Thursday, May 20, 2010

No More Partying? No More Trips?

Ish... Tak boleh tahan!

Thought of winning my passes which Me Myself personally felt that I'm the FIRST who tweeted back to JuiceMy to grab A, nono, I mean TWO-freaking-fantastical passes for Juice-Hanger-Mag-Launch at Luna Bar KL which will be going on tomorrow night @ 7pm or perhaps 8pm!!!

Free Entrance Free Mocktails (never really tried one lar) some more...

Heard that Luna Bar is very classy some more. Deng... No, I don't club. Never been to one neither. My first in KL was ZOUK but that's for CLEO BACHELOR BASH... lolx... I only took my REVIVE there! Hahaz!

See, received my CellPhoneBills... Dammit. A freaking RM 400+++??? WTH??? I didn't even use much for my callings and I've even cut down on my texts! Ish... tak boleh tahan! Have to betul betul check! I ain't lovin' postpaid at all! Uncontrollable credits!

By paying that loadsome amount, I gotta give up on my trip to KL for Luna Bar tomorrow!

By paying that loadsome amount, I gotta put my friends on aeroplane for their trip to Singapore this coming JULY!

Wanna cry now! huhuhuhu!

Sorry lads, no choice but to let you down. The preplan itself was already "expensive" and I doubt Singapore's gonna have that Half-Price Promo for Malaysian this year. =( Still no updates up till now. Deng...

Ohhh, Dutch Lady, Pls let me win the weekly prizes!

Ohhh, Pizza Hut, Pls do let me win too!


Tried to find works but... Once I HONESTLY told them that I can only work for TWO MONTHS, they went, "Owh...we need long-term workers" DENGGG....


ohmywtf said...

u just work for 2 months...then fly kite need so honest one :-P

Nana Lana said...

lolx. wished i could but i couldnt. lolx.