Sunday, September 7, 2008


[[[ I have one thing to say,
"Sha Sey Sha Sey" ]]]
Haha. What the hell am I doing? Singing lar. I'm so much addicted and yet barely have the time for K compared to when I was back in JB. Sobz sobz.
[[[ I have one thing to say,
"You Better Work!" ]]]
It's Taylor Dayne's Supermodel. Heehee!
I bet none of you know this song...
Okay, I'm here again with my once again boring blog? Wakaka! Woke up early as I planned. *Applaud*. Took my freezing early morning bath as usual.Took my breakfast. And then, here, to the Starbuck in my Faculty to get online to search info for my Bordetella Pertussis, all alone, againz.
Sometimes, it really feels GOOD or rather, GREAT just to be ALL ALONE. It seemed like I've locked myself in my room the whole night last night. I have no mood to brag. No mood to talk much unless necessary. My room mate went back. Because of that, I am able to have the whole
room to myself. Aren't I glad to own that? Wakaka! But it's scary at times. Especially when the Chinese 7 th Lunar Month which is approaching. GOSH.
Whatever lar. Later, will be going to buy my bus ticket back to JOHOR BAHRU. YES. JOHOR BAHRU... It has been 3 months since I last stepped on the land of JB. Gonna explore the new shopping complex in Taman Sutera. Wahaha! And shop till I drop? Not that exaggerating though.
Tests are coming and I'm gonna flood my tiny-ant-like-brain with daffodils galore. GOSH. How am I supposed to finish all that? Huh? Ah huh? Despite all the worries and stress, I'm having a wonderful time fantasising of my upcoming plan. What plan?
Hope that I really get to do all the stuffs that I've wanted to!
And, NEVER, to neglect my studies... Bu Bu...

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