Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Return of Nana Lana

Smelt something?

My bloggie's stinky yea?

It's having an odour that drew me off! Bahaha!

I'm cleaning it up now! By having some updates perhaps?


I have been real-disobedient and indiscipline throughout my study week. LoLx.

Instead of immersing myself into my studies, I've actually used most of my precious time in entering competition to get participation for certain events. Huhu.

Here you go...

FAILED my Kelly Clarkson Live in Malaysia attempt.

WON my LEFTBLOCK NIKE invitation but rejected the invite due to my paper on the very next morning of the event. =(

WON my invite to DAVID CORIO's gallery opening ceremony at ZINC, Bangsar but went awkward. Felt so much like an idiot. LoLx.

WON my body treatment but FAILED to make a suitable appointment since my schedule was pretty packed after my final, before my departure back to JB. Huhu.

WON my ladies night out with a bunch of crazy gals!

WON my V.I.P. Double Passes for Adidas Street Party but FAILED to turn up. =(

REDEEMED my Double Passes for CLEO Bachelor Bash at ZOUK KL. LoLx! Great Fun!

Shall update my events soon!

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