Thursday, September 18, 2008


Finished all Biology-related subjects (tests)... An Agriculture paper coming along next week. No mood to study. Log in to my MSN baby. Chat. Chat. Chat puas-puas. Eating my Popiah. Special Popiah brought from the Pasar Ramaddan at Sri Serdang. Yes. There. Yes. Guess what? I was in the queue for a wholesome 45minutes! Just for 4-ketul of mini stuffy Popiah! Nice though. Acceptable... At least the queue was quite worth it. Haha!

Here, a random picture which I've been searching for my BBI2417's presentation but don;t think I'm gonna use it anyways. Tell me what you see, how you feel! Haha! Frankly speaking, I felt a bit uneasy when I looked at it. Hueks. It's giving me nausea and I really felt like vomitting. Gosh, I just ate my Popiah, okay!

Enjoy the pic if you like it. I don't. Haha! Till then!

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