Thursday, May 13, 2010

Auntie-ing Around

Been such a cuckoo yesterday. Yea, so yes-ter-day!

Wasted on my RM17 for taking a cabbie to-&-fro TWO destinations. A-to-B-B-back-to-A. Ish...

Well, you see, this might sounds like "OMG, WHAT???" but I really ain't owning any driving licence and hence the outcome of this. =(

Was asked to pick my sister up from school and god knows she followed her friend back home. *boiling-me* Grrr...

To appease myself, ended up loitering around an emporium and gotten some D.I.Y. materials... Hahaz!

Tried to kill the boredom in me by window-shopping-ing around but ain't having the mood to.

And so... Tried being an AUNTIE by fooling around in the fitting room! LoLx... That's me, flirting with my BLACKIE (Umbrella)...

Been asked of why I don't smile with teeth shown... And here you go~ LoLx! My uneven-ed-teeth. Duhhh... Nah, I did not adjust the lightings nor anything on those pixs, just added da framey-thingie-thing. LoL.

And da... I love da last one since (surprisingly) MY IMPERFECTIONS are INVISIBLE! LoLx!

Let me talk on Blackie someday soon!


Jose said...

how i wish i could wander around also.. nice one nana...cheers:)

Nana Lana said...

but it's sorta boring too. lolx. wandering around v no purpose one. hahaha!

btw, thanks Jose!


ohmywtf said... ur qualified as aunty :-P

Michael Yip said...

fiuyooooooh.... so you brought al those clothes?

Nana Lana said...


yea, aunty nana huh. lolx.


nopz for the top 3. but YES for da lower flora ones! hehe!

SonnyKazu said...

Cute! :D