Thursday, May 6, 2010

Singapore Post # 1

Date : 02.05.2010

Venue : Orchard Road

This will be my very first time bringing a friend from East Malaysia to visit the City of Singapore! Lucky me, that on the very 2nd of May 2010, my sis and her boy were planning for the outing to Singapore as well and so, the SIX of us cramped into a MyVi and headed to....

Deng Deng....

Orchard Road...

BTW, it was just a mere "i step and go" trip~ LoLx~ Without much outlet-to-outlet exploration.

Went to the Rooftop Garden of OC (Orchard Central)..

SUPER HOT AND SUNNY and mind you, my BB CREAM is still pretty much unmelted, I guess??? hahaha!!!

Promoting Dr.Jarts Silver Label....! Thick Coverage! Please do bear this in mind, the texture, it's sorta Greyish! Thus, be sure you don't apply it too much just in case you'll look pale just like my first attempt with the Silver Labelzzz! LoLx!


My Pork Slice Mee from Food Junction..Not bad lar...S$3.90


Most of 'em are priced between S$5.80 - S$ 7.90 PER SLICE o.O"

Mixed Berries Dark Chocolate

Fruity Yoghurt Cheese

Man... They werer like so yummy you know? Especially the Yoghurt CHeese since I'm so into yoghurt and cheese! And I bet the yoghurt cheese is much more tempting than the bachelors on my previous post --> here! LoLx!!!


Jac (Me) : Lee Wen, nice ho?

Unknown Lady : Ya, very nice lar girl. I want it but I can't find my size since it's the one and only left...

Jac (Me) : Ohh, what a pity. (Carry on trying on the heels. I'm holding on it TIGHTLY. Don't ever let anybody snatch it from me!!! Hahaha!)

Unknown Lady : You see, it fits perfectly on you! Gosh! Very nice lar girl!

Jac (Me) : Ohh... (smile)

Haha! I was like over the moon as I headed to the cashier counter but at the same time, I'mWORRIED!

Guess what, just like what I've been worrying! The moment I saw the PRICE from the screen, I felt a sharp protrusion piercing through my fragile heart. Ouch. PAIN. It's painful!

S$ 76.90 ! ! !

No, I'm NOT going to pay that amount! After conversion it would be a freaking RM 185.33 man! If it's a pair of running shoes, I WOULD but HEELS? NO WAY!!!

In the end, I've just paid for a MERE S$ 9.90 / RM 23.86 for that very pair of SEMBONIA heels! LoLx! Last Unit Offer lar babes... Gotcha? Lame...

I've been looking for such a design for quite some time ady and since it's so cheap right now, I wouldn't let it slip thru my fingers! EVER! hahaz!

What's for Post # 2 then???

Sabar yer my dear friends... XD

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