Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ahaz Ahaz...

Here I am againz dude...

Something just came up in my mind and I was like "prop prop prop", wanting to post this up.

Funny, as I'm Chinese-illterate, it's difficult or rather, am totally ignorant of what my Chinese-peers-cum-bloggers write in their post and yet, I "followed" their blogs. Haha. I guess it's time for me to somewhat, learn a little bit or two by getting myself engrossed in learning Chinese huh.

Well, this is my little cutie pie back home, wahaha, I still owe her a Birthday present! But soon, you'll get that!
Hope that she'll follow my parents down from JB to pick me up this time round and eh heh, then, we'll probably go Genting. Wakaka.
See how things turn out first thou.

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