Sunday, September 21, 2008


I've packed my stuffie already! Prepared to go back to my state. Wahaha! So, when am I going back, huh? Look at the RM31.10's ticket below and you'll know! The company, the time, the surcharges, etc and etc. Heehee! Okay, what an idiot am I! Apparently, I'm still having my doubts whether I know how to go to Bukit Jalil or not! Never been there and I have to board the bus there! Guess I will have to be independent enough to explore it, right! Errr....

So, right after my Cell Biology lecture for the day, after taking my bathe and lunch I will have to head for my destination of the day even though the bus will leave at 6pm. It's always better to be early than to be late, right. Heehee. My concept. Accept it or leave it. Wakaka!

Until now did I realize that I've never uploaded any of my faculty nor college/hostel pictures, right? Haha! To my old-school friends, here's a few picture of my room. Wakaka! Don't get jealous of me though. Keke. I know some of you live in better place lar...

* My Poor Bed & MINI Wardrobe *

* My MESSY Study Table *

* My Wall-Shelf *

(no more food! Pa, Ma, top up, please!)

Getting bored, snap with my giant shades. Heehee. Looked like a fly? Duhhh...



shanz said...

weh..u using hp pavillion ah?

wah your ticket so cheap... few times i took but it was around rm64 u know!...12 hours journey lagi.. better take flight.. haih..

Nana Lana said...

wah eh, tat was so long ago leh!
it's DEC now! wahaha!

using hp presario lar, wahaha.

ur rm64 is frm Kelantan ritez, mine from KL lar. hehe.

wei, sms wen ur back lar. if not, how to K v u? hahaz!