Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pesta Tanglung

First, it was acting for MTB then, it was acting in a sketch for CAD and the day before yesterday, Friday Night, it was all about dancing and jumping. I was at my threshold. I had my fun to the fullest although my dancing wasn't that great enough.

I made mistakes. I missed out some steps. I'v forgotten some steps. I wasn't energetic enough. My groove wasn't enough. Anything else? Only the audiences will be able to notice.

Despite all that, once again, I really had my fun! Haha! I love my vest for the night, Bought it like for months but simply has no opportunity to wear it. The earrings, bought it like for years but hardly wear it too. Wahaha! What else? The dancing, like I've always wanted to do, to try and finally, I was really on the stage, dancing all the way with all my girls.

Here's one of the snaps which I'm quite satisfied with, heehee!

How was my performance? I don't know. How was my movements? I don't know either. Friends said "okay" but the truth? I don't know. Only they will know. The audiences. Wahaha.

London Bridge, I've fallen in love with you! For those ignorant of it, then I'll just leave you continuing to be in suspense. Wahaha.

Overall, it was a satisfaction. I couldn't ask for more. Couldn't expect more from an amateur dancer like me. Heehee. Not bad already lar wei. First time leh. Haha.
Yesterday, the 13th of September 2008, I was out with my cousin's family. Luckily I was in time to join in the gathering of the BMS chineses although I was a little bit late. Haha. After all that makan-makan sessions, the juniors, were dancing away but IT WAS A COLD SITUATION. Nobody joined in. Sighhh. Nevermind lar, shoik sendiri lar. Heehee.
As the time passes by, there were only 6 of us left. Wei Kiat, Yee Ling, Yan Ling, Yan Ai, Samantha and Narcist. Singing all the way to our hearts. It was nice. I love this. I hope to get more of it. Really.
Well, life is geting more and more fun as each day passes by. However, it can be more and more tempting for one to jump off the cliff as the works, assignments are piling up. Haha!
Till then...


XtasyM said...

The best thing after u did something is the satisfaction, or the utility u gained... nothing can replace that...

Nana Lana said...

olthou i duno who u r frm dis display pic of urs, but thnks for droppin by here...i'll try to find out who u r. haha.

btw, yeah, i've had my total fun and tat's sumthng others won't be able to experience it until dey had theirs onstage. keke.