instead!!! Reason??? We, yes, we, no doubt, went into the wrong parlour man...(Jac’s parlour) Despite that, I did enjoyed the thrills, the laughers, the touching scenes. Wahaha! Sounds crazy but I almost went teary in the end because the small boy was just so adorable when he cried over his dad’s habit. Wakaka! Thumbs up though. For me lar.

Haizzz, received a sms from Mr.Kee, asking us to join a reunion, I hope I can go bcoz I wanna go. The thing is, I haven’t ask my mum and I HAVE to get her consent before acting on something, okay... So, erm, pardon me for not replying you first! I’ll see how it goes tomorrow morning! If I can’t join, then you guys have fun tomorrow night, alright? If I can, then I’m gonna makan puas-puas lo! Heehee!

Just read an e-mail from Wee Seng, man, I can't join your Genting trip lar, I got TITAS class, presentation some more, alright.. What a timing! Sighhh... You all have fun ba!

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