Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut



What can they actually bring you ???

Still Clueless ???

More Hints ???

* TA-DA *


Yepz, presenting to you, the latest Flavour-of-the-Month, FISH KING PIZZA only at PIZZA HUT!!!

(click on banner to see how nuffies can win!)

Aren't you tempted by the quote, "Tender on the inside & Crispy on the Outside" JUST YET? Pardon me BUT I was like so gaga over it since I'm such a FISH FILLET lover! I just can't wait nor imagine just what sensational surprise Pizza Hut can brings me!

And what more when I could stand a chance to win some prizes? LoLx! You're never too old for any chances right? So, WHY NOT but to give it a try? XD

By the way, how many of you do actually know that Alaskan Pollock used for the fillet provides HIGH nutritional value? NONE of you? SERIOUSLY? It's okay, me neither. LoLx! They, the fishes provide

Protein (17.2 g)
Iron (0.2 mg)
Sodium (99 mg)
Potassium (326mg)

Get it? Good!

And now, allows Nana Lana to share her stuffs!!!

(ooOopPpssSs...not a nice one tho. DA NOSTRIL!!! LoLx!)

See-ing my photos, to win or not to, I'm just contented and happy that I've tried my best in getting my shots done the way I did. Although not PERFECT just JUST RIGHT for me. =)

Instead of Dining-In, I called for Delivery but sad to say that the Deliverer declined my intention to SHOOT him! Of course lar, mana ada orang sudi DITEMBAK? LOLX! Lame me. I mean to take his photo lar. =(

MAN, I say You just gotta Love My Photos!

My Ideas!

My Concepts!

Relax ar... Ain't snobbish here yea! Don't get offended!

Just for sharing =)

Having water splashing around is even BETTER! But seems like no one's "pooling" around =(

Now, fancy some camwhorings by my GrandMa? LoLx! Here You Go!

* Pizza Hut Delivery *

Yepz, the "model" herself nodded for these shots to be published. Since it was only me and her there for the photoshooting session, ALL my shots FAILED coz my "photographer" FAILED to keep my camera "lens" projected at me! =( Yay, that's my GrandMa. LoLx.

The FISH KING PIZZA itself served as a "Birthday Cake" for my GrandMa on that very day too! Happy Belated Burpday now! LoLx!

A round of applause for the Model-Of-The-Day! Thanks for the hardwork under the hot-scorching-sun!

So, what's next? YEAHHH... Time to tuck in!!!

Wondering what's ON our KING FISH PIZZA?

Ar hem, it's all LOADED with specially-imported Alaskan Pollock, Crabsticks, Mozzarella Cheese, Roasted Capsicums, Yellow Onions and simply Juicy Pineapples, all on a cool, YES, COOL LIME Mayo Sauce that makes it simply refreshing!

Believe it or not, although I had mine delivered instead of being served in its piping hot pan, I had no *qualms*. For, surprisingly, the fish-finger remained *Squishy*! Seriously! I was really surprised too!

By the way, I suggest that it shouldn't be eaten way too *chilled* neither to conserve the tenderness of the fillet, the juiciness of the pineapples and for sure, the stewy-ness of the cheese! Gosh. I'm craving for it again. =(

( Personally, I like this shotz too. XD )

Aren't you just tempted yet? Gosh! It's a BIG FISH FEAST within BUDGET mind you! Hurry and get yours'!

What's more? Maybankard Holder enjoys 30% off ! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bites now before everyone are done singing their praises on them except YOU!


geNe said...

ur grandma so cute la wei. ahaha

KwOnG FeI said...

i like the 2nd last pic

Nana Lana said...


haha! thx on behalf of her ya! lolx!

@kwong fei

yea, i like tat too! XD. thx for droppin by =)

Hilda Milda said...

creative ideas on all the pics (thumbs up) All the best nanananana :D

Nana Lana said...

thanks gurl XD

ohmywtf said...

lol...u should shove the fish sticks to cover up ur nostrils mah...lol

Nana Lana said...

ish. nvm lar. aunty dun care. no nostrils mean mal-breathing ady~ lolx! d bigger it is d better for me to runnnnnnnnnnn! lol

SonnyKazu said...

nice ehh... I'm going to blog about it later... :D

Nana Lana said...

haha, fast fast, 11 more days to go~ XD