Thursday, September 2, 2010


This will be my Second Premiere Screening granted by FeeqSays Network in the courtesy of and so, for once and again, a very BIG THANK YOU!!!

In contrast to my preview on Step Up 3, IF, I mean IF you do ever ask me whether I would pay to watch Cats & Dogs II [The Revenge Of Kitty Galore], I would say... I'm SORRY.... I wouldn't... No climax and it's obviously a random movie of accomplishing a mission.

Although some scenes were kinda funny just wasn't up to the extent of making me bursting out in laughter rocking my seat like I've never rocked ; having my stomach cramping on me nor me having dyspnea giggling all the way through! LOL. PERHAPS, A little chuckles, YES. XD

BTW, the pigeons were cute and so do *Scrumptious the mice! LOL

All in all, this movie is all about hunting for Kitty Galore and there's just nothing to be WOW-ed tho... OoooPpppsss!!!

P/S : Been really passive again. I.N.T.R.O.V.E.R.T. BTW, met Xiang, CleverMunkey, and.... who else ar??? LOL~~~ Paiseh Paiseh~~~My apologiessssss!!! Ooooppppssss!!!

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HenRy LeE ® said...

yalor... true true no climax at all... good for kids tho :)