Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Date : 9th of May 2010

Event : "Kidnappers" Cast Meet-Up with Fans & Autograph Session.

Venue: City Square, Johor Bahru

Casts : Christopher Lee & Jack Lim

To think that I'm being so kiasu shrieking and shouting ME ME ME in order to get the MC of the day to fling or flung or perhaps THROW those posters to my position! LoLx.

Anyhow, I did managed to grab one of those flying-posters! Buahaha!

Here you go, MC of the day - from MY FM

Thanks to my 55-year-old Aunt for jumping and smacking on one of da flying postersDOWNright in front of us. ARIGATOGOZAIMASU!!! huhu!!!

Oh no, it's 5 pm now... Can we make it? *Praying hard*

(in white top)

My childhood (made him sounds old huh, lolx) heart-throb. GAGA!!! CrazMe.

Interview Session.

It's 5.30 p.m.! Oh no, can we really make it???

Gaming Session.

No! It's 5.45 p.m.!!! Ahhhh!!! Can we make it???

And finally, the session I've been waiting for.. Autograph session! Weeeee!!!

Tho he's married to Fann Wong but still, he's not losing my support for him lar! Haha! Shoke his hand! Weeee!

Sorry dude but I'm not so into nor am I familiar with Jack Lim. Keke. He's a Malaysia's DJ huh...

The moment we left the emporium, the rain was pouring hard and I just prayed that we can make it on time for our Mother's Day Dinner~ gaga~ And we just DID. Thank God.

So, let's do some modelling around. LOLX

So, anybody's watching? It will be released tml! LOLX.But I doubted I will coz no companion. Buahaha!

Oh yea, before the Kidnappers Event, there was this, SUSHI KING EATING COMPETITION and I pushed my sis onstage for it! LoLx! Wished I was brave enough to barge onstage. HAHA!

There she is, third from far right.

The skinny guy in red, gosh... He's eating so d.e.c.e.n.t.l.y. making me wondering if it's an EATING COMPETITION or EATING ETHICS DEMONSTRATION! lolx. Pardon Me. gaga.

Spot the gal in black cardigan? She was there onstage for Kidnappers cast Gaming session too! SHE WON da grand prize of the day, sponsored by Gintell... sth Pillow Massager..costed RM800++... So nice... Huhu...

Alright... The grand prize winner for the Sushi Eating was none of the above! BUT the very same guy who played onstage with the KIDNAPPERS casts as well! Gosh. Semua sama orang ajek... apalahhh... Yea, the "YELLOW MAN!!!" hahahahaa!

Till my next post... LoLx...


Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

nebular said...

What an's great, good photo too.

Nana Lana said...

thanks ppl~ XD

ohmywtf said...

oh...i thought this movie already on screen months ago??

Nana Lana said...

huh? i din kip myself updated v movieboard one. lolx. bt i tink dis one is new lar. lolx.

tml baru kira released n msia. hehe

Glo-w~* said...

wow^^ so many events^^