Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ladies Night-Out

Right after my final paper ended on the very 28th of April 2010, I'd flew all the way toUptown 2 Damansara with Krystal to get our passes for CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor Bash 2010!

Not knowing exactly the way from Serdang, we've actually explored on our very own. LoLx. Kinda fun. That's the way it should be.

Had our lunch at Killisis (very common lar~edible)

Da waiter there *curi-curi* treated us to a bowl of red bean soup! Buahaha!

Guess what..the to-and-fro detour took us for about 3 hours before we continued for our Ladies Night-Out with another bunch of ladies in Bukit Bintang area.

Baskin & Robbins... Pinky Day!

6 Double-Junior Scoops!

The girls, with the TIGER of the year??? Huhu!!! yea, Lao-Hu!!! *lame*

The girls, photo-snapping at Ichiban Ramen, Pavillion...

Spent the night strolling around the city till the middle of the night. (my very first time v frens!) Then, back to the hotel... XD

Alcoholic drink?

No worries, we weren't drunk... But we had a few drunk poses that were not appropriate to be publicized tho. XD

That's my post-exam outing!

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